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Special Christmas Menu
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Christmas Menu
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Special Christmas Treats!
Peppermint Patty Pie
10” chocolate chess pie
covered with a generous layer
of pink peppermint whipped
cream & white chocolate
Santa Baby Cake
Muddy’s super-moist, tender
chocolate cake topped with
pink peppermint icing &
candy cane bits
8”cake $35
cupcakes $24 dozen
The Grinch Cupcake
tangy key lime cake swirled
with pastel green cream
cheese icing & red heart
$24 dozen
Hot Chocolate Cupcake
Muddy’s chocolate
cake topped with fluffy,
marshmallow-y 7 minute
icing, a Hershey piece, &
$24 dozen
Reindeer Bundt Cake
gingerbread cake with a
generous drizzle of caramel
icing and garnished with a
festive holly topper
9” bundt cake $30
box of 4 small bundts $12
Star Cookies
star-shaped butter cookies
hand-iced with royal icing and
sprinkled with sanding sugar
$24 dozen
Egg Nog Cake
tender vanilla-nutmeg
cake topped with egg nog
buttercream and sprinkled
with cinnamon-nutmeg sugar
8”cake $35
cupcakes $24 dozen
Gingerbread Men
old-fashioned treat made with
lots of ginger & molasses,
royal icing, & colorful candy
$24 dozen
Sprinkle Cookies
our classic sugar cookies are
rolled in red & green sprinkles
for a fun, festive, & delicious
$6 dozen
Molly’s Banana Bread
our classic moist banana
bread with a special addition
of chocolate chips &
crystallized ginger bits
5” loaf $5
8” loaf $8
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Things That Make You Go Mmmmmm!
items on our menu that we think are super delicious at Christmas-time
Toffee bars
our most popular cookie!
Also, they keep super-well in
the ice box. Cookie bottom
+ milk chocolate + toasted
$7.20 dozen
Prozac cake
Muddy’s best selling cake!
Tender chocolate cake
slathered with chocolate
buttercream icing.
cupcakes $24 dozen
8” cake $30 6” cake $20
soft cookies loaded with
ginger & molasses. You will
be completely hooked, for
$6 dozen
Cocoa Chanel pie
this chocolate chess pie in
our signature hand-rolled pie
crust was named one of the
Commercial Appeal’s best
things to eat in Memphis.
Miniature cupcakes
perfectly sized for a party!
available in prozac, plain jane,
capote, classic, pucker up,
frankly scarlett, & “party mix”
$10 dozen
Apple-cranberry pie
flaky, buttery pie crust
envelopes spiced apple
slices, brown sugar, &
homemade cranberry
Y’all got anything vegan or flourless?
Vegan pumpkin pie
flaky pie crust filled with
pumpkin and topped with
toasted pecan halves
Chocolate-peanut butter
(vegan, flourless) peanut
butter + crispy rice cereal +
$7.20 dozen
Vegan mon cheri cake
almond cake topped with
pink cherry icing and a
maraschino cherry
cupcakes $24 dozen
8” cake $36
Coconut macaroons
(flourless) chewy coconut
cookies dipped in dark
$7.20 dozen
Vegan grasshopper cake
rich chocolate cake iced with
pastel green peppermint
cupcakes $24 dozen
8” cake $36
Crispy rice treats
(flourless) browned butter &
a dash of sea salt give these
an addictively delicious flavor!
$12 dozen
Vegan Prozac cake
rich chocolate cake &
chocolate icing
cupcakes $24 dozen
8” cake $36
Tu-lu’s Gluten-Free Treats
Memphis-born Tully Lewis
ships brownies & peanut
butter blondies to Muddy’s
from her bakery in Dallas.
Delicious, gluten-free treats!
$4 ea
Made in the Midsouth
Wildflower Honey Bears
Rita and Richard Underhill of Peace Bee Farm
are dedicated to providing the very best locally
harvested honey. Their wildflower honey is raw to
provide the best flavor and health benefits.
Delta Grind Stoneground Grits
get your grit on with locally ground corn grits.
Great with a heavy dose of cheddar cheese!
Savory Cheese Straws
made in Memphis by Anna Kathryn Word,
Maddie Belle’s cheese straws are loaded with
sharp cheddar cheese and a perfect blend of
spices. The perfect savory item to go with your
Handmade Felt Ornaments
Laurin Maddux hand crafts each individual
adorable felt Christmas ornament with love and
care. We have cupcake ornaments in a variety of
$12 ea
Mom’s Spiced Tea
citrus flavors blend
with spicy sweetness
to create a delicious
cold weather treat.
Mix a tablespoon or
two with hot water for
an instant winter pick
me up!
Made in the Midsouth
Gnome Sweet Gnome Coffee
a special blend that J. Brooks Coffee Roasters
created just for Muddy’s. It is a medium-mild roast
that is ideal for breakfast or to accompany dessert!
Available as ground or whole bean.
Handmade Aprons
Carolyn Dodson King makes super-adorable
aprons in a variety of fabrics and patterns with
adorable embellishments like shaped pockets,
ruffles, appliques, and more. Each one is unique,
so check out our in-shop collection for the one
that you love.
full $35 half $30 child $25
Insanely Good Peppermint Bark
Muddy’s white chocolate pairs perfectly with
peppermint crunch to make this popular
Christmas candy treat.
6 oz - $5
Food Lover’s Guide to Memphis
local food writer Pamela Denney provides a
comprehensive guide to restaurants, markets,
landmarks, festivals, and more. Includes a recipe
section in the back filled with favorites from local
chefs. Muddy’s is featured and our recipe for
strawberry-rhubarb pie is included!
Homemade Vanilla Extract
“Miss Mildred’s” is homemade here at Muddy’s
by Memphian Courtney Shove. Her vanilla extract
is vodka based, allowing pure vanilla bean flavor
to shine through with bright clarity. A delicious
and special treat for the baker or hostess.
$7 ea
Last Minute Gifts
check out the merchandise shelves in the shop; they are chock-a-bock full of great gifts!
Muddy’s Gift
available in any
amount from $5
to $100 With a
little heads up,
we can even
package your gift
cards in individual
fun packages tied
with ribbon!
Muddy’s Swag
tees for adults &
children, onesies, &
bumper stickers in
a variety of designs
are all available
in the shop retail
prices vary
for the hostess with the mostest!
Owl Timers
everyone will grin watching the head of the owl
timer move as time ticks!
Golden Gnome Cookie Jar
add some bling to your kitchen counter with this
super-swag porcelain gnome cookie jar complete
with golden hat!
Cake Stands & Cupcake Tiers
we stock assorted varieties and prices—visit the
shop to browse!
100% organic
cotton mini
stuffie pillow with
hand pressed
linocut art print,
backed with
vintage fabric.
Great on your
bed, couch, or in
a gift basket!
$15 ea
Tea Towels
100% organic
cotton tea towels
are hand printed
with a carved
linocut block print
by Lisa Price of Art
Goodies. These
machine washable
towels are a lovely
addition to the
$15 ea
for the child at heart
keep your delicious cupcake protected in this
wee cupcake-keeper. Perfect for sneaking
cupcakes into the movies or packing in
$3 ea
Whimsical Kitchen Magnets
what do unicorns, t-rex dinos, & crazily cute treat
illustrations have in common? They will stick to
your fridge or locker with super-strength and look
awesome doing it.
$3 giant magnets
$10 pack of 4 mini (but mighty!) magnets
Gift Packages
to win friends & influence people
our gift packages come prettily tied with ribbon. we are happy to include a handwritten note with
your gifts—just ask the Muddy’s staffer who takes your order!
buying gifts for clients? we can enclose your business card in a clear plastic pouch on the boxes.
Reindeer Bundt Box
4 gingerbread minibundt cakes with
caramel icing & a holly
Cookie Craze
assortment of over a
dozen of our favorite
Santa Snack
1 dozen mini cupcakes
+ 1 dozen mini
chocolate chip cookies
Pies a Plenty!
Pie of the Month Subscription
the gift that keeps on giving! Recipient receives one 10” pie each month
(pick up at Muddy’s on Sanderlin).
3 month... $60
Muddy’s Greetings
1 dozen assorted
cookies + 1 dozen mini
cupcakes + 4” pecan
Muddy’s Deluxe
1 dozen assorted
full size cupcakes
+ 1 dozen assorted
cookies + 10” pecan
6 month... $120
12 month... $220
Best of Memphis
a collection of our
most popular local
Honey bear from
Peace Bee Farms, 2
lb bag of Delta Grind
grits, Maddie Belle’s
cheese straws, 6 oz of
coffee beans from
J. Brooks, Muddy’s
spiced tea mix, & an
Eat Local bumper
pre-order a gift collection now! turn to the back of the catalog for ordering instructions.
more photos available on our website www.muddysbakeshop.com
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Helpful Hints and Information
How do I store my baked treats?
We do not use preservatives in our treats, so they are best eaten the day of pick up, however if
you do need to store your treats… cakes, cookies, most pies, & cupcakes should be kept at room
temperature in Tupperware if possible, or with the bakery box well wrapped with plastic wrap. Fruit
& custard pies should be covered and stored in the refrigerator.
May I pick up my pre-order before you open?
Yes! We have a limited number of early pick up slots available, beginning at 9am. Just ask a
Muddy’s team member about pick up times when you place your order.
Where do I pick up my pre-order?
Pre-order pick ups are available at both our shop at 5101 Sanderlin and our kitchen at 2497 Broad
Ave. Choose whichever is convenient for you when you place your order!
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Holiday Hours
Mon Dec 23 open 11am-6pm**
Tue Dec 24 open 11am-3pm
closed Dec 25-Jan1
or visit us at 5101 Sanderlin #114 and speak with any team
member- be sure to browse our shop while you’re here!
or call 901.683.8844 during our open hours; choose menu
option 2
**Orders for pick up on Monday Dec 23 must be placed by phone
or in person, as our website is incapable of taking Monday orders
since we’re usually closed on Mondays. We apologize for the
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