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Catalogue - Tech Europe
ultimate bead seating
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Time is money! Especially in the tyre industry!
It’s efficient work that brings the profit. With
our Bead Bazooka™ the frustration of hard to
inflate tyres will no longer exist.
Gaither’s patented Bead Bazooka™ combines
unique rapid air release technology and easiestto-handle tank for seating tubeless tyre beads.
Simply fill the tank, aim the redesigned double
barrel and FIRE! The instantaneous blast of air
from the 6 or 9 liter tank will work on agricultural,
truck (including super singles), passenger,
motorcycle, ATV,… tyres.
Patented design, RAR system
(fully automatic – just press and fire!)
“Slotted” double barrel directs the air for
best overall lift
Fully TÜV and CE certified
Smaller tank for easier handling in shop
and service truck
Light weight reduces stress on technician
Goggles and earplugs included
Hook for easy storage
Specifications BB06L:
• For motorcycle, car, commercial
vehicles and standard truck tyres
• Volume: 6l and 8 bar pressure
• Weight: 5,5kg
*BBH01 inflation stand not included
Specifications BB09XL:
• For motorcycle, car, commercial vehicles,
light truck, truck (wide base) and a variation
of agricultural tyres
• Volume: 9l and 10 bar pressure
• Weight: 6,5kg
Swapping wheels 3 times faster with Winntec’s Y472260 Wheel Lifter
Relieve your back when
working with heavy
This patented wheel lifter allows the
mounting/demounting of wheels in an
ergonomically correct way. No more
physical injuries or material damages
during wheel swaps!
Maintenance friendly
• No hydraulics
• Non-electric
avail W
July 201from
Light weight, only 21kg
And low-priced!
3 yearss warranty
in our
improving efficiency in the tyre shop
Y471147HD Smart Cart
This light weight, patented Winntec Tyre
& Wheel transporter comes with 2 unique
features; The claws automatically adjust
to the dimensions of the tyre / wheel
assembly (common sizes 14-20’’).
Y422013 Mobile Balloon Jack 3T
This maintenance-friendly 3-stage balloon jack offers
high speed lifting with the help of compressed air.
The internal telescopic stabilizer and safety valve
ensure maximum safety. This mobile jack can be
stored vertically while not in use.
The tilting system allows the user to
literally pull back the cart with just one
finger even when there’s 120kg of
wheels on it. An unbeatable price, solid
rubber tyres and a 3 years warranty
make this the right choice for the tyre
Min H (mm): 145
Max H (mm): 420
Capacity (T): 3
Capacity (kg): 200
NW (kg): 21
GT12-1EU Manual
balancer Truck /Car
This Gaither Heavy Duty wheel
balancer is your cost-friendly,
mobile solution to accurate,
precise balancing. No lift is
required - simply roll the balancer
into position and crank it up with
the lift handle. You’ll effortlessly lift
even the heaviest super single wheel.
The balancer comes with several
accessories including a 5pc cone
set specially designed for European
Capacity: Max wheel weight 200kg
Tyre service products
Tyre service products
Variety of tyre service tools & accessories
Flyer shows a selection of full range
Low profile, telescopic, air service
jack. Ideal for mobile service and
workshop duty. 3 Years warranty on
hydraulic and pneumatic system.
Adaptor (mm): 20, 40, 80
Capacity (T): 45/20
Min H/Max H (mm): 150-280
Max H with adaptor (mm): 400
Medium duty air service jack is ideal
for smaller workshops / transporters
doing own service. Aluminum air
motor and integrated air filter
ensures smooth pumping.
Low profile, light weight balloon jacks
with internal, telescopic stabilizers.
Maintenance-friendly and high lifting
speed guaranteed. 3 Years
Adaptor (mm): 2x50, 1x20
Capacity (T): 20
Extension screw (cm): 10
Min H/Max H (mm): 185-373
Min H/Max H (mm): 185-373
Y4220022t 100-295mm
Y4220122t 100-295mm
Y4220133t 145-420mm
Air hydraulic bottle jack. Jack can
also be operated manually.
Aluminum air motor, integrated filter
and chromed ram ensure maximum
Y452300 - Y452600
Jack stands with a pin type support
column that adjusts to multiple height
positions. Adjustment pin is attached
to the stand to prevent loss. Large
support saddle with rubber protection
avoids damage to vehicle’s lifting point.
Packed in pairs, intended to be
used as such.
Capacity (T): 20
Min H/Max H (mm): 245-470
Capacity (T): 3
Min H/Max H (mm): 370-575
Capacity (T): 6
Min H/Max H (mm): 404-604
Capacity (T): 3
Min H/Max H (mm): 135-490
Wheel breaker
Capacity (T): 12
Min H/Max H (mm): 300-460
This all-in-one system eliminates one of the most dangerous
jobs within the tyre service industry: WHEEL REMOVAL!
This ready to use kit includes a case, cylinder, pump, hose
and a variation of adaptors to be installed
depending on the space between the
wheel and the chassis of the vehicle.
Smart disc trolley (Ø670mm - 120kg
capacity) brings more mobility in the
showroom, workshop and around
the vehicle.
Smart disc trolley and Smart Cart
Y471147HD work perfectly
together. With the Smart Cart the
disc can be grabbed from the floor.
Capacity (T): 3
Min H/Max H (mm): 305/450
Capacity (T): 6
Min H/Max (mm): 395/625
This industrial quality wheel dolly increases productivity
in the shop by offering a fast & efficient way to
remove the tyre/wheel assembly. The extra long,
super single, rollers can be installed in 3 positions.
The roller bearings are of Japanese origin.
The rubber wheels have an all new and
unique steel core providing optimal life
time performance.
This long life, light weight, high
capacity cart allows the tyre fitter
to maneuver heavy wheel sets in
the most ergonomic way. The Smart
Card has a patented tilting
system and push-slide-secure
automatic locking system.
The light yellow colored foam filled
tyres are maintenance free and
leave no traces on the work
shop floor. The wheels run on
industrial bearings. Works with
common 14-20’’ wheels.
Gaither’s Bead Vice offers a simple but efficient way to break
tyre beads loose on hump (EVA) wheels when used in
combination with Super Slick’em.
Y471150 Air hydraulic foot pump
700bar/1600cc with aluminum housing.
Air input: 1/4
Hydraulic output: 3/8.
Economic inflation tool with a
20L tank.
Valve opens manually.
Safety pack included.
Patented tool designed to make it easier and safer to
install wheels back on their studs.
Industrial hand pump with
overload valve.
Hydraulic output: 3/8.
GTS-01 Manual
Tyre Spreader
Spreader creates
space for repair work
Y411350 Aluminum jack
Premium low profile, light weight jack for the mobile service
industry. Comes with rubber saddle, professional release
valve and nylon wheels.
Proven quality since 2002 !
Extension available
as option.
Capacity (T): 1,35
Min H/Max H (mm): 80-375
Weight (kg): 10
Hydraulic bead breaker
EM 10T.
Slick’em can be used for mounting and demounting tubeless
tyres. 2 gallons of concentrate packaged in 5 gallon bucket.
Simply add 3 gallons of water for the perfect mix. Rust
inhibitors protect wheels.
The famous, all-in-one tool solution for tyre mounting and
demounting without damaging the tyre bead. Cost friendly,
easy to learn and does not require a lot of physical
strength because it works on principals of leverage. Over
250,000 satisfied users worldwide including service
departments, individual owner/operators, defense
departments and general workshops.
Tyre Mop used for applying lubricant to the tyre bead and
wheel flange.
Also recommended by Michelin training centers. Suitable
for tubeless truck tyres from 17,5’’ up to 24,5’’ including
super singles and low profile tyres.
Gaither’s Super Slick’em. The original. Unmatched in terms
of effectiveness for mounting and demounting. A non-water
based lubricant that will not cause rust and will not freeze.
Inhalt 12880E
Demount / Mount
12770 ( station & tools )
Manual tyre changer for most car,
off road and light truck tyres.
Change your tyres without the need
for electricity or compressed air.
Ideal when mobility and cost matter.
This adaptor handles wheels from 5’’ up to 22’’ and is
recommended for special rim designs (hard to lock/secure
through stud hole), smaller wheels (ATV, lawn mower,
scooter) and / or motor cycle wheels.
Adaptor can be placed on 12770 station.
12770 contains a variety of
tools and accessories.
Get the mobility, speed, precision and convenience
you need - without the necessity to invest massively.
Gaither’s GT12-1EU hand spin balancer (Truck/Car)
is perfect for the shop that needs a portable, easy to
move balancer. No lift is required – simply roll the
balancer into position and crank it up with the lift
handle. You’ll effortlessly lift even the heaviest super
single wheel.
With several programs for standard- and aluminum
wheels pre-installed, a wide range of accessories
and cones, this all new GT12-1EU allows you to
quickly and easily balance almost any rim type.
Cone set:
44/74, 72/131, 122/174, 170/235, 275/284mm.
Integrated manual lift
Static and dynamic balancing.
Max Ø of wheel:1200mm
Rim sizes:
13” - 24”
Rim width:
4” - 13”
Max wheel weight):200kg
162 kg
Picture shows 12770 adaptor
Hydraulic bead breaker
AG/Truck 5T.
Gaither’s patented pneumatic bead breaker is recommended
for agricultural tyres and most of the common truck tyres as
long as one properly lubricates the bead area prior to breaking.
This light weight tool with air regulator is extremely fast and easy
to use without risking bead damage. The tool comes with a
blow case and requires a minimum of 6 Bars completed with
115 L/M.
Demount / Mount
Not recommend for wide base nor ultra low profile tyres.
Same as 12894C
but without coating.
Certain 17,5’’ wheels come
with a smaller stud hole
for which the mini bolt may
be required.
Budget version of 12880E with just 3 parts;
Mounting- demounting lever, clevis & bead keeper.
Heavy bead keeper used to assist
in the tyre-mounting process.
Rubber coated to protect from
scratching rims.
GT12-1EU Manual balancer. Cost & maintenance-friendly balancing with Gaither!
Bead breakers
Adaptor bridge for BV-04 allows the
user to break the bead past the
hump on the any side of the Wheel.
Valve pliers.
Variety of tyre service tools & accessories
Y450301 - Y451600
Traditional four legged base with foot pads for added strength
and a more secure footing on asphalt.
The positive lock handle cannot be disengaged until load
is off the saddle column. Lock handle can be used as a
carrying handle.
Capacity (kg): 220
Heavy Duty slide hammer bead breaker 13kg.
3rd hand bead keeper
spring type.
Tyre & Wheel handling
Capacity (T): 10
Tyre & Wheel handling
Tyre lever with rubber
TRG100S Station
Solid and durable regrooving
station ensures more precision
and increases productivity.
Premium jack with Turbo Lifter
system, rubber saddle, handle
bumper and professional release
valve that ensures precise lowering
with load. Both pump pistons are
fully protected to prevent from dirt
entering the hydraulic system.
3 Years warranty.
Low profile jack stand with handle and wheels for easy
positioning under the vehicle. The pin type support
column adjusts to five different height positions.
A 22cm square base secures and stabilizes load.
Ergonomic handle design reduces hand-fatigue. Multiple
position heat control modulates cutting intensity resulting
in fast and accurate regrooving of Truck or Tractor tyres.
Capacity (T): 2
Min H/Max H (mm): 85-490
Y420210 - Y420215
Ultra low profile jacks with a
minimum height of 85mm, fast
reach foot pedal, rubber saddle,
nylon wheels, hold to run control
and ergonomic handle. Compact
design ideal for working in tight
spaces and transportation in service
vehicles. 3 Years warranty.
Flyer shows a selection of full range
Universal clamp available
as option.