February 2011 - the Muskegon Rescue Mission


February 2011 - the Muskegon Rescue Mission
muskegon rescue mission
arbor Light
Providing a beacon of hope through your support
vol. 11 issue 1
Neighbors in Need Find
& Hope
Because You Care
You helped John, pictured here, rebuild his
faith and his future... pg.3
Changing lives
A bright holiday season
for families in need
More than a shelter
Why the Mission is so much
more than a shelter
letter from the director
“By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”
—John 13:35
Dear Friend,
In a time of year when the word “love” is overused and made trivial by
society’s twisted notion of what love is, I find myself challenged
by this Scripture. So often, the Bible will take things we make very
complicated and remind us that they are actually very simple to
understand. The difficulty for us all is in actually living out God’s
People WILL know if I love Christ, but it won’t be because I told them so
or because I wore a cross on my neck or put a bumper sticker on my car.
My church attendance, Bible reading, not even my giving; none of these
will be the proof of my love for the Lord. No, it is much simpler and yet
Kevin Newton
Executive Director
in Action
infinitely more difficult. My love for Christ is best demonstrated through
the ways in which I love others, all those God has put in my path.
Like anyone, I find some easier to love than others; most likely I will
love those who loved me first, because I can expect a “payback” for my
actions. The “investment” of caring, listening or giving to these people is
and build a strong foundation for his life
less risky since they have reciprocated in the past. This love has a selfish
quality to it that I am quick to embrace and slow to acknowledge. What a
weak, watered down “love” this demonstrates!
I am so thankful Christ loves me in a completely different way! His love
is pure, total, and unconditional, without motive…He simply loves me!
When we are able to express this kind of love to others, to give without
It will show in our actions toward each other.
hange is never easy -especially the transition
from a seventeen-month
incarceration back to real life.
That’s the life change John
faced before he came to Muskegon
Rescue Mission. Without a job lined
up or a place to call home, your
gracious support allowed John to
find himself -- and his faith -- here
at the Mission.
Knowing he wasn’t on the right
path, John wanted to rebuild his
character and his life. He knew
the only way he could do it was by
reconnecting with the Lord.
Wishing you the blessings of true love, Christ’s love, in your life!
The rebuilding process
thought of receiving, to put aside our selfish desires….it is then people
see the love of Christ in us and they will know our professions of faith
are genuine. Seeing God do something unnatural through us, something
strange to our culture like real love, is a compelling witness of Christ’s
power to really change lives.
As we serve our neighbors in need this year, let’s also ask the Lord to
give us His love, true love, for all those He puts in our path. A guest
in our Shelter, a family at our Food Pantry, a donor in our office, a
volunteer at our Thrift store or a Board member -the love of Christ is
needed by all and our ministry extends to all of these. Is our love real?
Being in prison “took a lot out
of me,” John explains. “It takes all
your pride. But the Mission helped
to build me back up.”
First, John had to come to grips
You helped John put God
Harbor light • February 2011
peace, safety, hope
with where he was in life. By taking
responsibility for his past actions
and humbly learning how to put
God’s principles into practice, John
began laying a firm foundation for
his future.
“I have changed my thoughts
and changed my ways,” John
affirms. “And I realized that what
I put before me is up to me.”
As John began rebuilding a
faith he once held quite dear, it
didn’t take long for God’s Word
to come alive in his life again. The
more John grew, the more he used
his knowledge to help others with
Scriptures and encouragement.
gave him “the feeling of being comfortable, accepted, acknowledged
and appreciated.” And it’s made all
the difference in his transformation.
“The program has so much to
offer to each person,” John remarks.
“We all came here in different ways,
but we are all searching for the one
and only, Jesus Christ.”
Because of generous partners
like you, more men like John are
renewing their lives and building a
strong, faith-filled foundation for
their future. On behalf of John and
the other men in our program who
have new lives ahead of them, thank
Remaining on solid ground
“Nevertheless, God’s solid
foundation stands firm...”
– 2 Timothy 2:19
Now a changed man, John has
“so much joy” and a completely
positive outlook on life. As he
shares, Muskegon Rescue Mission
Muskegon in need
Food, Shelter & Love — Just a Few of the Many Ways You Give
During our Used Toy Give-Away, over 890
gifts were given to 295 children and families
in need. The children also received hats and
gloves and many received new winter coats!
Thanks for donating!
Every month, friends in ministry like you give generously to provide the basic necessities of life for hundreds of neighbors in need. From warm meals to safe shelter, you are
giving hope to men, women and children every day. But on top of it all, they see God’s love
for them through your compassion. Here are just a few glimpses of how your partnership is
changing lives here in Muskegon in every season.
gifts given away
people received food for Thanksgiving
children and their families given gifts for Christmas
Our Thanksgiving Community Banquet
was held on November 21, 2010 and
over 200 complete meals were served!
With your help, we were able to fill all of
those hungry mouths with a warm and
nutritious meal, all while making lasting
impressions in their hearts!
On December 11, 2010 we held a Children’s Christmas
Party that included food, games and stories. 52 children
and their families who participated in our Kids Adventure
Program or stayed at the shelter over the last year attended
this amazing event. Thank you for your gifts that allowed
each child to receive presents to take home with them!
Thanks for making our Thanksgiving Basket
Give-Away from November 22-23 a true success!
Over 580 families from the community (1,820
people in all) came to receive food to prepare for
Thanksgiving, including turkey, ham and all
the trimmings!
families received
Thanksgiving baskets
children and their families attended
meals served
Harbor light • February 2011
peace, safety, hope
memorial & honor gifts
In Memory of:
(gifts received Oct. 1, 2010
through December 31, 2010)
Mr. & Mrs. Russell Agard
Janice Agard
Harry & Ida Anderegg
Harry & Marva Anderegg
Russell H. Anderson
Gene & Marianne Hathaway
Frank Armstrong
Charles & Beverly Baker
Charles H. Baker
Jim & Kay Sikkenga
Michael Bucher
Vicki Broge
Paul & Linda Anderson
Andy & Vicky Wierengo
Rich & Carla Skoglund
Jeff & Nancy Carrigan
Sally & Randall Seifers, Jr.
Lois & Ted Havermans
Larry & Linda Newald
Howard & Carol Burgess
Donald & Marcia Ames
Delbert A. Bean
Ruth Bean-Bodell
Eljean Belmonte
Jim & Tina Bundt
Wayne Blanchette
Gloria Kroes
Henry & Dayle Karel
Muskegon Area District Library
Rich & Carla Skoglund
Ivan St. John
David & Cheryl Elliott & Fam.
Paul & Alice Sims
Mr. & Mrs. Larry French
Lilah Matthews & Fam.
Joe & Sandy Galy
John & Renee Schram
Orville & Nancy Gee
Wayne & Mary Erickson
Ray & Lillian Remus
MRM Women’s Auxiliary
Steve & Valerie Westrick
Eva Ackerberg
Sharon & Dennis Anderson
Milt & Lois Arnold
Ken & Dolores Baldwin
Jim & Yvonne Bird
Bill Blanchette
Glada Blanchette
Betty Blanchette Cawein
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Blanchette
Art & De Burkall
Don & Janet Burrous
Paul & Penny Carlson
Ralph & Barbara Christiansen
The Closz Family
Jan & Larry Dobb
Donna Durga
J. Dale Wright
Lila Fehler
Vera Smith
B. Jean Lindell
John & Yvonne Lee
Margaret Hulka
Myrna Johnson
Veronica Flynn
Gerald & Joyce Tuuk
Pastor Bill & Avis Randall
Patrick & Mary McCann
Allan & Barbara Lowe
Bill & Kathy Ruiter
Julie Martin
Wayne & Sherry Souser
Irv & Jan Holdgreve
Tom & Artis Nummerdor
Larry & Lorraine Eikenberry
Mr. & Mrs. George Horn
Harold & Theresa Shafer
Jordis Hutchins
Chris McClain
John M. Griffith
Raymond & Blanche McLean
Kathy Makey
John & Lois Hogg
MRM Sewing Circle
Shirley & Harold VanEtten
Maureen Hall Family
Jerry & RoseAnn Sauer
Patti & Randy Styburski
Roger & Janet Murphy
Bill & Peggy Potter
Rich Blanchette
Nancy Johnston
Don & Linda Stafford
Paul & Janet Vest
Elaine Brevick
Dan & Connie Johnson
Duane & Michelle German
Bill & Linda Stieg
Ron & Charlene Zoet
Bob & Rosie Anderson
Neil & Barb VerSluis
Johanna Kuhn
Tom & Debbie Zobel
Curtis Bolema
Sharon Bolema
Albert Bosma
Vernamae Loper
Walter R. Brackenrich, Jr.
Geraldine Reefman Brackenrich
Brad & Sherrie Foster
Charlotte & Ernest
M. Kathryn Mork
Mr. & Mrs. John Szydlowski
Edward Brevick
Elaine Brevick
Jim Briggs
Ann Maines
Joe & Evelyn Buck
Margaret Pressey
Virginia Buikema
James & Doris Goudzwaard
John Kadelsik, Jr.
Nancy J. Bunks
Doreen Squire
Clifford & Eleanor Bunnell
David & Clara Lovell
Peggy M. Burchett
Dale, Kelly & Zac Cook
Bob Cain
Constance Crafton
Hugh & Peg Campbell
Craig & Peggy Elliott
Robert Collinge
Sally Flejszar
Bob Cottrell
Connie Cottrell
Skip & Jen Cottrell
Connie Cottrell
Charles & Margaret Crawford
Marvin & Carolyn Reinertson
Patricia Crevier
Jacque Crevier
Cindy Cwiakala
Albert & Doris Cwiakala
Marvin Davison
Joyce Davison
Grace E. DeVries
Ken & Norma Sherwood
Mary Lane
Gary & Debra Faught
Jim & Kay DeVries
Dale & Lois DeMarr
Dave & Donna Kooi
Dan & Marsha Black
Eva Ackerberg
Max & Kathleen Brazill
Paul M. DeVries
Jim & Kay DeVries
Aunt Tola Dial
Kathy & Doug Harris
Robert Dodge
Brian & Patty Dodge
Fred Douglas
Constance Crafton
George & Myra Douglas
Constance Crafton
Daniel G. Elwell
Mary Dykema
Tom & Janice DeMarse
John & Diane DeBruyn
Allen & Judy Jones
Robert & Terri Helton
Herman & Lottie Erickson
Harry & Marva Anderegg
Amy Archer Ferris
Sally Seifers
Shirley Fett
Jack Travis
Helen Hradsky Finger
Ray & Lillian Remus
Al & Jo Fongers
Connie Cottrell
Bob “Bubba” Forton
Earl & Donna Forton
Trudy Bolema Fuller
Joanne Bolema Family
Caleb Genson
Dan & Nancy Sheesley
Arlene K. Goryl
Robert Kennert
Anthony “Tony” Gretzky
Ray E. Morency Family
Harold & Helen Grevel
Jack & MaryJo Grevel
Theresa Groeneveld
Phyllis Groeneveld
Don Gustafson
Ralph & Joan Gustafson
Clara Handy
Don & Pat Wilder
Jack & Julie Timmer
Ronald Hoff
Kevin & Diane Smith
Kathlyn Grace Holwerda
Mark & Karen Holwerda
Verna E. Hooker
Carolyn Bickmeyer
Dora Hopkins
Lois Anderegg
Lee & Isabel Horsley
Marilyn DeFord
Ed Houseman
Jim & Missie Kaiser
Anne & Tom Windberg
Connie Weaver
Len & Faith Todd
Don & Esther Schultz
Jeff & Mary Kaiser
John Houseman
Jim & Lola Fitzgerald
Marilyn Hubbell
Charles & Carol Ruiter
Linda Hurtubise
Jack & Mary Jo Grevel
David Hutchins
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Jordis Hutchins
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Larry & Lisa Joslyn
Gene Joslyn
John & Christine Kadelsik
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Kathy Kelly
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William & Kristina Rice
Gladys Kitchka
Kevin & Eilene Kane
Tim & Kathy Jansen
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Larry & Maurene Schumann
Robert & Eileen O’Brien
John Tyler
Ivan & Doris Coles
Martha & Bob Darcy
Her Family
Mary Lou Chase
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Dan & Pam Millhisler
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Bill Knevitt, Jr.
Carl & Sharlynn Fuller
James & Grace Kuypers
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Loren Kuypers
Marie Kuypers
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Earl & Lois Westervelt
Jan & Bob D’Alcorn
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Jay & Kathy Lamb
Juanita Zuder
Walter Camp
Paula Nehra
Fred & Kathleen Nearanz
Armand & Irene Boucher
Pat & Janice Dutkiewicz
Elaine Lindback
Jimmy Lindback
Harold LeTarte
Clyde & Kathy LeTarte
Don & Carol Herrgord
James Loring
Gary & Janice Neal
Bryon & Lizzie Lovell
David & Clara Lovell
Bobby Lund
Caroline Bolema
Harbor light • February 2011
Steve Maycroft
Cindy Suchy
Douglas Mayo
Belva Mayo
Kathy Menting
Brad & Sharie Geeting
Chad Mersman
Bob & Patti Ritcheske
Cleomae Koekkoek
Ed Monte
Phyllis Monte
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Dale W. Peterson
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William & Marcia Collard
Dr. Paul & Marilyn Voss
Sharlene Nordeen
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Giles & Lorene Courtney
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Donna Cullen-Benedict
Barry & Pam Garabedian
Dave & Jan Hovrud
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Bill & Judi McIntyre
Brenda Hodsen
Charles Moulds
Bill & Jan Naymick
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William & Beverly Uetricht
Jane Luchies
Kevin & Terri Fortmeyer
Dollie Core
Jan Novak
Norman & Darlene Wood
Bob & Mary Jean Heaton
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Michael Lewis Paquette
Ferguson Enterprises
Wolf Lake Baptist Ladies
Mission Group
Ernie & Joanne Webber
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Robert L. Parchman
Dolores Sytek
Gary Parker
Bob & Peg Forrest
Herman Pfistner
Fred & Linda Nicles
Jim & Leona Johnson
Angela Plouhar
Mark & Elizabeth Rasch
Ted Rasch
Nick Pool
peace, safety, hope
Jackie Stark
Manny Pressey
Margaret Pressey
Gary Reed
Marvin & Carolyn Reinertson
Laura Reed
Helen Reid
Gary & Janice Neal
Walt & Marie Reinertson
Marvin & Carolyn Reinertson
Kyle Ritcheske
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Third Ave. Family Clinic
Lora DeVries Ritter
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Russell & Grace Ruiter
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Spec. Dennis K. Samson (KIA Iraq)
Dawn Ackley
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Dan & Pam Millhisler
Laura Zimmerman
Carolyn Bickmeyer
In honor of:
(gifts received Oct. 1, 2010
through December 31, 2010)
n Wedding
Steve & Judi Dix
Karla Bates
Jim & Karen Taylor
n 25th Wedding Anniversary
Herm & Bev Cook
Thelma Bergman
n 60th Wedding Anniversary
Dave & Darlene Singleton
Kevin & Diane Smith
n In Appreciation
Martha Field
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Our Children
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Wesco Corporate Office
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Lakeshore Automatic Products
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Ray Steinhauer
Lori Johnson
Eagle Tec, Inc.
When you send your memorial or “in
honor of” gift to Muskegon Rescue
Mission, you will receive a tax-deductible receipt and a card will be mailed
promptly to the bereaved family or the
friend being honored, telling them of
your gift. Please mail your memorial
and “in honor of” gifts to:
Muskegon Rescue Mission, 1691 Peck Street, Muskegon, MI 49441
“And hope does not
disappoint us,
because God has
poured out his love
into our hearts...”
– Romans 5:5
All she
hoped for
was a little
And you gave her
so much more!
As a mother of two, Luviechie
was devastated when she lost her
job. And while she had reservations
about staying in a shelter with her
children, she was quickly running
out of options.
“I never experienced not having
a place to stay” she explains.
Thanks to the generosity of
friends like you, coming to Muskegon
Rescue Mission is much more than
just staying in a shelter. You give
women and their children a warm
and loving, living environment so
they don’t have to worry about the
basics as they get back on their feet.
Finding a new home
With her 14-year-old daughter
and 12-year-old son by her side,
Luviechie came to Muskegon
Rescue Mission a bit apprehensively,
but quickly made the Mission “our
home.” Reassured that she’d have
“everything you need and a lot of
help,” Luviechie then took
responsibility to make great use of
the resources here at the Mission.
Thanks to your support and her
own hard work, Luviechie and her
children now have their own place
to call home, but they still consider
Muskegon Rescue Mission their
second family.
“They really care about you even
when you leave,” Luviechie says of
the staff and volunteers.
And extended family
Even though they no longer
need to come to Muskegon Rescue
Mission for shelter, Luviechie and
her family continue to visit the
Mission on a regular basis. “My kids
still go to the Bible study on
Muskegon Rescue Mission
1691 Peck Street
Muskegon, MI 49441
(231) 727-6090
FAX (231) 722-7030
Wednesday. And we came here for
the Christmas dinner,” Luviechie
While continuing to search for
a more stable source of income,
Luviechie has gone back to school
and attributes her motivation to
the women she met at the Mission.
“They still give me more
inspiration,” she asserts.
Because Luviechie had second
thoughts about staying in a shelter
and then overcame her fear, she has
a few words for others who may
be in need of a safe place to stay.
“Don’t judge a book by its cover just
because it’s a shelter,” she declares.
“It’s more than that... there’s so
much more within the walls.”
Our Board
Joe Masvero, President
Dan McKinnon, Vice President
Doug Amstutz, Secretary
Dr. David Dora, Treasurer
Bryan Betten
Karen Buie
Dave Parnin
Cedric Scott
Harbor Light is a publication of
Muskegon Rescue Mission and is
produced quarterly.
Harbor light • February 2010