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Public safety
Letter to the Editor
It has been said that in my talks on the radio stations that I have been on that I have over-emphasized
public safety over and above other issues. I respectfully disagree. Government’s first job is protecting the
public. All other issues are secondary to public safety.
Let me explain.
The broken window theory
The fuse lighted by Zimbardo in 1969 is still burning. One of the most interesting later developments
is the result of the work of Prof. James Q. Wilson and
Prof. George Kelling.
Their concepts are known as the broken windows
theory. Their studies conclude:
1. That crime is worse in areas where negligence,
dirt and mistreatment are usually found.
2. That if you break a window in a building and
nobody repairs it, soon all the other windows will be
broken, too.
3. That if a community shows signs of deterioration and no one seems to care, than that’s where crime
will grow.
4. That if “little” crimes are committed and are
not punished, then bigger and bigger crimes will
That deteriorated public spaces are progressively
abandoned by most people (that nervous and scared
just go home) and those same spaces are occupied by
Some people hear the expression “zero tolerance”
and wrongly believe it’s some kind of authoritarian
and repressive solution. Actually, it’s the exact opposite, it’s more about prevention and promotion of good
security conditions. It’s not about a primitive horde
lynching the criminal, and it’s not about police abuse
of authority. It even has zero tolerance about that.
It’s not about the death penalty or lowering the age
for legal responsibility. And it’s also not about some
recipes created for some other reality, it’s a group of
ideas that with different names and applications can
benefit different societies. This is not a minor fact;
it’s not zero tolerance against the actual person who
commits the crime, it’s zero tolerance against the crime
itself. And that’s a big difference. What it’s actually
about is building (or rebuilding) clean and organized
communities that respect the law and the basic code
of social and human coexistence. While issues such
as the economy, education, and infrastructure are
important for the public good, if our communities
are not safe to work and live in, productivity will be
greatly diminished.
Public safety is the foundation upon which everything else is built upon. If we don’t have a firm
foundation, the whole building is unstable, and it will
not take much bad weather to knock it down. It is my
firm belief that if our communities are safe, when we
have the bad weather of natural or man-made disasters, we will be much stronger to endure them. I will
say it again, “Government’s first job is protecting the
Robin Sanders
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Same Great
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Since 1975
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