Dr. Ilex Lam Chairman iEnterprise Foundation


Dr. Ilex Lam Chairman iEnterprise Foundation
Dr. Ilex Lam
iEnterprise Foundation
March 26, 2015
Belgium United Business Institute, DBA
Thesis: Social Enterprise (Dual Values Enterprise Model) - Mission Analysis and Practice of Value
University of Warwick, MBA
London University Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Economics
Stanford University Graduate of Mgt. Sci. and Financial Engineering Program
Harvard Business School and Tsinghua University Senior Executive Program
Over 25 years of experience in fnancial services and asset management including:
Head of Credit Suisse Asset Management (Swiss)
Asia Regional Head of Janus Capital Partners (USA)
CEO of BEA Union Investment Management (HK/Germany)
The Best Joint Venture of the Year – 2008
The Best Fund Manager of the Year – 2009, 2010, 2011
The honor of “The Most Outstanding Fellow of Enterprises Innovation in China 2010” (「2010 年度中國企
業創新優秀人物」) awarded at the “Innovation China - Annual Meeting of China Business Innovation
Forum 2010”
The “Top Ten Most Outstanding and Influential Entrepreneurs in China – Investment Management Category”
(「中國投資管理服務最具影響力十大傑出企業家」)by the Economic Research Center of the Industry
Newspaper Association in August 2011.
Founders of “iEnterprise” and “iFlorist” creating employment to unleash neglected productivity of people
with disabilities and underprivileged community in HK since 2012
Chairman of Pacific Partners Investment Management Group since 2012
Chairman of Social Enterprise Steering Committee, Hong Kong Rehabilitation Power since 2014
Vice Chairman of Greater China Alternative Managers Association (GC-AMA) since 2013
Fellow of Hong Kong Institute of Director Hong Kong ( FHKIoD) since 2005
Dr. Ilex K. K. Lam Chairman of iEnterprise Foundation
From Ethics to
Value Creation
Leaping From Business Ethics to Value Co - creation
• To Review the Important Development of Business Ethics,
Corporate Social Responsibility, Stakeholder Interest to Value Cocreation between corporate value and societal betterment
• To Highlight the Value Co-creation Achievement of the World Class
Companies throughout the Practice of the Concepts of Creating
Shared Values and Firms of Endearment
• To Share the Experience of HKBN and iEnterprise in Practicing
Value Co-creation
Leaping From Business Ethics to Value Co - creation
• Business ethics is the accepted set of moral values and corporate
standards of conduct in a business organization.
• Corporate Social Responsibility refers to the belief that companies
should consider the needs and interests of multiple stakeholder
groups, not just those with a direct financial stake in the
organization's profits and losses.
• Stakeholders are individuals and groups who affect or who are
affected by a company's actions and decisions
• Creating Shared Value (CSV) reveals that company
competitiveness and the health of the communities around it are
mutually dependent.
From Ethics to
Value Creation
The Purpose and Outcome of CSR
Source: Wikipedia
Total Business Value Co-Creation (Creating Shared Values)
= Return on Investment (ROI) + Social Return on Investment (SROI)
Peter Drucker
- Every single social and global issues of our day is a business opportunity in disguise.
The Impact of
on Investment
Corporate Social ResponsibilityFrom Ethics to
Value Creation
Estimated Coefficient with CSR Strength
(+) Value Co-Creation
(-) Agency Cost
Source: Ioannis Ioannou (LBS) and George Serafeim (HBS) 2010
HK Unemployment rate <3%
=> Full Employment
Unemployment rate in
People with Disability >
70% versus 30% in global
Neglected Social Issues:
Unemployment versus Neglected Productivity
Tripartite Social Enterprise
Tripartite Collaborative Model
i-Enterprise Call Center (1083)
Value Creation for iEnterprise
• Sustainable operation with low capital
• Impressive Surplus on Capital Employed
• High social impact- Workfare Created per
investment dollar is 10 Dollars in one year
( c.f. Government Subsidy Model/3Es
Projects – 7.2 Dollars in 9.3 Years)
• High Yearly Workfare Revenue Ratio –
• High Stakeholder Revenue Ratio – 97%
Re- red,!3!
Value Creation for HK Broadband (HKBN)
Enhanced Productivity – deployment of human resources
Improved Customer Satisfaction – Local Advantage
Motivated Employees
Better Brand Building – Gold Award of The Best Call Center
in Corporate Social Responsibility
Value Creation for HK Rehabilitation Power (HKRP)
• Improved Employability - Number and Durability by
over 50%
• Uplifted Productivity - Resource Allocation and
Performance Appraisal
• Enhanced Entrepreneurial Culture - Inflow of Social
Capital – Credibility for Knowledge Volunteers and
Value Creation for the Employees of iEnterprise Call Center
Self Image
Well Being
Extend Social Network
Reveal Individual Talent
Financial Capability
20% above Min. Hourly Wage
Ave. HK$30 to HK$40
• “Tripartite Collaborative Model
- Value Creation Experience of
iEnterprise with Corporate and
NGO” was selected to present in
VI International Scientific
Conference - “Efficiency as a
Source of Wealth of Nations”
in Europe on March 9-10, 2015
• The paper will be published via
Springer Proceedings in
Business and Economics in May
iEnterprise &Tripartite
Collaborative Model
Video – iCable TV 小事大意義
= 2000 Chocolate bars
= US$24,000
= 20 gold coins
Untapped Power of Smile
• When you smile, you look good and feel
• When others see you smile, they smile too.
• When others smile, they look good and feel
good, too.
From Ethics to
Value Creation
Mother Teresa said: “I will never understand all
the good that a simple smile can accomplish.”
“ In this life we cannot always do great things, but
we can do small things with great love.” Mother
From Ethics to
Value Creation