HeartCodeTM BLS Part 1 - AHA Instructor Network


HeartCodeTM BLS Part 1 - AHA Instructor Network
HeartCode BLS Part 1
An Official American Heart Association BLS eLearning Program
Research indicates that the quality of CPR has a direct effect
on patient outcomes from cardiac arrest and that many
caregivers may not perform CPR according to the guidelines
established by the American Heart Association (AHA).
HeartCode™ BLS is a self-directed, comprehensive eLearning
program from the American Heart Association, designed to
address these important issues.
The full course combines an interactive, cognitive portion
completed online, with CPR skills training. The student can then
practice and test their skills on a Voice Assisted Manikin
(VAM) system or with an AHA BLS Instructor. HeartCode™
BLS will provide your team with the benefits of improved
competency in CPR and may save time and money compared
to classroom-based courses.
ISBN: 978-0-87493-910-1
Product: 80-1470
Who benefits from this product?
This product is recommended for healthcare professionals
requiring a BLS Healthcare Provider card.
Students can earn or renew their provider card in three easy steps!
1. Complete the computer-based cognitive portion
2. Complete skills practice and a skills test on a Voice Assisted
Manikin or with an AHA BLS Instructor
3. Receive an official AHA BLS Healthcare Provider Card
HeartCode™ BLS Features (80-1470)
• Realistic, interactive cases using eSimulation
technology allow students to virtually treat an
adult/infant patient
• Short skills games reinforce learning objectives
• Feedback and evaluation debriefing mechanism
educates students on correct and incorrect actions
• Instant and objective feedback provided by manikins
(if using a VAM system)
• Full text (in PDF format) of AHA BLS Healthcare Provider
Student Manual is contained within the program and
hyperlinked from the lessons and debriefings
• Available to providers at their convenience
anytime, anywhere
• Improves BLS skills by receiving instant,
objective feedback and evaluation through
intelligent debriefing
• Maximizes instructor resources in classroom where
they make the biggest impact
• Maintains a high level of CPR competency and
standardization of instruction
• May save time by completing the certification
process faster
• Eliminates the need to wait for scheduled class times
• May help reduce costs associated with training
• Provides initial or renewal BLS Healthcare
Provider Card
• Self-paced instruction accommodates different
learning styles
• Access the patient scenarios and AHA text material
for up to 2 years
Also available in various delivery modes to suit your institution’s needs.
For more information on HeartCode™ BLS, visit OnlineAHA.org or americanheart.org/heartcodebls or call 877.AHA.4CPR.
© 2009, American Heart Association.
80-1616A R9/09