You make their holidays - the Muskegon Rescue Mission


You make their holidays - the Muskegon Rescue Mission
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muskegon rescue mission
arbor Light
Providing a beacon of hope through your support
vol. 13 issue 3
You make their holidays
Merry &
You helped James find his place — page 3
Benefit Concert
Grammy and Dove Award winner
Jason Crabb coming to Muskegon!
Make a difference
Make a difference this
holiday season!
letter from the director
feature story
I’m Where God
Wants Me to Be
When families come to the Mission, we offer them an open door to help
Your generosity helped James find God...and healing
Dear Friend,
God’s love: We all need it, search for it, hunger for it and hope to
experience it. Nothing else satisfies our deepest need. Only God’s love
can truly heal our hurts, comfort our spirit and give us peace, joy and
them experience the love of God they so desperately need. What an
awesome opportunity and responsibility! So, how do we actually carry out
this seemingly monumental task? Is love a feeling? Is it words or thoughts,
Kevin Newton
Executive Director
intentions or good wishes? While these may be the first stirrings of God’s
love within us, it can only be shared and expressed through action.
Love IS action.
Love IS
“Dear children, let us not
love with words or speech
but with actions and in
truth.” — 1 John 3:18
God did not just tell us that He loved us, He took action – dramatic action
– to reach out to us with forgiveness, grace and eternal life! The human
life, death on the cross for our sins and resurrection of Jesus was the
action we needed and the proof of God’s love for us. How thankful I am
that He was willing to take action to save me!
Fall is a very active time at the Mission, a wonderful time of thanksgiving
and joy, with so many opportunities to express love to hurting, hungry
and homeless people. In this issue of Harbor Light, you’ll read about
upcoming Holiday events where you can help renew hope in men, women
and children who are desperate to know that they still matter. As always,
your donations allow us to show love in a concrete way to our neighbors
who come to us for shelter, meals and care.
This Holiday season, thank you for putting God’s love – and yours – into
Blessings in Christ,
Kevin Newton
Executive Director
Harbor light • november 2013
ames may have inherited his
blue eyes from his father
or grandfather, but he also
inherited their addiction
to alcohol. A third-generation
alcoholic, James had his first
taste of liquor at age eight and
experimented with marijuana as he
grew older.
On the Fence
came to Muskegon Rescue Mission.
James remembers the confusion
and nervousness he experienced
when he first came to the Mission.
“You’re on that edge, balancing on
that fence,” he says. But when he
found himself in a “loving, caring”
environment, James came off the
fence and finally let God work in
his life.
A Strong Foundation
Before coming to Muskegon
Rescue Mission, James had attended
church, but never applied what he
learned to his life. Now, with Bible
study, Christian fellowship and
spiritual counseling, James has
a strong foundation on which to
rebuild his life.
James is grateful to the Mission
leaders, especially Pastor Randall,
Brian, Pastor Barry and Reverend
Joe. “You can see Christ in them.
They dedicate their time for you.
They love people. They want to
see God grow in us.” With their
guidance, says James, “When we
graduate, we can be the Christian
men God wants us to be.”
James is currently at the Builder
stage in the Discipleship Program.
He is working hard towards the next
level, and recognizes that he still
has a long way to go. “Every day is
a new day,” says James, “and there
are frustrations. But I’m not going
to give up. I’m where God wants
me to be.”
Thanks to you,
James is well on his
way to breaking the
chain of addiction
that bound his
family for three
Upon reaching adulthood,
James continued to drink and
considered himself a functioning
alcoholic. Although his drinking
cost him his marriage, James says it
never made him abusive and never
landed him in jail. He went to bars
only occasionally, preferring to
drink at home. And he continued
to work as a hi-lo operator until
one day, he spilled a load on the
floor and was asked to take a
breathalyzer test. James failed the
test and lost his job.
“Everything was getting to the
bottom,” James recalls. “God
brought me to the point of
realization that, ‘Hey,
you need a place
and people that
can help you.’”
Although he had
tried various
“When I said, ‘My foot is slipping,’ your unfailing love,
centers in the
past, James
Lord, supported me. When anxiety was great within me,
found no
your consolation brought me joy.”
solutions to
— Psalm 94:18-19
his addiction.
This time, he
hope for the holidays
putting feet to faith
Muskegon Rescue Mission News and Needs
Hike for the Hungry a Great Success!
Kaylynn Receives
the Gift of Forgiveness
This holiday season will be especially bright for Kaylynn, as she
graduated from our Discipleship Program! Kaylynn suffered abuse as a
child, a secret she kept from her mother for many years. Unable to turn
to her mother, Kaylynn depended on drugs and alcohol for release. Then
she found another form of escape.
Through video games, Kaylynn
could be someone else for a while.
The games soon became addictive,
too, consuming 8 to 10 hours at a
“When I heard about the
program at Muskegon Rescue
Mission, I thought, ‘Here’s my
chance to get better.’”, says
Kaylynn. “When I came to the
Mission in June, I was broken, hurt
and unsure of life. I had to really rely on God. Today, I am proud to say I
am sober, moving toward independent living and seeking employment.”
Kaylynn is also making progress in mending her relationship with
her mother. “I had to let go of anger and resentment and she had to deal
with the guilt.” Most precious of all, though, is the forgiveness Kaylynn
found in God – a gift she discovered with the help of your prayers and
Kaylynn’s message is simple and heartfelt: “Thank you for everything
you give!”
Muskegon Rescue Mission
was thrilled to welcome 26 teams
representing over 130 individuals
for the 2013 Hike for the Hungry.
Blessed with wonderful weather,
rampant enthusiasm, and a heart for
helping those in need, over $32,000
was raised from pledges gathered in
advance of the walk.
Again this year, MRM joined
forces with Catholic Charities
(Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry) and
Love INC for the walk. Thank you so
much to everyone who participated
and donated to raise vital funds to
feed the hungry!
calendar of events
The holidays are right around the
corner! Make time to celebrate with
Muskegon Rescue Mission:
n Sunday, November 24
Thanksgiving Community
n Monday, November 25
and Tuesday, November 26
Food Basket Giveaway
n Tuesday, December 17
Toy Collection and Giveaway
n Sunday, December 20
Christmas Community Meal
For more information on any of
these events, call 231-727-6090.
Muskegon Rescue Mission Presents
An Evening with
Jason Crabb
Friday, March 21, 2014
at 7:00 PM
Frauenthal Center
for the Performing Arts
Grammy and Dove Award winner Jason Crabb
will fill the Frauenthal Center with song to benefit
Muskegon Rescue Mission. Mark your calendar for
this very special evening featuring songs from Jason’s
latest CD, “Love Is Stronger.” Tickets are on sale now
at Startickets – online, at outlet centers or at the box
Harbor light • november 2013
hope for the holidays
memorial & honor gifts
In Memory of:
(gifts received 7/8/13
through 10/8/13)
Evelyn Adkins
Doreen Squire
Nora Andrews
Friendship Circle/Orchard View Cong. Church
Dorothy Smith & Family
Alice Thompson Arwezon
Anne E. Olson
Celia Beerens
Don & Kay Slater
Larry J. Belmonte
Jim Bundt
Wayne Blanchette
Tom Eikenberry
Bob Bolema
Joanne Bolema
Curtis G. Bolema
Sharon Bolema
Larry R. Bolema
Patricia Bolema
Betty M. Boucher
Bob & Lee Ludwig
Bruce Oliver Bowen
Gil & Marlene Bowen
Howard (Jerry) Burgess
Charlie & Lina Oxender
Julie Rakowski
Carolyn Clock
Jerry & Valerie Bectel
Russell S. Cloetingh
Peter & Carol Payne
Thomas A. Cook
Mark & Sue Patterson & Erica
Shirley Kison
Jerry & Margaret Mazurek
Kay Wingett
Rose Paparella
John Kollar
Elizabeth “Mother” Tindall
Marion Sieplinga
Larry & Bonnie Vanderlaan
Donna Bosch
Lois Bluhm
Delores Fairfield
Linda Bergman
Dawn Goodman
Wilbur & Hermina Simmons
Donna Stevens
Earl & Mary Pennington
Les & Marva Stevens
Phyllis Cramer
Thelma Bergman
Linda Ladd
Mary Lane
Joyce Kelley
Bob & Barb Wiersema
David Kortering
Ivan & Colleen Fairfield
Ron & Linda Hansard
Shirley Shaver
Muskegon Hts. Optimist Club
Herman & Bev Cook
Laura Martin
Jim & Connie Karry
Wayne & Mary Erickson
Marian DeYoung
Friendship Circle/ Orchard View C.C.
Robert Dodge
Brian & Patty Dodge
Charlene (Holcomb) Drake
Dolores Millis
Matthew Duplissis
Nancy Branch Johnston
Susan Eikenberry
Tom Eikenberry
DeLoris Eisenhauer
Jerry & Mary Evans
Robert, Dorothy, Raymond
& Joan Ericksen
Feller & Dee DeWitt
“Bubba” Forton
Earl & Donna Forton
Willie Forton
Rhonda Bolema
Harold & Helen Grevel
Jack & Mary Jo Grevel
Craig Harpe
Kristi Harpe
Lois Hassold-Phillips
Joyce Fent
Rick Heaton
Don & Kay Slater
Lieschen Hoeksema
Jim & Joyce Peterson
Eric Hoglund
Wayne & Mary Erickson
Lois Jean Holmberg
Bob & Carole Holmberg
Frank & Becki Coles
Barbara Bush
Jack & Judy Hommes
Terry & Marcia Carlson
Michelle McGuire
Martha Giacobassi
Gary T. Neal
Kathlyn Holwerda
Mark & Karen Holwerda
Hugo Hotz
Jack Vinton
Kathleen Goodwin
William & Carol Bodenberg
Michael & Billie Strah
Robert L. Johnson
Peter & Carol Payne
Michigan Farm Bureau Family of Companies
Helen Howe
Trinity Home Health Care/
Tom & Patti Rose
Peg Jarman
Margaret Joslyn
Gene Joslyn
John & Christine Kadelsik
John Kadelsik, Jr.
Harry & Rebecca Kepford
Sally Flejszar
Evelyn Kowalski
Ronald Kowalski
Harbor light • november 2013
how you can help
Donald E. Kunst
William DeYoung
Norm Lager
Joanne Bolema
Iris E. Leaf
Shelley Hampton
Nancy Mrozek
Sally Modreske
Joseph & Elsie Legatz
Nancy Ellen Legatz
Cora Mjovig
Jordis Hutchins
Gary Neal
Bob & Ellen Monte
Donald & Elaine Emmons
Dick & Sherry Benedict
Ken & Donna Lundholm
Richard & Claudia Lague
Frank Sundquist
McCroskey Law
Gary Lukkari
Thomas Geil
Brent Sowles
John & Wanda Budnik
Kelly Visconti
Clifford & Theresa Parks
Lori Lumley
Gwen Hoffman
Bruce & Mari Rice
Philip & Rebecca Durden
Roland Faulknor
Robert & Carole Holmberg
Gordon & Marlene Sowles
William & Marcia Jelier
Richard & Rosemary Beebe
Vickie Hoffman
Marsha, Jim & Karen
Walter & Lana Brock
David & Louanne Utzinger
Maxine Start
Carol Nyquist
Dale & Mary Mitchell
Viola “Vi” Olsen
Larry & DonnElise Cory
Darae Erickson
Paul Erickson Family
Andi Perri
Katherine Zagers
Mike & Cathy Saunders
Norma Halverson
Jerry & Valerie Bectel
Marjorie Peterson
Jim & Marge Peterman
Kathy Kuron
Cheryl Finazzo
Shirley Saylor
Wendell Peterson
Steve Peterson
Bob & Cherie Liskey
Greg Preihs
Michael Williams
Tom Ritter
Carl & Sharlynn Fuller
Susan Ritter Puls
Carl & Sharlynn Fuller
Debbie Sammons
Don & Kay Slater
Mark & Bruno Seifert
Constance Kayner
Richard Seng
Penny Workman
Doris Sieplinga
Lois Bluhm
Thadeus “Tad” Siuda, IV
Jim & Marlyce Hammitt
Jeri Wonders
Steve Bell
Sandy Ingalls
Lee & Everett Ingalls
Wendy & Albert DeSautel & Family
Chris & Deb Ingalls & Fam.
Jennifer & Clancy McMahon & Family
Dick & Betty Ross
Mary Keck
Donald & Margaret Knapp
Mike & Judie McGovern
Tim & Laurel Zwit
Paul Gilbert Family
Gary & Brenda Babinec
Mark & Nancy Babinec
E. Jayne Cassette
Barbara Redding
Earnest Cummings
Mart & Karen Becklin
Jean S. Bilson
Donald Stellard
Frank & Lucille Smith
Keller Family
Howard Bredin
Anne Elliott
Chuck Scholl
Jim & Janet Hamil
Greg & Kay Werner
Success Express
Steve & Deb Neinas
Jim & Patti Townsend
Kathy Jacobson
Beatrice Vanderlaan
Grace Nelson
Elizabeth Hewitt
Ann & Bob Vanderlaan
Fred & Nancy Vanderlaan
Pam Beekman
When you send your memorial or “in
honor of” gift to Muskegon Rescue
Mission, you will receive a tax-deductible receipt and a card will be mailed
promptly to the bereaved family or the
friend being honored, telling them of
your gift. Please mail your memorial
and “in honor of” gifts to:
Muskegon Rescue Mission, 1691 Peck Street, Muskegon, MI 49441
Judy Majeski
John & Lois VanderLaan
Anita Vanderlaan
Austin Vanderweele
Michael & Karen Ayers
Ann O. VanDyke
Sharron Mathes
Harry & Margaret Vledder
John, Gayle, Lindsay & Nick Jones
Uncle Bill White
Patrick Young
Larry L. Whitsell
Dave Dunmore
Rich & Linda Arends
Albert & Priscilla Bos
Tom & Julia George
Norm & Linda Thompson
Elease Johnson
Jerry & Sue Woller
Janet Bethke
Richard & Joanne Penny
Robert & Carol Zorn
Carlene Ketchum
Jerry Virag
Larry & Patsy Wagbo
Dawn Sharlow
Egbert Wierenga
Harvey & Lois Wierenga
Ramona Wilder
Fellowship Reformed
Malauri R. Wilkinson
Lucinda Wilkinson
Rev. Roy Williamson
Rescue Mission Sewing
Nikolas Wypa
Jeff & Patti Hilton
In Honor of:
(gifts received 7/8/13
through 10/8/13)
Tis the Season for Giving
And there are so many ways to give!
Make the holidays merry...with meals
Did you know that Muskegon Rescue Mission
will serve or provide about 40,500 meals
in November and December alone? It’s an
amazing number, but we can do it...with your
help! A gift of any amount will help to feed
our hungry brothers and sisters during the
holidays. You can also donate gifts of food
to fill our pantry.
Let’s talk turkey
We can really use donations of turkeys to
fill Thanksgiving Food Baskets. Last year, we
gave away more than 700 baskets. That’s a
lot of turkeys!
Spread the joy with toys
Bring a smile to a child’s face with the
donation of new or VERY gently used toys.
We need gifts for boys and girls of all ages,
up to high school. Making a child happy is
such a beautiful way to demonstrate the love
of Christ!
n Marriage:
Devin & Allison Simon
Jim & Kay Sikkenga
n In Appreciation:
Phyllis Williams
Pastor Bill & Avis Randall
Peggy Jensen
Nancy Ellen Legatz
Just to be sure...
Muskegon Rescue Mission coordinates with
other local agencies to ensure that every man,
woman and child who needs help gets it.
n 90th Birthday:
Vivian Bixman
Doris Cwiakala
n Birthday:
Joyce Eckhoff
Mark & Lynn Jazdzyk
n 60th Anniversary:
Earl & Donna Forton
n The Blessing of
Lee, Sydney, Ellie & Josie
Marv & Carolyn Reinertson
hope for the holidays
Come on over!
Of course, you’re busy during the holidays,
but it’s an especially busy time at the
Mission, too. Volunteer whatever time you
can spare and it will be well worth your
while, we promise!
Pays it
“That was a blessing! The Lord has taught me faith, that He
will be my cover at all times” — Sherry
Muskegon Rescue Mission
didn’t look like the fancy hotels
Sherry had worked in. But
complications after minor surgery
on top of a disability left Sherry
unable to support herself and
her two children. She lost her
apartment. After staying briefly in
a friend’s basement, she came to
the Mission for help putting her
life back together.
“I was dreading coming here,”
Sherry admits. “But I finally came
to peace.” Sherry had lost the
strong faith she had been raised
with – and gained it back one night
at chapel. Within a short period of
time, Sherry found a house...but
she didn’t give up on the Mission.
“That was a blessing! The Lord
has taught me faith, that He will be
my cover at all times,” says Sherry.
Before falling into desperate
circumstances herself, Sherry had
judged people who ended up in
shelters. Coming to the Mission
Muskegon Rescue Mission
1691 Peck Street
Muskegon, MI 49441
(231) 727-6090
FAX (231) 722-7030
made Sherry look back honestly on
her own life. Today she says, “I’ve
gained a lot from being here. I’ve
made a lot of promises to myself
and to God that I will not break. I
will return to the Mission and give
my testimony to other ladies.”
With your help, Sherry found
the strength and resources to get
back on her feet. And your support
will touch even more lives as
Sherry encourages her sisters in
Our Board
Joe Masvero, President
Dan McKinnon, Vice President
Doug Amstutz, Secretary
Bryan Betten, Treasurer
Dave Parnin
Cedric Scott
Jim Stevens
Harbor Light is a publication of
Muskegon Rescue Mission and is
produced quarterly.
Harbor light • november 2013

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