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Palm Beach
Palm Beach
December 4-11
Dec 8
9 10 11
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Bubble Palm Beach -
205 Worth Avenue, Palm Beach 561-315-3111
Editor and Publisher: Frederic Roy
Associate Editor: Laura Montgomery
Art Basel
The International Art Fair
Saturday, December 6, 2014 • 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm. The Plaza Down Under on the
Art Miami is the leading international contemporary and modern art fair that
takes place each December during Art Week at the Midtown Miami complex
in the renowned Wynwood Arts District. It is one of the most important annual
contemporary art events in the United States, attracting more than 72,500 motivated collectors, curators, museum professionals and art enthusiasts from around
the globe during Art Week 2013. Entering its 25th edition, Art Miami remains
committed to showcasing the most important artworks of the 20th and 21st centuries in collaboration with a selection of the world’s most respected galleries.
Polo: Argentine Open Final
from Buenos Aires. Starting at
2:30pm live Stream on ESPN.
La Dolfina vs. Ellerstina.
The Silver Fund
is hosting Angela
Tassoni to preview
her collection of
exquisite handcrafted jewelry
that artfully combines heirloom
pieces with semiprecious stones.
by Invitation
330 Worth Avenue
Trunk show: Brunello Cucinelli.
Resort, spring collection trunk
show at Saks Fifth Avenue,
172 Worth Ave., 833-2551
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December 4-11
Palm Beach
Cape Canaveral. Rocket Launch
of today’s heaviest rocket Delta
IV-Heavy | Orion EFT-1 (photo)
Next launch is Dec 16, 2:31pm,
The SpaceX Rocket Launch:
Falcon 9 | SpaceX CRS-5
Wine Tasting with The French
Wine Merchant at the Paramount Building, 6-8pm. Starting Dec 19 every other Friday
PAlm BeAch
Cover - Photography by Frederic Roy
Trunk show: Angela Tassoni, jewelry trunk show;
10 am-6pm at the Silver Fund; 330 Worth Avenue
Art After Dark at the Norton Museum of Art Every Thursday 5-9pm
Bubble Interview:
una Avalon owner, Ali DeGray,
spreads healing powers through
her jewelry creations. In addition to
running the company, DeGray both
designs and hand makes these one of a kind
pieces. I caught up with the vibrant powerhouse herself to discover her driving force.
Laura Montgomery
Ali DeGray
‘good vibe’ momentum going at every step
of the process. Generally, the pendants
are vintage or antique, strung on stainless
steel, sterling silver or gold wire and finished with handmade sterling silver and
gold-filled clasps.
Bubble: Where do you find these
unique materials?
Ali DeGray: Everywhere! Strange little
Bubble: When did you first notice an
hidden crystal shops in amazing cities
interest in jewelry making?
like Asheville and Santa Fe, Etsy sellers,
Ali DeGray: I started stringing wooden
vintage stores and the like. It takes a long
beads on fishing line when I was knee-high
time to accumulate these pieces but I love
to a grasshopper, and I sort of never lost
that they all come from my life adveninterest. In high school, I was making these
weird little wire and seashell belly rings and Bubble: What is the significance of the
elaborate chandelier earrings with all of the
extra buttons I’d find in the sewing cabinet.
Ali DeGray: Each piece is usually
I started back up again last year because I
driven by a different concept. I’m very
wanted big, colorful necklaces but couldn’t
into New Age and holistic healing, like
seem to find exactly what I was looking for.
Reiki and the like, and crystals have been
And thus, Luna Avalon was born.
used as healing agents for centuries. One
Bubble: Where do you get your inspiraof my best sellers is a Seven Chakra healtion for each design?
ing stack, each bracelet correlating with
Ali DeGray: Honestly, the inspiration
a different chakra using a different stone.
changes from week to week. Sometimes I’ll
Some pieces are driven just by finding a
have a pile of colorful sapphires sitting in
really great pendant, like a beautifully set
front of me and see an arrowhead and go,
Megalodon tooth or rich, dark, drilled
‘yes! This is it!’ A lot of times I get commisamethyst geodes.
sions, everything from ‘I want a necklace that Bubble: What are some of your favorite
will relax me’ and I’ll grab the amethyst, or
‘I want a mother’s day gift,’ and I’ll make a
Ali DeGray: I surprised my mom once
piece including each child’s birthstone. I get with a really meaningful piece, and it’s
a lot of inspiration from traveling, too. Every still one of my favorites. The pendant is
year I go to New Mexico and Arizona for a
a handmade Kachina man from the year
spiritual retreat and I come back with loads
she was born, strung on incredible and
of antique Zuni pendants and strands of tur- rare Mandarin garnet and antique Turquoise, and then no one sees me for a week
quoise beads from a mine that has since
because I’m creating 12+ hours a day.
been closed. Every stone, every piece had
Bubble: What types of materials do you
a story that was special to her and she
wears it all the time, which I love seeing.
Ali DeGray: I use a range of materials,
Bubble: What would you like readers
but I’m very careful what I purchase. 90% of to know about your jewelry?
everything used is purchased from hobbyists, Ali DeGray: Luna Avalon is my creative
small businesses, retirees, etc. I spend a lot of baby, and every piece is created with love
time trying to find the best quality, natural
and good intentions. 20% of every piece
(meaning not heat-treated or lab-created)
sold is donated to a list of animal rescues,
stones for my jewelry. I want to keep the
including Florida English Bulldog Rescue,
Saddlebred Rescue and
so many others that I
have researched and
know to be wonderful
places helping animals
that so desperately need
it. I have a blast on social
media, and you can join
in on www.facebook.
com/LunaAvalon or
Instagram at @luna_avalon_. There’s currently
pieces available from $50
to $1,300, and you can
find them for purchase,
and more information,
on www.LunaAvalon.
And my advice to aspiring designers...
Research. Research everything you
can, spend hours on the computer
and in stores, checking the prices of
both supplies and finished jewelry. Research the quality of your
materials, educate yourself until you
can’t stand to look at the computer
screen and then do it again the next
day. If there’s work out there similar
to yours, either make sure yours is
better or evolve your work. Contin-
uously try to make yourself better, and
never create something you wouldn’t be
proud to wear yourself or sell to your
best friend. And above all, make sure
that you’re living your passion, and it
will never get old.
11. Flagler Museum,
12. Ponciana Theater, 70 Royal Poinciana Plaza, Palm Beach.
13. ICFA Gallery,
Large Abstracts, Contemporary Fine Art Gallery
14. Liman Gallery,
15. Paul Fisher Gallery,
Contemporary Art
16. Palm Beach Photographic Center,
FotoFusion2015, January 20-24,
20th Anniversary
ley P
Art Houses
10. Four Arts,
Royal P
h Co
alm Wa
17. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts,
2014-2015 Season Brochure,
18. Ashley John Galleries,
18th thru 20th century Painting, objets d’art & rare one-of-a kind items
19. Convention Center,
Art Palm Beach, Jan 22-25, 2015,
American International Fine Art Fair 2015, Feb 3-8,
Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show, Feb 13-17,
20. Armory Art Center,
21. Norton Museum of Art,
9. Brintz Galleries
Modern Masters and
9 Contemporary artists
8. Wally Findlay Galleries
Impressionists, post
Impressionists and
1. Select Fine Art,
19th & 20th Century European & American Paintings
1. John Surovek Gallery,
19th & 20th Century American Art
2. Holden Luntz,
3. Tagliatella Galleries,
Modern and contemporary with special emphasis on American pop art
4. Gallery Biba,
Modern and contemporary Art
5. Mark Borghi Fine Art,
Group Shows, 50’s and 60’s Abstract Artists
6. Sloane Russeck,
Modern & Contemporary Artists
6. Edward and Deborah Pollack,
19th and mid 20th American Art specializing in Important Florida Paintings
7. Ashley John Galleries,
18th thru 20th century Painting, objets d’art & rare one-of-a kind items
Lamar Briggs
amar Briggs is an American Artist born
in Lafayette, Louisiana from a French
mother and an English father. He studied
at the University of Houston and graduated from the Colorado Institute of Art.
Lamar Briggs moved to New York with his
wife Nancy. Late 80’s, they were invited
to the 80th birthday party of the mother
of a friend in Palm Beach, Lamar Briggs
feel in love with a rental on Chilean, and
the couple started splitting their time half
and half with NYC, eventually moving
to Palm Beach some 20 years ago. Lamar
was seduced by the beach, the great
weather, finding life more pleasant. His
work is prolific in all sorts of art, sold in
Europe and in the United Sates, driven by
color and inspired by music and nature.
orn in France and living in
the Unites States for several
years, Duaiv has been a prolific
painter and concert cellist with a career
of more than 40 years. He has painted
wonderful landscapes and city scenes
of Italy and the South of France,
seascapes, street scenes of Paris and
villages, horses and sailboats.
Lately Duaiv has been applying his
arts to boats and especially cars and
motorcycles. For each project, Duaiv
creates a new painting which is then
transferred to the body of the machine.
Duaiv painted a Lamborghini for
the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show this
October and his newest project is a
BMW K1300S exhibited this week at
Art Basel.
Vincent Feola
incent Feola began painting in 2007.
Without any formal training, he has taught
himself the blending of vibrant colors and
textures. His abstract creations are primarily acrylic
on canvas. Works are in the 30” x 40” size and soon
will be much larger. His love of bright colors comes
from his admiration of Peter Max after a chance
meeting in early 2006.
“Meeting Peter Max was very inspirational early
in my career,” says Vincent, “I can only dream of
reaching anywhere near his brilliance and passion
for his art.” With the support of his beautiful wife
Maria and the support from his family and friends,
Vincent’s creations will continue.
He can be reached at [email protected]
Blue Bird, 30” x 40” Acrylic on Canvas
Maureen Fulgenzi
Above, Red Sky in the Morning, 36” x 36” Acrylic on Canvas.
Below, Green Window, 24” x 30” Acrylic on Canvas.
aureen Fulgenzi calls herself the “Sybil”
of painting. She has multiple styles and
directions, loving it all. She creates
abstracts /painterly realism portraits of people and
animals and on top of that murals & ceramics, her
latest love is portraits of dogs.
Born in Westchester New York from her earliest
memories Maureen Fulgenzi knew and concen-
trated her efforts on becoming an artist.
She studied at School of Visual Arts,
fashion illustration and advertising.
She went into a career as a freelance
illustrator, later becoming a fashion
“Color is how I find my way through
a painting, taking chances with it is
part of the evolutionary process with
each canvas and ultimately reveals the
final work.” Maureen can reached at
[email protected] com
Lola Artist Agent
ola International Artist Agent
was born in France in a family
engaged in the arts and the business of art, she studied the history of art
and graduated from the premier school
of design in Paris.
She started her career as a graphic
designer for luxury firms in Paris and
moved to the United States in 2008.
In 2010, she started her
own business, bridging
top European artists with
buyers in the United
Below and below right, Fenx.
Right, David Walker,
Bottom, far right, Denis Boudard.
Right, Lola Artist Agent,
Below, Sin Stencil Art 1 & 2.
Lola specializes in contemporary
art, and especially Street Art, she likes
its vivacity and its potential.
From her position as agent, she offers
to the public and American buyers a
chance to access recognized artists in
Europe. Artists she represents currently
have exhibits in Paris, Monaco, Geneva,
London, Berlin, New York, Miami and
Lola lives in Wellington, FL and she
exhibits her artists in Miami, specifically at Wynwood, and this week at Art
Basel. Her Facebook account is a great
journey through contemporary and
Street Art,
lola.artistagent. She can be reached at
[email protected]
Christopher Fay
ecognizing beautiful art around us
constantly is a
gift and skill that comes from
viewing the world through the
Artist’s Eye,” Christopher Fay
has developed the patience and
imagination to recognize it.
“From there,” he adds, “each
image calls for its own composition. With the onset of digital
photography and many digital
photography advancements,
new worlds have opened a new
age of creating high-quality
photographic artwork.
By using various techniques
and tools to enhance regular
photographs, spectacular results
can be achieved in the finished
Christopher Fay was raised
in Northern California by Artist
parents; always being mindful,
curious and attentive to all the
sights, wonders and possibilities around him.
Among many, great projects,
Fay had secured and managed
the digital image reconstruction
for the Ansel Adams Trust in
San Francisco. He has spearheaded an industrious project
to map out Palm Beach on the
Virtual Tour site of
And for the last 8 years,
Christopher has committed a
full-time effort on his Commercial and Fine Art Photography.
All Photos on this page were taken
with a Samsung Galaxy S4 Phone
Camera. Digital after effects
created in Adobe Photoshop and
SuperPhoto Application.
Top, West Palm Beach Sunset
at Flagler Drive Facing North.
October 1, 2014. This image
was created by doing 2 sweep
panoramics at slightly different
levels to create one dark and one
lighter version. The two were then
merged together using Photoshop.
Above, Palm Beach Hotel near
dusk, Palm Beach, Florida. Above
right, The Arch in the Clocktower
and Beach, Worth Avenue, Palm
Beach, FL. Right, An Artist, his
gallery and reflections. French
Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana.
Below, Sunday Afternoon at closing of Art Basel week. Mondrian
Hotel, Miami Florida
The Art of the Shoe
Photography by Frederic Roy
Above, Christian Louboutin, Paris, Spike Me, Version Pinky.
Below, Dior Cherie Pump, Rose, at Saks Fifth Avenue, on Worth Avenue.
Above, Alaia Paris, Bottines Plated Chamois + Peau, Noir + Or,
at Saks Fifth Avenue, on Worth Avenue.
Ferrari California, Chariots of Palm Beach,
Above, Jimmy Choo, London, Lythe honeycomb leather and suede sandals,
at Neiman Marcus, Worth Avenue. Right, Swims, Men’s lace Loafer, Navy/
White and Red/Navy, at Saks Fifth Avenue Men’s store on Worth Avenue.
In the Bubble
pening tomorrow Sat. Dec. 6 thru Jan. 11,
2015 at the Four Arts, Esther B. O’Keeffe
Gallery, “Toulouse-Lautrec and La Vie Moderne:
Paris 1880-1910.” Admission is $5; no charge for
members and children 14 and younger. Open Monday—Saturday, 10am - 5pm, Sunday, 1 - 5pm.
“Tournée du
Chat Noir”
(“Tour of the
Chat Noir”),
1896 color
Henri de
“Moulin RougeLa Goulue,”
1891, color
oming into Fashion: A Century of Photography at Condé
Nast, Nov. 20, 2014 - Feb. 15,
2015, Norton Museum of Art.
Incorporating some 150 images
created by 80 of the world’s most
renowned fashion photographers,
the exhibition showcases nearly
100 years of fashion imagery from
the venerable publishing group’s
titles, including Vogue, Glamour,
and W. The exhibition features
a selection of the work of Baron
Adolph de Meyer, widely considered the first fashion photographer.
In 1913, Condé Nast hired him in
New York as a full-time photographer for Vogue, then Vanity Fair. Illustrating how fashion photography
has evolved since de Meyer’s days,
both in terms of subject matter and
technique, the exhibition presents
LEIDY hris
IMAGES Leidy, a native Floridian and man of the sea, captures the essence of the
underwater world through photography. Leidy’s style provides audiences with a
Native Floridian and man f the sea Chris Leidy, of Leidy Images, captures the varicaptivating
a journey
essence o
f t
he u
nderwater w
orld t
hrough p
hotography. L
eidy’s s
tyle p
rovides ous cities in a unique way. Leidy’s studio is located at 219 Royal Poinciana Way in
audiences with FL.
a captivating experience f the to
ocean’s natural beauty. Explore a 2
Palm Beach,
Chris Leidy’s
studio is oopen
the public
journey through various cities in a unique way. Leidy’s studio is located at 219 Royal to 7:30pm, Saturday 3 to 6pm, Closed Sunday and by appointment on Mondays.
“Life is Better Underwater”
the work of Edward Steichen, Irving Penn, William Klein, Helmut
Newton, Peter Lindbergh, Steven
Meisel, Inez van Lamsweerde
& Vinoodh Matadin, and Miles
Aldridge, among others.
aptivated by the beauty of the horse,
Walt Peterson has immersed myself in Equestrian art after 23 years of
painting portraits for a living. He is enjoying this new period of his art career
immensely, and looks forward to building this new body of work in preparation
for a one man show planned sometime in
the early Spring of 2016 in Wellington,
Florida. Walt is currently painting daily
Monday through Sat from 12 to 6 at The
Van Dell Collection, which specializes
in Equestrian antiques and Fine Art. The
address is 13860 Wellington Trace Wellington FL. Studio 561-901-4989.
Art Basel
Most Wanted: 9 Stylish Women
to Watch at Art Basel
ring on the spray paint cans and
watercolor palette pots, because
Art Basel Miami is in full swing. And
it’s not just the artwork that’s fodder for
inspiration, as some of the art world’s
chicest dressers descend on the city. From
print-loving curator Hikari Yokoyama of
Paddle8 to the minimalist cool of gallerist
Lucy Chadwick, here’s proof that peoplewatching the right folks at the fair offers
a lesson in creative personal style.”
Vogue Daily,

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