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LA R TA ANSNerge Bru
in Italy
Rights sold
By Eric Paradisi
Blond cendré
A heartbreaking story, an ode to love and life.
Alba and Maurizio met in Rome during the war. She was a law student and underground resistant. He was a Jewish hairdresser in the ghetto and took refuge in Alba’s
apartment after the famous mass round-up and arrest of Jews in October 1943. Every Sunday, Maurizio took to trimming Alba’s ash blond hair. He worshiped her hair as much as
he worshiped her. In the spring, they were captured by the Nazis. Alba was incarcerated,
Maurizio was deported to Auschwitz. He survived by becoming the barber of his barracks
but he never forgot Alba.
Time passes. During an endless and tragic January evening, Flor, Maurizio’s
granddaughter, recounts this story to her fiancé exactly as her grandfather told it to her.
She hopes the man she loves will find Alba’s courage and the strength to endure Flor’s
Eric Paradisi is a screenwriter and novelist. He is the author of La peau des autres and Séquelles ordinaires (Gallimard, 2005, 2007) as well as Un baiser sous X and En retard sur
la vie (Fayard, 2010, 2012).
205 pages
September 2014
“I am telling you: this book will get a prize next fall – Goncourt, Interallié, or Médicis… It deserves a prize because it is so beautiful and so strong, poetic and tragic at
the same time.” Pierre de Vilno, Europe 1
by Franck Courtès
Toute ressemblance avec le père
How does one rid oneself of the ghosts of the past?
“When I was my son’s age, one evening I climbed up on top of a hay bale near the edge of
a plateau overlooking the Valley of the Ourcq. Night was approaching. Clouds were rolling
in bringing a chill to the air. In front of me, brown earth, dark woods, the wind at my back,
the contours of happiness, the cardinal points of an imaginary compass. I was a crystal of
a boy.”
Three principal characters, a mother and her two children, Mathis and Vinciane,
are trying to survive the accidental death of Jacques. Mireille has accepted her destiny to
be the inconsolable widow of a magnified hero and Vinciane travels the world to forget.
As for Mathis, prisoner of the paternal legacy, he has chosen to lose himself in a game of
endless seduction.
All three struggle while the ghost of Jacques lingers on, a ghost who incarnates
the fantasies and guilt of all. But sooner or later they must make peace with themselves and
the past so that the future has a chance.
Franck Courtès is a photographer. His first book, Autorisation de pratiquer la course à pied
(Lattès, 2013), received the Prix SGDL du Premier Recueil de Nouvelles and was nominated for Prix Goncourt de la Nouvelle.
“Definitely a page-turner. Franck Courtès captivates the reader by immersing him
in the eternal contradiction of men, ever torn between two compulsions – Eros and
Thanatos.” Lire
390 pages
September 2014
for the
Prix Gonco
by Grégoire Delacourt
On ne voyait que le bonheur
“A life, it was my job to know, was worth between forty and fifty thousand dollars. A life; the
cervix finally dilated at 10 centimeters, panting breaths, birth, blood, tears, joy, pain, the first
bath, the first teeth, the first steps, the first words, a tumble from a bike, braces, fear of tetanus, jokes, cousins, vacations, buddies, girls, cheating, the good deeds one does, the desire to
change the world.
Between forty and fifty thousand dollars if you get run over.
Thirty or thirty-five thousand if you are a child.
A little over one hundred and twenty thousand if you are in a plane that crashes with two hundred and twenty-seven other souls.
How much are our lives worth?”
As, day after day, an insurance agent evaluates and indemnifies other lives, he begins to
wonder what his own life is worth and takes us to the most intimate corners of our humanity.
Born in 1960 in Valenciennes, Grégoire Delacourt is a publicist. After the success of L’écrivain
de la famille, La liste de mes envies sold more than one million copies and has made him an
international success, with translations in 35 countries, and a French film adaptation.
360 pages
August 2014
“Grégoire Delacourt analyzes family ties with such sensibility and such strength that the reader closes the book with a lump
in their throat – overwhelmed, but thrilled.” Lire
“One closes the book slightly shaken. The kind of jolt that often makes a best-seller.” L’Express
“The efficient and rapid writing as well as the intentional split structure tally perfectly with Grégoire Delacourt’s complex
project.” L’Humanité
Rights sold in Germany (Hoffmann und Campe), Italy (Salani), Marocco (Sama), Poland (Drzewo Babel), Russia (Exmo), Sweden (Sekwa), UK (Orion).
Also by Grégoire Delacourt:
THE WRITER OF THE FAMILY (L’écrivain de la famille)
Édouard, who wrote his first poem at 7, is declared “the writer of the family”. But the title is hard to live up to,
as his only talent with words seems to be in the advertising business. He will have to witness the slow deterioration of his family to finally find the words to tell the story of his loved ones.
250 pages, January 2011 / Rights sold in Bulgaria, Germany, Poland, Spain, Sweden
THE LIST OF MY DESIRES (La liste de mes envies)
Jocelyne works at a sewing shop and lives a simple yet happy life with her husband Jocelyn and their two
children. And then one day, everything changes when she wins 18 million euros at the lottery. That day, she
wins big. Or does she?
220 pages, February 2012 / Rights sold in Albania, Brazil, Bulgaria, Catalonia, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Lithuania, Morocco, Netherlands,
Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, UK, USA, Vietnam.
THE FIRST THING WE LOOK AT (La première chose qu’on regarde)
September 15th, 2010. Arthur Dreyfuss is watching an episode of The Sopranos in his Smurfs boxer shorts
when someone knocks at the door. She looks just like Scarlett Johansson. He is 20 and a mechanic. She is 26
and somewhat broken.
250 pages, March 2013 / Rights sold in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan,
Netherlands, Poland, Russia, UK.
by Hélène Risser
Les Amants spéculatifs
Falling in love is risky business.
Hélène is a journalist for a magazine specializing in economics. At the height of
the subprime crisis, she is commissioned to be the ghostwriter of the autobiography of a female banker. She remembers Anna B. and her driving ambition, success, inordinate wealth
and petulant femininity, from a previous interview.
Anna consents to the idea of a book but seems more preoccupied by her love
life than by the financial crisis. Then again… what if the laws of finance could limit an
investor’s risks in the love market? When Anna’s husband decides to move out, she tries an
experiment in trading, and the commodity is love. Hélène is awestruck. Now this is what
could be called dangerous speculation!
Hélène Risser is a television journalist and host of a political talk show. She is the author of
the novel Une enquête amoureuse (Lattès, 2009) and several political essays.
“A surprising novel that avoids all the clichés and proposes a new, defiant, and feminist representation of modern finance.” Les Inrockuptibles
320 pages
September 2014
by Marc Pondruel
Le Voltigeur
In a quiet bed and breakfast in Bulgaria, a man reflects on his past and tells his life
Twenty years earlier, in the city of Lille: his carefree youth, university, Witold and
the gang, four friends with wide-open hearts. They were afraid of nothing but the passage
of time - but life always has a way of catching up.
It will take the narrator years of roaming the world to forget Witold who fascinates him beyond reason. Years to survive Nina who was almost the death of him. Three years
to finally find a place for himself in the nights of Istanbul, in the musky perfume and the
thick, messy hair of Merve.
From the paved streets of Lille to the grand avenues of San Francisco, from the
Red Square to the shores of the Black Sea, life is a lesson in acrobatics: one must be smart
enough to reinvent the world, and yet to also allow oneself to step to the side from time to
Marc Pondruel was born in 1987 and spent his youth in Lille. He has studied audiovisual
techniques and collaborated with several magazines. The Acrobat is his first novel.
“This story of a life-long roaming is reinforced with the strength of its orality and raw
emotion, as in L. F. Céline.” Le Monde des Livres
350 pages
September 2014
by Emir Kusturica
Étranger dans le mariage
A collection of short stories full of fabulous characters, a combination of tragedy and fantasy into what Kusturica calls “magical realism”.
In Bosnia and Herzegovinia, from the seventies and the all-pervading influence of the
Communist Party to the nineties and the disbandment of Yugoslavia, these stories tell the lives of
three energetic and rebellious young men full of ideals, who are suddenly, violently, confronted
with the adult world. They are also stories of love, sometimes impossible love.
Serbian-born Emir Kusturica is one of the rare film directors to earn two Palm d’Or, the highest
award at the Cannes Film Festival, for Papa est en voyage d’affaires and Underground. He published his autobiography with Lattès in 2011.
Rights sold in Bulgaria (Colibri), Italy (Feltrinelli), Russia (Azbooka).
270 pages
January 2015
Also by Emir Kusturica:
Où suis-je dans cette histoire ?
Kusturica’s autobiography is startling in the multitude of situations it evokes, the abundance of
characters, spectacularly vivid scenes and genuine dialogue. It reveals behind his slightly eccentric public
image a profoundly human artist who feels the joys and sorrows of his country.
300 pages, April 2011/ Rights sold in Bulgaria (Colibri), Catalonia (Grup Editorial 62), Czech Republic
(Freytag & Bern), Germany (Knaus), Greece (Patakis), Hungary (Konyvkiado), Italy (Feltrinelli), Macedonia (TRI), Poland (Claroscura), Romania (Polirom), Russia (Ripol), Slovenia (Mladinska Knjiga), Sweden
(Norstedts), and Ukraine (Ecem Media).
by Laurent Flieder et Dominique Lesbros
La folle histoire de l’urinoir qui déclencha la guerre
1915 must bring peace, or there will be no 1915. Such is the motto of President Fallières
who, in these troubled times, has given himself the mission of uniting the world’s populations
by hosting the most outlandish Universal Exposition of all time. A parallel group of outspoken
artists of the Avant-Garde, among whom the iconoclastic Marcel Duchamp, Guillaume Apollinaire and Erik Satie, conspire in a café to create an artistic, libertarian, and farcical “anti-expo”
they call the Imaginary Exposition. It was to be a window for their artistic works
and eccentric inventions.
When a bomb explodes in the Universal Exposition’s commission office, there is
scramble to uncover the plot against the Expo, essentially a plot against world peace…
Laurent Flieder is a professor of literature and the author of several books. Dominique Lesbros
is a journalist and has written several books on the curiosities of Paris.
370 pages
May 2014
Isabelle Filliozat
Isabelle Filliozat advocates for positive parenting. She believes in a non-violent approach based
on listening and empathizing, taking into account a number of recent findings in neurobiology.
In each book, she targets a particular age group, identifying the typical “problems” with one or
two illustrations; provides scientific explanations about what is happening in the child’s brain; and finally
suggests a practical suggestion to remedy the problem.
Her books are translated worldwide. I’ve Tried Everything! was a huge success in France, and on
the bestseller list for months. My Kid Is Driving Me Crazy! was published in spring 2014.
Il me cherche!
Keys to understand children’s behavior from age 6 to 11.
At this age, children can be disorganized or violent at school, lacking in concentration or self-esteem, congenital liars or intolerant to frustration, bed-wetters, friendless
or badmannered, but there are always reasons behind their behavior.
While children are gaining in autonomy they must be accompanied on their path
to independence. However, the fluctuating boundary between not enough and too much
control is not easy to define. Each human being is unique but the brain of a ten-year-old is
much more similar to another ten-year-old than to that of an adult.
Rights sold in Estonia (Ajakirjade Kirjastus), Greece (Eleni Kekropoulou), Korea (Good
Dream), Poland (Wydawnictwo Esprit) and Turkey (Kuraldisi Yayincilik).
170 pages
March 2014
e tha
Mor copies
60 0 ld in
J’ai tout essayé !
Rebelliousness, tears and rage: getting through ages 1 to 5.
“I’ve tried everything but nothing works. He just keeps at it!” An often heard complaint from exhausted, frustrated parents. Fights about getting dressed, cleaning up, leaving
for school or going to bed... Strict parents often see this behavior as laziness, insolence or
even worse, as signs of a weak character. Permissive parents feel guilty and think they are
doing something wrong. What if there were other highly plausible explanations?
Isabelle Filliozat’s hypothesis is that children’s behavior is first and foremost a
manifestation of their personal needs for growth.
Rights sold in Brazil (GMT Editores), China (China Citic Press), Estonia (Ajakirjade Kirjastus), Greece (Eleni Kekropoulou), Italy (Edizioni Piemme), Korea (Premium Books),
Lithuania (Baltos Lankos), Poland (Wydawnictwo Esprit), Russia (Phoenix), Spain (Espasa
Libros), and Turkey (Kuraldisi Yayincilik).
175 pages
March 2011
by Gerald Messadié
Jésus dit Barabbas
“Then I came upon the name of Barabbas, the thief who, according to the Bible, the Jews chose
to be freed instead of Jesus. The name Barabbas means “son of the father” so it cannot be a
name since a name is unique and we are all sons of our fathers. In addition to my knowledge of
the Orient, my common sense dictated that no man could have been called Barabbas except the
one that defined himself as the Son of the Father, Jesus.”
Gerald Messadié, author of the renowned success The Man Who Became God (Robert
Laffont, 1988) has reconstituted in the light of his new certitudes, the earthly history of the man
who was crucified. He establishes the undeniable fact that the Jews asked Pontius Pilot to free
Gerald Messadié is a novelist, writer of essays and noted scholar. His books have been translated throughout the world.
408 pages
October 2014
Les cent dates qui ont fait l’Europe
by Philippe Juvin
Europe was not born in 1957 with the Treaty of Rome. As proof: the results of a survey
taken among the deputies of the 28 countries of the European Union. Each deputy was asked to list
the events that in their opinion most influenced the collective history of Europe. The British spoke
of Joan of Arc, a Pole of the Reconquista and a Spaniard of Napoleon’s retreat from Russia.
This book has synthesized all the collected information into the 100 dates that formed the
European nation. Events both glorious and tragic but that portray the sentiment of belonging to a
great community, above and beyond the borders of each person’s country of origin.
Philippe Juvin is a professor of medicine. He is also mayor of La Garenne-Colombes and has been
a Member of the European Parliament since 2009.
by Nathalie Loiseau
Choisissez tout
250 pages
November 2014
“I remember the irony with which my family often repeated the phrase “She wants it all.” So
naive, they thought, naive to want it all, naive to believe it was possible and naive even to say
Nathalie Loiseau remembers when she was that precocious young girl. She recounts
the extraordinary path that led her from prestigious Sciences-Po to a passion for public service
and diplomacy, a world barely open to women, where she held the most powerful positions.
This path has led her to become director of the most famous Administrative college in Paris,
Loiseau speaks of her struggles, her encounters that are sometimes tender, humorous
or revolting, and delivers a message of optimism where passion and curiosity are the key. She
motivates women everywhere to never give up, to live their lives as women and mothers to the
fullest and to rethink their relationships with men and work.
250 pages
September 2014
Nathalie Loiseau has spent most of her career in the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Indonesia, Senegal and Morocco. In the USA, she was the spokesperson for the French Embassy
for five years.
by Françoise Kerymer
Trois éclats toutes les vingt secondes
A summer full of surprises for Emma and her seven-year-old son.
Emma and her son Camille, age seven, disembark on the Isle de Sein off the coast
of Brittany for two months’ summer vacation. The young mother is despondent: forced into
this exile by her husband, she is unable to connect with her highly intelligent and unpredictable son and wonders what she may have done to deserve such a punishment.
While Camille immediately takes to the island and its enchantments with enthusiasm, Emma drags her feet. But Armelle’s generous friendship and an encounter with the
charming Ronan will help her open up. Will the magic of the island help bring mother and
son together?
Formerly a bookseller, Françoise Kerymer today divides her time between Brittany and
Paris. She has published two novels: Il faut laisser les cactus dans le placard (2010) and
Seuls les poissons (2012), both with Lattès.
350 pages
October 2014
by Sylvie Brunel
Un escalier vers le paradis
A great adventure novel and initiatory voyage to self-enlightenment, both down-to
earth and humorous.
Seven women and three men embark on a dream trip on horseback through the
Grand Staircase-Escalante, wild mountain territory of the American West, where they face
unexpected hardships in the heart of Mormon country. For each of them, this trek through
the wilderness will be an eye-opening experience that will forever change their lives.
Against the glorious backdrop of the Grand Canyon, Indian legends and Wild
West mythology, this story is an ode to the strength of women in which the love of horses
is a catalyst to discovering the truth in themselves.
Sylvie Brunel is a geographer, writer and accomplished horseback rider. She has published
numerous essays and novels: Manuel de guérilla à l’usage des femmes, Cavalcades et dérobades, À qui profite le développement durable ? and Géographie amoureuse du monde.
440 pages
May 2014
by Akli Tadjer
Les Thermes du Paradis
A novel full of humor and tenderness set in authentic Paris.
Adèle Reverdy is a 30-year-old woman of many hang-ups and, to make matters worse, men
run the other way when they learn she is an undertaker. But her life will change the day she meets Leo,
ex-trapeze artist, blinded by an accident, now a masseur at the Paradise Spa. Adèle decides, with the
help of her best friend Leila, a talented embalmer, that she will do everything in her power to conquer
Leo’s heart.
Akli Tadjer is the author of eight novels, three of which (Le passage du Tassili, Le porteur de cartable,
and Il était une fois) have been adapted to the screen.
280 pages
March 2014
“Akli Tadjer plays with clichés and excesses. He is at turns cynical, amusing, tender – and charming.” Le Monde des Livres
Rights sold in Germany (Blanvalet / Random House), Italy (Garzanti) and Sweden (Sekwa).
by Sophie Bassignac
Mer agitée à très agitée
Rock’n’roll by the sea.
After several fast and stylish, but also dangerous years in New York, ex-model Maryline and
ex-rock star William escape to the coast of Brittany for a quiet life running a small hotel. But one July
morning, a young woman is found dead in a cove nearby. During his investigation, Simon Schwartz
will shake Maryline’s peaceful existence and wake up the ghosts from her past.
After five critically acclaimed novels, Sophie Bassignac signs a vivacious and charming novel.
“Sophie Bassignac is a natural writer with an engaging sense of detail and melancholy.”
Madame Figaro
Rights sold in Germany (Hoffmann und Campe).
250 pages
January 2014
by Dominique Schneidre
Avons-nous assez navigué ?
What if you meet up with your first love thirty years later?
When a woman is well beyond the age of reason like Viviane Rivet, can she become completely infatuated with a man? What if she broke up with that man thirty years earlier and bumped into
him by accident at the opera? The object of her desires, Antoine Fournier, is still a fascinating man
but is he a passionate one and does he have anything to offer Viviane this time around?
Dominique Schneidre is the author of eight novels, among which Atteinte à la mémoire des morts
(Robert Laffont, 1987), La Capitaine (Seuil, 1990), and Ce qu’en dit James (Seuil, 2007).
“[Schneidre writes] with a mix of tenderness and irony that make us fall for her characters.”
Le Figaro Littéraire
200 pages
May 2014
by Olivier Gay
Mais je fais quoi du corps ?
Just when Fitz has at last found a suitable girlfriend that he is about to introduce to his
parents, he receives a phone call from one of his VIP clients: the popular politician, Georges
Venard. Venard needs some drugs and firmly requests immediate delivery. Fitz can’t refuse the
opportunity to make some good money so he ditches his family and heads to Venard’s house,
only to find his door locked and the phone on the answering machine. The next morning, Venard
is on the front pages of all the newspapers: he was found dead in his home. The investigation has
concluded it was suicide.
Why has a tiny doubt begun to grow in Fitz’ mind? Why has his apartment been visited in his absence and why does he now have killers on his trail? Fitz will need the help of old
friends Deborah and Moussah to extricate himself from this sticky affair.
A former strategic consultant in Paris, Olivier Gay earned the Best First Novel prize at the
Beaune festival for his novel Les talons hauts rapprochent les filles du ciel, in 2012.
300 pages
January 2014
“Funny and spirited.” Marie-France
“A not-too-dark crime novel, to enjoy between the lines.” Libération
Also by Olivier Gay- The Fitz series:
Fitz is not an average crime novel hero. A perfect parasite, this lazy womanizer enjoys the Parisian nightlife to the fullest
living on drug money, which does not help his relations with his ex-girlfriend Jessica, a detective. When Jessica threatens to turn
him in, he has no choice but to get involved in a murder investigation she is leading. To help him with his unorthodox investigations,
the unlikely hero can count on his two best friends, Deborah and Moussah, as well as on a motley cast of night owls, junkies and
Les talons hauts rapprochent les filles du ciel
A serial killer lurks in the streets of Paris at night, targeting young women. The only thing the murders
have in common : all the women were clients of the most popular night clubs.
“You won’t go out in Paris the same way after you read this novel.” Elle
360 pages, November 2013 / Rights sold in Turkey
Les mannequins ne sont pas des filles modèles
Moussa’s new girlfriend, a model, goes missing while getting ready for a fashion competition. Could
one of the other girls competing have something to do with it?
“Olivier Gay describes the Paris nightlife with the know-how of both a journalist and a sociologist.” Le Magazine du Monde
350 pages, February 2013
by Charles Haquet
Les Fauves d’Odessa
“For an appetizer: urotropin-flavored caviar on toast, followed by a delicious terrine made
from pork fed with clenbuterol, a common anabolic steroid used by body-builders. And for
the pièce de résistance, a medley of fish: tilapia spiced with antibiotics and estrogen-soaked salmon. No more need to take birth control pills, ladies.”
Camille Dupreux, founder of the consulting firm TracFood, specialized in the
traceability of foods, disappears during the investigation of a suspicious company that
imports food from Asia. His associate, Marco, begins the search and discovers much to his
horror, a counterfeit food industry and the cynicism of Western industrialists. From China
to Odessa, he searches for the jail where Camille is detained by the pitiless dogs of the
Ukrainian mafia. He knows they will stop at nothing to keep their business thriving.
Charles Haquet, grand reporter with L’Express, gleaned his inspiration from numerous
field investigations and transports us to the terrifying world of the mafia and the criminal
networks of food-trafficking.
280 pages
June 2014
“This is first and foremost an investigation – as serious as the best documentaries. But
it also has a lot of wit and humor. An excellent novel. Be careful NOT to devour it!”
Le Figaro Littéraire
by Serge Brussolo
La route de Santa Anna
Markh is a celebrated stuntman, passionate about driving. He was recruited by a
drug dealer with an idea so crazy it’s almost believable. At the Mexican border in Texas,
on both sides of the Rio Grande is a monument dedicated to friendship between the
two countries. It resembles a cement launching ramp, like a bridge missing the middle.
Markh’s mission is to pilot a car whose motor is souped-up on nitric oxide, drive it up
the ramp on one side and fly over to the American side. There he collects several million
dollars and drives back to Mexico the same way.
The operation is meticulously prepared and promises to be a success. One thing
they didn’t count on was a family of losers living in a trailer nearby: Grampa Julius,
a tyrannical ex-military parachute jumper, Wichita, his daughter-in-law who dreams of
Hollywood, her daughter, Sue, whose job it is to guard the monument and Timmy, the
slightly retarded little brother. Together they decide to steal the money from the car, but
everything goes terribly wrong and the Mexican cartel wants revenge.
Serge Brussolo published Funnyway that won the Grand Prix for science-fiction in 1979.
He has also written several successful series for young readers, historical novels and
crime novels translated in several languages.
UTE NA russolo
400 pages
October 2014
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