A SimchaWorthy of Community Celebration



A SimchaWorthy of Community Celebration
The Temple
october 2011 / 5772 = tishrei / cheshvan = volume 72 / number 2 = established 1867 = www.the-temple.org
A Simcha Worthy of
Community Celebration
worship schedule
Saturday, October 1
Shabbat Chapel Service Friday, October 7
Kol Nidre First Service* Kol Nidre Second Service Thoughts Composed by
Rabbi Steven H. Rau, RJE
s we enter the ten days of introspection between Rosh Hashanah and
Yom Kippur, we not only have the opportunity to look inward personally, but also
to look inward as a congregation. We are
given the chance to examine how we act
as individuals and also how we act as a
community. It’s at this time of the year
that we take a step back and reflect on
how we welcome the new and the old
into our spiritual home and create a place
of comfort for all who enter.
Being a member of The Temple, where
above our front doors are etched Isaiah’s
message in Hebrew, “For My house shall
be called a house of prayer for all peoples,”
we innately believe in the importance
of hospitality and equality. Our Zaban
Couples Center reiterates our belief in
kindness to strangers as we welcome those in need into our home as one of our own. But many
of us may never have the opportunity to see how our congregation leads our movement and our
people in creating an inclusive community for all of its members.
Over the years, our educators and clergy have worked in partnership with Stacey Levy (a speech
pathologist and congregant) to create an inclusive learning environment for all of our members. In
our congregation we celebrate our differences and create ways to embrace all who seek a spiritual
or educational home. Walking through our classrooms on a Sunday morning, one would be taken
by the diversity of the students learning side-by-side. Students from multi-cultural backgrounds,
interfaith families, and different nationalities and socioeconomic backgrounds add to the beauty
of our sacred learning. Upon closer examination, one might find a student in a wheelchair, a child
being shadowed by a teenager to assist him in learning, or a highlighted Hebrew text to help a
student with a reading-based learning difference read Hebrew phonetically.
This month, our congregation will be blessed as Benjamin Faber is called to the Torah as bar
mitzvah on Friday night, October 28. He has been a student in our religious school since prekindergarten. Yet, Benjamin, who was born with Mitochondrial Myopathy, will not be chanting
the prayers at his bar mitzvah in the same manner as other students. When he recites the aliyah
(or blessing) before the reading of the Torah, it will be different than any other reading that most
of us have ever witnessed. The blessings upon the Torah and some of the service prayers will be
10:30 am
7:00 pm
9:00 pm
Saturday, October 8
Yom Kippur First Service* 9:00 am
Yom Kippur Second Service 11:30 am
Mincha, Memorial & Concluding Service 3:30 pm
Thursday, October 13
Sukkot Service Friday, October 14
Sukkot Shabbat Service Shabbat Shalom Temple! A Tot Experience Saturday, October 15
Bar Mitzvah of Pryor P. Krugman Shabbat Chapel Service Wednesday, October 19
Simchat Torah / Consecration Thursday, October 20
Simchat Torah / Sh'mini Atzeret / Yizkor Friday, October 21
Shabbat Service 10:30 am
6:00 pm
6:00 pm
10:30 am
10:30 am
5:45 pm
10:30 am
6:00 pm
Saturday, October 22
B'not Mitzvah of Allison Shindell & Jessica Taetle 10:30 am
Shabbat Chapel Service 10:30 am
Friday, October 28
Shabbat Service 6:00 pm
Bar Mitzvah of Benjamin Faber & NFTY (North
American Federation of Temple Youth) Service 7:30 pm
Saturday, October 29
Bat Mitzvah of Rachel Bittner Shabbat Chapel Service 10:30 am
10:30 am
* Captioning is available at this service.
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For a full listing of services & other Temple
programs: calendar.the-temple.org
Torah & Haftarah
1 Oct.
HaazinuDeut. 32:1-52
3 Tishrei
Hosea 14:2-10
15 Oct.
17 Tishrei
First Day
Chol Hamoed
8 Oct.
Yom Kippur
10 Tisrei
22 Oct.
24 Tishrei
29 Oct.
Gen. 6:9-11:32;
1 Cheshvan
Num. 28:9-15 / Isaiah 66:1-24
Genesis 1:1-6:8
Isaiah 42:5-43:10
Study guides are online at the Union for Reform
Judaism website: www.the-temple.org/torah
page 1
Lifecycles & Special Occasions
B'nei Mitzvah in October
Pryor Philip
Son of Jill Pryor &
Edward Krugman
October 15, 2011
Allison Shindell
Daughter of
Steve & Margi Shindell
October 22, 2011
Jessica Rey Taetle
Avi Faber
Daughter of
Alan & Anne Taetle
Son of Paula Krone &
Michael Faber
October 28, 2011
October 22, 2011
Rachel Bittner
Daughter of Alisa &
David Bittner
October 29, 2011
Mazal Tov to...
Our Newest Members
< David & Laurie Kotz on the birth of their son
Stephen Marshall.
< Joseph Aczel
< Melissa & Mike Lemberg
Lexa, Jamie
< Carole Kant on the birth of her granddaughter,
Viola Harriet Rosenthal Thoms.
< Julie & Jon Appel
Brenner, Max
< Abbie & Marty Margolies
< Kerrie & Craig Zurovsky on the birth of their
daughter Honey Grace and to brother, Jonah
and sister, Ellie.
< Julie & Billy Bastek
Benjamin, Bobby
< Jami Becker & Glenn Zweig
Justin, Toby
< Stacy & Mike Rosenthal on the birth of their
son, Max Lawton, and to sisters Lindsey,
Anna Kate and brother Carter.
< Teresa & Scott Bonder
Samuel, Ella
< Lisa Kepler on the birth of her granddaughter,
Mekaela Star Kepler, and to mom & dad,
Kristen and Adam, and brother Zach.
< Anna & Mike Caplan
< Cameron & Dan Carter
Ryan, Lily
May Their Memory Be For a Blessing
< Lauren & Larry Cohen
< Lizette & Dave Dunay
Alexander, Emma
< Barbara de Jong Whitaker
Mother of Tracy Hawkins
< Libby Buchman
Aunt of Marty Buchman
< Kevin Yates
Cousin of George Greene
< J. Merwyn Lustig
Grandfather of Laura Reeves
< Bernard Liberty
Uncle of George Greene
< Anne Dubrov
Mother of Cheryl Mason
< Phyllis Hecht
Mother of Michael Hecht & Denise Hecht
< Myrtle Goldberg
Grandmother of Eric Berenson
< Robbie Banker
< Anna Wolff
< Michelle & Victor Harrison
Elijah, Samuel
< Tilly Joffe
Grandmother of Cindy Hyman
< Alan Miller
Father of Larry Miller
< Melissa & Thomas Jacobs
Postal Mail:
1589 Peachtree Street NE, Atlanta, GA 30309
Telephone: 404.873.1731
Fax: 404.873.5529
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.the-temple.org
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< Ailene & Steve Grego
< Laura & Jason Griffin
Charles, Caroline
< Lindsay & Keith Lanson
Rebecca, Seth
< Josephine Moldovan
Grandmother of Stacey Lewinstein
& Contacts
< Suzanne & Yoram Gilboa
Benjamin, Alexandra
< Dawn & Mark Mechlowitz
Nate, Abie
< Susan Moody & Rob Schmoll
< Dana & Farzad Nahai
Marcelle, Andre
< Casey Richards
< Gail & Allan Ripans
< Ayer & Hans Ryden
< Sydney Simons
< Sandy Taffel
< Christina & Stephen Tracy
Morgan, Andrew, Ethan
< Caroline Wainright &
Colby Schwartz
< Jenny & Dustin Walsey
Noah, Ari
< Stephanie Witcher &
Andrew Sayman
< Myra & Mannie Wiedman
< Lauren Zimet
Officers of the Board
Ronnie van Gelder
Director of Programming
Billy Bauman
Executive Vice President
Rabbi Alvin M. Sugarman, Ph.D.
Edye Summerfield
Director of Temple Early Learning Center
Janet Lavine
Vice President
Rabbi Steven H. Rau, RJE
Director of Lifelong Learning
Bradford R. Pilcher
Director of Communications
Rabbi Rachael M. Bregman
Open Jewish Project
Elizabeth C. Foster
Family & Teen Educator
Rabbi Peter S. Berg
Rabbi Frederick H. Reeves
Rabbi Loren Filson Lapidus
Cantor Deborah L. Numark
Mark R. Jacobson
Executive Director
Belinda Morris
Linda Selig
Vice President
Lauren Grien
Jonathan Amsler
Learn at the temple
The Breman Religious School Calendar
October 1-2
Seventh Grade Trip to Tennessee
Join us for Sukkot
October 2
Religious School=9:30 am
October 3-5
No Midweek Hebrew
October 7
Yom Kippur Programming (Pre-K through
7th grade)=7:00 pm
October 8
Family Yom Kippur Service=9:00 am
Tot Yom Kippur Services=9:15 am & 10:00 am
Teen Yom Kippur Service=11:30 am
October 9
No Religious School
October 10-12
No Midweek Hebrew
October 14
Shabbat Shalom Temple Sukkot Service=6:00 pm
Congregational Sukkot Service=6:00 pm
Sukkot Dinner=6:45 pm
October 16
Religious School=9:30 am
1st Grade Family Social=10:45 am
Madrichim Meeting=12:15 pm
Tzadikim Meeting=12:15 pm
October 17-19
No Midweek Hebrew
October 19
Consecration Class Photo=5:15 pm
Simchat Torah & Consecration Service=5:45 pm
Consecration Dinner=6:30 pm
October 23
Religious School=9:30 am
Camp Fair=10:00 am
Open House=11:00 am
October 24
Oak Grove Midweek Hebrew=4:30 pm
October 25
Temple Midweek Hebrew=4:30 pm
October 26
Galloway Midweek Hebrew=4:30 pm
October 28-30
NFTY-SAR Fall Kallah at The Temple
October 30
Religious School=9:30 am
Mitzvah Day
Madrichim Meeting=12:15 pm
The TBRS Program Handbook can be found on The
Temple’s website. To download a copy, please visit:
4 www.the-temple.org/sst
Cost to Members:
Adults $12, Children (2-12) $8, Children under 2 are free
Cost to Guests:
Adults $14, Children (2-12) $10, Children under 2 are free
Questions? Contact Stephanie Fields at [email protected] or call
our office at 404.873.1734.
Join us for Simchat Torah
= Our Torah Scrolls will be removed from the ark, paraded through the
sanctuary, and unrolled around the room.
= We will read the final portion of Deuteronomy and first portion of
Genesis, beginning the yearly Torah cycle.
= Kindergarteners will be consecrated and begin their formal
study of Torah.
= Recent B’nei Mitzvah students will read selections from the whole Torah.
4 www.the-temple.org/simchattorah
Reservation Deadline: October 14
Adults $14, Children (9-12) $10, Children (2-8) $8, Children under 2
and Consecrants are free
Questions? Contact Elizabeth Foster at [email protected] or call
our office at 404.873.1734.
For any questions about the TBRS schedule or
our programs, please contact Elizabeth Foster at
[email protected] or via telephone at
TAMID Adult Education
Join our puppet friends for a special Sukkot edition of Shabbat Shalom
Temple: A Tot Experience! Please register by Tuesday, October 11. To
register for dinner (catered by You Should Eat! Catering):
more info at www.the-temple.org/tamid
< Comparative Religions: The Conversation Continues
Mondays, October 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 = 7:00 pm – 7:55 pm
< Essence of Jewish Texts
Sundays, October 2, 16, 23, 30 = 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Instructor: Rabbi Frederick Reeves
< Hebrew 101: Introduction to Hebrew Reading
Sundays, October 2, 16, 23, 30 = 11:00 am – Noon
Instructor: Cantor Deborah Numark
< Hebrew 101: Introduction to Hebrew Reading
Mondays, October 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 = 7:00 pm – 7:55 pm
Instructor: Elizabeth Foster
For more detailed information regarding the High
Holy Days, please contact Stephanie Fields at at
[email protected] or via telephone at
< Hebrew 102: Introduction to Hebrew Reading Part II
Mondays, October 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 = 7:00 pm – 7:55 pm
Instructor: Colette Bernstein
< Hebrew 301: Introduction to Modern Hebrew
Mondays, October 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 = 8:05 pm – 9:00 pm
Instructor: Sivan Postelnik
< Lunch & Learn – Eating Our Way Through Judaism
Wednesdays, October 19 and 26 = Noon to 1:00 pm
Instructor: Rabbi Loren Filson Lapidus and Ronnie van Gelder
< Writing a D’var Torah
Mondays, October 17, 24, 31 = 8:05 pm – 9:00 pm
Instructor: Rabbi Peter Berg and Rabbi Frederick Reeves
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Learn at the temple [continued]
Life after Preschool:
Choosing a School for my Child
4Wednesday, October 19 at 9:45 am
4RSVP to [email protected]
5 TELC Students creating cards for Caring
Congregation to send to members who are sick,
mourning, or celebrating the birth of a child.
lease join the Temple Early Learning Center for a fabulous parent education program on October 19,
at 9:45 am. Life After Preschool will feature Barby Levy and Fontaine Draper of Education Connection.
This parent program will help parents learn how to choose the best educational environment for their child
after preschool.
Education Connection helps parents in Atlanta understand their children’s intellectual, academic,
emotional, and social needs and then matches these needs to appropriate educational environments.
The TELC is excited to partner with them to assist our families as they make informed decisions about
their child’s life after preschool. There is no cost to attend this program, but we request you please RSVP
by emailing [email protected] and let us know you'll be coming. You can learn more about Education
Connection at their website: www.educationconnection.us. <
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Community Simcha
verbalized for Benjamin through assisted communication devices.
Standing by his side will be two of his classmates chanting his Torah
verses for him, and he will be surrounded by two hundred teens
from all over the region taking part in a youth group convention
weekend learning about the importance of inclusion.
When Benjamin first entered our school in 2002, his parents
Paula and Michael asked us to give him a normal religious school
experience. Each year, a new teenager (a role we called tzadikim
or righteous ones) assisted him weekly by pushing his wheelchair
through the halls to class or picking him up to be a part of circle
time or other group learning. Though he was based in his grade
level’s classroom, he would also take part in tefilah with other grades
because of his love of music. In addition to the experiences Benjamin
had with his peers in the classroom over the years, each one of the
students received something even more valuable and precious from
him. This month, as our teens and our congregation celebrate a young
adult’s sacred journey to Jewish adulthood, we will also celebrate our
congregation’s spiritual growth through all of the lives that Benjamin
has touched. We hope you, too, will join us on Friday night, October
28 at 7:30pm for this most wonderful simcha! <
The Temple at Camp Coleman
4Info Session: Sunday, October 23 at 11:00 am
5 Eleven Temple families joined others from around the southeast at Camp Coleman’s
annual family camp. Registration for camp next summer is open and we hope your
whole family will join us next Labor Day weekend for Family Camp. Learn about
Camp Coleman during our Camp Fair on October 23rd at 10:00 am. Come see their
presentation on that day at 11:00 am.
Upcoming Programs
Sisterhood Opening Brunch
4Sunday, October 16 at 10:00 am
4RSVP at www.the-temple.org/sisterhood
isa Baron is former political operative and communications advisor who pulls back the curtain and reveals who's
really running Washington in her new memoir, Life of the Party: A Political Press Tart Bares All. She is also our guest
at the Sisterhood Opening Brunch this October 16. Join Baron and other members of The Temple's Sisterhood for a funny,
insightful, and not-to-be-missed kick-off to our programming year.
The brunch is free to current Sisterhood members. Non-members can attend for an $18 fee to cover the cost of the
brunch, but you can pay your Sisterhood membership at the door. We do, however, need you to RSVP so we can plan the
morning accordingly. Register online at www.the-temple.org/sisterhood or just send a check to The Temple (attention: Sisterhood). Copies of Baron's book will also be available for purchase and signing and will cost $15 (cash only). <
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Social Justice at the temple
It's Mitzvah Day!
Help us Unload the Food Truck
4Sunday, October 30
itzvah Day is a congregation-wide community service day when
hundreds of Temple volunteers of all ages, with loving hands and
willing hearts, filled with the spirit of giving, will go out into the community
to make a difference. The only requirements to participate are a willingness
to give of yourself and the desire to make an impact upon our community.
If families wish to participate in a family project, their children will be
excused from class that day. In order to be excused from class, the participating family must complete a form.
You can go online to sign-up at www.the-temple.org/mitzvahday. If you
have any questions, please contact Ronnie van Gelder at 404.873.1731. Special thanks to our chairpersons: Cathy Kasriel, Linda Levy, Suzanne Rubini,
and Jessica Williams. <
4Sunday, October 9
4Midtown Assistance Center
he day after Yom Kippur, we will need your help. All the food we've collected during the High Holy Days will need to be delivered and unloaded
from the truck, and that's where you come in. Help us unload and stack the
groceries on the shelves at the Midtown Assistance Center (MAC). To volunteer, please call Susan Banner at 404.848.0070 or Ronnie van Gelder at
404.873.1731 (ext 1142 after hours).
You can meet at The Temple at 2:00 pm that Sunday, when our carpool will
depart, or go directly to MAC. They are located at 30 Porter Place, Atlanta,
GA 30308. And remember, there's no Religious School that day, so make this
mitzvah a family affair! <
Register for the Global Hunger Shabbat
4Friday, November 4
4Register at www.the-temple.org/globalhunger
unger may seem abstract to most of us. After all, few of those who sit in our Temple pews suffer under the fear of going without food. Yet it is a major issue, locally and abroad. That is why
our congregation has made combating food insecurity such a major priority for so many years. We'll
continue that effort during a Global Hunger Shabbat the first Friday in November.
Ruth Messinger, president of American Jewish World Service, will deliver the sermon at our
6:00 pm worship service. Afterwards, we will host dinner options for families, teens, and adults. At each meal, we'll
explore together in group learning around the issue of hunger around the world. Those who attend will come away with
a deeper understanding of how people, in a world full of wealth, can still live without adequate food.
Sponsored by Open Jewish Project, we encourage you to make this meaningful Shabbat experience the first thing
on your calendar for November. But we need you to register by the end of October so we can adequately plan for the
meals and logistics. Go online to www.the-temple.org/globalhunger to register and get more details. If you have any
questions, please do not hesitate to contact Rabbi Rachael Bregman at [email protected] or 404.873.1731. <
Family Dinner - 6:45 pm
Adult Dinner - 7:30 pm
Teen Dinner - 7:30 pm
Immediately following the YoFI Service, this
family dinner will have activities to help us and
our children better understand global hunger.
In contrast to a Thanksgiving meal, we will share
some lighter fare as we consider sustainable
agriculture, food justice and our obligations.
Teens will explore the world's food supply and
consider our place in the global marketplace
and learn what teens can do to respond.
92nd Street Y Live!
4Tuesday, October 11 at 8:00 pm
4Food Network Star Paula Deen
with Dr. Gail Saltz
Civil Rights Trip
4November 1 - 2, 2011
he Emmy Award winning Food Network television
star and author talks about her Georgia upbringing,
family traditions and the evolution of her business empire,
which began as a small catering company in Savannah.
Deen is the author of many best-selling cookbooks and
a new volume, Paula Deen’s Southern Cooking Bible. <
Many thanks to Lisa & Chuck Taylor and Marc Weinberg
for making this program possible.
4 even more upcoming programs on page 7
Join Rabbi Berg and Ronnie van Gelder on The
Temple's trip to various landmarks of the Civil
Rights Movement this November:
= Rosa Parks Museum
= Birmingham Civil Rights Institute
= Rev. Woods tour of Freedom Park
The cost of the trip will be $300 to $350 per
person, depending on the number of participants.
The price is all inclusive: transportation, meals,
overnight lodging, and entry fees to all locations. To secure your place, call Joya Schmidt at
404.873.1731 or [email protected]
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Contributions of Support
Rabbis' Discretionary Funds
In Memory of:
Given By:
Arthur Light Memorial Fund
In Memory of:
Beloved mother, Joyce Gilbert-Barnett Jodi Cobb
Beloved mother, Beatrice Bauer Marilyn & Larry Gross
My husband, Jerry Bass Susan Bass
Sophie Boaz Barbara & George Greenblat
Father, Herbert Rothschild Elsas Louis Jacob Elsas
Mother, Alice Smith Epstein William W. Epstein
Luciel Fleisher Nancy & John Hirsch
Oscar Greenstein Leonard Greenstein
Elliott Harris Elaine Harris
Hannah Hirsch Joyce Simon
Father, Max Kassel Valerie & Milton N. Kassel
Beloved mother, Jo Ann Kerker Candace & Jeff Kerker
Jack Kopelman Earle D. Balis
Our beloved daughter, Nance Mescon Enid and Mike Mescon
Beloved mother, Ramona Freedman Steve Freedman
Fannie Schwartz Herman Judy & Barry Frankel
Faye Phillips Joan & Donald Brown
Susan Polay Jay Zandman & Shelley Coleman
Jerome H. Weinkle:
Lara & Michael Balser, Larry &
Carol Isaacson, Jackie & Dave Wolf
Beloved husband, Bert Weston Colleen Weston
Bertha Roth Herzog In Honor of:
In Honor of:
Given by:
Billy Bauman Lila & Doug Hertz
Larry Cooper Lila & Doug Hertz
Miriam & Allen Hirsch Karen Bragman
My 80th Birthday Blessing Bette Codner
Recovery of Ann Jones Carol & Larry Isaacson
Brit of our son, Stephen Laurie & David Kotz
Birth of our grand daughter, Hadara Irene Ivan & Jenny Lapidus and family
Birth of Hadara Irene Lapidus: Reva & Hank Ezell, Elaine &
Paul Hirsch, Joan Solomon
Bat Mitzvah of daughter, Lydia Michael Morris
Recovery of Marvin Pechter Ralph & Reenie Birnberg
Recovery of Mendel Romm: Marilyn & Larry Gross,
Barbara & Maury Riff
Wedding of Mr. & Mrs. Michael Rottner Joan & Donald Brown
Naming of our daughter Evelyn Sarah Katherine and Hal Schneider
Our daughter, Miriam’s first Birthday Chris & Darcy Schrimpf
Wedding of Lisa Stern & Alex Fay Merrill & Mike Stern
Recovery of Rabbi Alvin M. Sugarman: Earle D. Balis,
Sam & Eddie Dressler, Barbara & Maury Riff
My son, Zachary Walker’s Mikvah Bruce Z. Walker
Recovery of Steven Weinstein Barbara & Alan Smith
Marriage of Kay Zusmann & Todd Phillips Earle D. Balis
Cantor’s Discretionary Fund
In Memory of:
Jean Aronstam Cohen Joyce Gilbert Barnett Adult Education Fund
In Honor of:
Given By:
Herbert Cohen
Jodi Cobb
Given By:
Faye Edelstein Phillips Lara & Michael Balser
50th wedding anniversary of Loretta & Hyman Shapiro Sherron and Roy B. Lazarus
Given By:
Estelle H. Light
Barbara W. & Bertram L. Levy
Family Garden Fund
In Memory of:
Janice Ghertner Jerome H. Weinkle Given By:
Barbara & Bert Levy
Barbara & Bert Levy
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Recovery of Rabbi Alvin Sugarman Recovery of Mendel Romm Barbara & Bert Levy
Barbara & Bert Levy
Barbara and Melvin Abend 50th
Wedding Anniversary Fund
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Dora Kline Belson Gertrude Abend Barbara & Melvin Abend
Barbara & Melvin Abend
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50th wedding anniversary of Barbara and Melvin Abend Ronnie van Gelder
Billie Guthman
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Susan & Mark Jacobson
Community Services Fund
In Memory of:
Nance Mescon Faye Edelstein Phillips Given By:
Ronnie van Gelder
Judith & Mark Taylor
Ronnie van Gelder
In Honor of:
Given by:
Bar Mitzvah of Sam Levy 75th birthday of Gaye Kahn Joel Faith & Howard Levy
“The Lunch Bunch”
Deborah Finestone Garden
Beautification Fund
In Memory of:
Ruth Birstein Schuster In Memory of:
Abraham Eli Brenner Arnold Farkas Luciel Fleisher Ramona Freedman Sidney Isenberg Sylvia Glass Jurofsky Nance Mescon Dr. Stanley C. Pearle Meyer Schneider Frances Solomon Rachel Travis Bert Weston Bert Weston Given By:
Linda & David Brenner
Joel Farkas
Charlotte Garson
Elizabeth Levine
Charlotte Garson
Dr. Herbert Shessel
Elaine and Jay Friedman
Dr. & Mrs. Paul W. Peeples
Elizabeth Levine
Judye & Morton Harris
Lisa Cohen
Dede Shapiro
Barry Solomon
Dottie Corbin & Donald Weissman
Hilda & Stan Smith
Dr. Herbert Shessel
In Honor of:
80th birthday of Debbie Codner Esther Bleich Scholarship Fund
In Memory of:
Dianne Ratowsky
Ann Jones
Joel & Irwin Lowenstein
Youth Scholarship Fund
In Honor of:
Rabbi Alvin Sugarman Mendel Romm Given By:
Joel and Irwin Lowenstein
Joel and Irwin Lowenstein
Judith Kirschner Fund
In Memory of:
Given By:
Nance Mescon Carole & Sid Kirschner
In Memory of:
Marvin Isenberg Dr. Sidney Isenberg George Livney Nance Mescon Given by:
Gerry & Fred Scheer
Given By:
Barbara & Burton Gold
Barbara & Burton Gold
Barbara & Burton Gold
Barbara & Burton Gold
In Honor of:
Given by:
Recovery of Mendel Romm Barbara & Burton Gold
Mazon Fund
In Honor of:
Given By:
50th wedding anniversary of Loretta & Hyman Shapiro Tosia & Fred Schneider
In Memory of:
Sadie Gerhardt Abrams Given By:
Nancy & Harold Abrams
Prayerbook & Worship
Enrichment Fund
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Given By:
JoAnn Kerker June & Fred Isaf
In Honor of:
Given by:
50th wedding anniversary of Loretta & Hyman Shapiro Sandi & Julie Nessel
Senior Transportation Fund
In Honor of:
Given By:
Birthday of Shirley Wender Betty Lipschutz
Wedding anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. Richard Stern Helen Revson
Social Action Committee Fund
A Contribution was made by:
Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Rodbell
Temple Breman Religious School Fund
In Memory of:
Joseph H. Polis In Honor of:
Jon Amsler page 6
Given By:
Nance Mescon Ramona Freedman Organ Restoration Fund
Given By:
Kathleen Saul
Endowment Fund
A contribution was made by:
Barbara & Leonard Greenstein
Lenore E. Gold Memorial Fund
Capital Campaign Fund
Birth of Reese Tetriel 50th wedding anniversary of Loretta & Hyman Shapiro Sona & Alan Gardner
The Tieman Family
Shirley Sonenshine
Recovery of Jerry Wexler Maurene & Ralph Birnberg
Given By:
Sheryl & Mark Berthold
Given by:
Rabbis Loren & Micah Lapidus
We appreciate all donations & suggest a minimum of $10.00 per acknowledgement. Donations can be earmarked to one
of our various donations funds. For more information on the various funds and their purpose in funding The Temple’s
legacy and operations, please contact Christy Johnson at 404.873.1731. You can make donations in person, over the
phone, or via our website at www.the-temple.org/donate.
The Temple Early
Learning Center Fund
William A. Frankel Fund
In Memory of:
Tilly Joffe Given By:
Meredith and Craig Bass
In Honor of:
Given by:
The Temple Clergy Corrie Rovak
4th birthday of Alex & Sharla Dunowitz The Rubenstein Family
Birthday of Max Dinerman Meredith and Craig Bass
Birthday of Harrison Goncher Meredith and Craig Bass
80th birthday of Shirley Wender Shelley Forer
Temple Library Fund
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Fred H. Eason Given By:
Barbara Scheer-Eason
A Contribution was made by: Delia Nisbet
Temple Singers Fund
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Given By:
Arthur Whitehall Betty Lipshutz
Barbara and Maury Riff
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50th wedding anniversary of Loretta & Hyman Shapiro Barbara Scheer-Eason
Temple Sisterhood (WRJ) Fund
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Selma Shamberg Amy Brown Edelstein & Dr. Bruce Edelstein
Jerome H. Weinkle Amy Brown Edelstein & Dr. Bruce Edelstein
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William (Bill) A. Frankel In Honor of:
Given By:
W.A. Bram Frankel, Jr.
Brooke & Jeff Dickerson
Wallen Saperstein Beautification Fund
In Memory of:
Miriam Wallen Zaban Couples Center
In Memory of:
Given By:
Carol F. Wallen
Given By:
Selma Shamberg, mother of Linda Davis: Ronald & Elaine
Koenig, Bea & Bud Feiman, Charles & Marlene Spritzer
George Brandt Harry & Frances Brandt
David Shubin Marilyn & Josh Shubin
Bernie Lovitky Bunny Lovitky
Esther Feigelstein, sister of Robert Alpern Robert & Lynne Alpern
Nance Mescon Bea & Bud Feiman
Dr. Abraham Dokson Robert & Joan Dokson
Eric Dinerman Marshall & Laura Dinerman
Samuel J. Barrett Louise Freedman
Minnie Barrett Louise Freedman
Leonard Karesh Susan & L.D. Coddon
Brother of Mr. & Mrs. Davis Abrams Carol & Larry Isaacson
George Macher Bobbi & Craig Wilson
Irwin (Ike) Feldman Carol Feldman
Nora Stahlman Julie Stahlman & family
Howard Stahlman Julie Stahlman & family
Given by:
Recovery of Rabbi Alvin Sugarman Bea & Bud Feiman
Birthday of Margie Culman Bea & Bud Feiman
Marriage of Miriam Pollin & Allen Hirsch: Vicki Atkinson,
Aaron & Deborah Danzig, Mark & Sara Kanov, Robert
Rothman, Jeff & Brooke Dickerson
80th birthday of Annelies Roth Rolf & Phyllis Hahn
Roger Phelps Rolf & Phyllis Hahn
Anniversary of Dr. & Mrs. Larry Cooper Dr. Arnold Zweig
Maxine & Hank Sherry Carolyn Wasser
55th anniversary of Paul & Carol Muldawer Jeffrey & Monica Zielenski
Birthday of Larry Cooper Mark & Judith Taylor
50th anniversary of Loretta & Hyman Shapiro Howard Hecker
Birth of my great grandson, Graham Sims Stein Carol Feldman
Mark Kuniansky's Eagle Scout Project: Selig Foundation,
Paula & Ray Kuniansky, Jonathan Amsler, Kenneth &
Susan Ewing, William & Julie Levine, Frank & Christy
Steele, Judith Lipshutz & Ted Duncan, William & Kelli
Willshire, Julia Chabannes, James Cook, Buddy &
Cherry Gay, Nancy Josephs, Hattie Beleatha Dorsey,
Jeannie Beard, Ronald Jerry Beard, Thomas & Tammy
Sumner, Belinda Morris, Jack & Corinne Brail
Donations are accurate as of our press deadline.
Some donations made close to that deadline will
be printed in the following month's bulletin.
Upcoming Programs [continued]
Meet the Fifties URJ Biennial
4Sunday, October 16 at 6:00 pm
4Baroni Restaurant
1745 Peachtree Street NE
Just north of The Temple
re you in your fifties and want to meet other
Temple members who are as well? Join us
for our first get-together dinner. We will have
time to socialize and plan upcoming events.
RSVP to Andrea Salwen at 404.808.7893 or
[email protected] Please RSVP so we can let
the restaurant know how many to plan for. Marrieds & singles are welcome. <
4December 14-18, 2011
4in Washington, DC
his December, the Union for Reform Judaism will host its Biennial gathering. You'll
have a chance to learn, from inspiring leaders
in our movement as well as pray, dance, and
sing with thousands of Reform Jews from across
North America. Reunite with old friends and
meet new ones at this awe-inspiring experience in our nation's capital, including the largest
Shabbat gathering on the continent. <
4Register at: urj.org/biennial
Are you from
et us know if you grew up in Nashville, Tennessee. Why? Because we're putting together
a second Nashville Jewish Reunion. It will take
place in a few months, and right now we're just
collecting the names of interested former Nashville-ians. Don't miss out on this chance to reconnect with old friends and make some new ones.
Send your information to Freddie Glussman at
[email protected] <
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