Check Cashing Alternatives



Check Cashing Alternatives
Check Cashing Alternatives
Tax professionals can now provide clients with a variety of flexible disbursement options. In
addition to the traditional printed check and ACH direct deposit options, taxpayers can receive
funds in cash at a Western Union Agent location or at any ATM or POS using the SBBT Cash Card.
No other bank offers as many innovative disbursement options. These options give your
unbanked clients the opportunity to conveniently receive funds without the higher fees
associated with check cashing establishments.
Western Union
RAL funds are available in cash at a participating Western Union (WU) Agent location
within 30 minutes of IRS acceptance and bank approval, and RT funds are available within
30 minutes of IRS funding. Your client walks out the door of a participating WU with cash
in hand. In the case of multiple disbursements, your client goes to any participating WU
Agent without needing to return to your office. Help your clients avoid higher check
cashing fees. Click the WU link on our Customer Information Support Center (CISC)
website at to search for the nearest participating WU agents.
Access to funds securely and easily obtained by presenting
Government issued ID/SSN to the WU agent
Secure and Easy
WU program's special fee schedule is much lower than typical
check cashing fees
Low Fees
Choose from thousands of participating WU agents
Taxpayer doesn't have to return to your office to pick up a
Reduce Office Traffic
Western Union Fee Schedule
Program and pricing subject to change at SBBT or WU's discretion.
SBBT Cash Card (Stored Value Card)
The SBBT Cash Card acts like an ATM/debit card. Customers may
withdraw funds at any ATM nationwide, or use the Cash Card point of
sale (POS) at any location nationwide that are a part of Cirrus, Maestro or
Star Systems. Cash Cards are provided upon request to tax professionals
before the tax season begins. Each Cash Card comes in a sealed
envelope that includes an access PIN and disclosures. You provide the
client with the Cash Card before they leave your office. (In the case of
multiple disbursements, all disbursements are loaded onto the same
Cash Card so your client doesn't need to return to your office.)
Funds ready within
Funds available within 30 minutes of RAL approval or within
30 minutes of state or federal funding for RTs
Easy for multiple bank
product disbursements
May be used at any ATM or point of sale (POS) terminal that
supports Star, Cirrus or Maestro systems
High daily
withdrawal limits
Cash Card can accept multiple loads from SBBT without
requiring the client to return to the tax professional's office
Client may withdraw up to $5,500 per day. (Multiple
transactions can occur at the same machine or other ATMs)
Client is not required to withdraw cash in one lump sum. PIN
protected to prevent misuse of stolen or lost cards
ATM or POS fees apply. Program and pricing subject to change at SBBT's discretion.
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