Ferrari Carb Mod



Ferrari Carb Mod
Cars: Ferrari 365 GT4 / BB
Ref: Weber 40 IF 3C / 1-2-3-4 Carburetor Modification
On each carburetor cover, it is necessary to drill #4 breather
hole as shown in the drawing.
After the modification, we ask you to mark each carburetor
with a green painted spot.
Other methods of controlling float
bowl percolation and fires:
1. Only use race fuel at the track.
2. Insulate fuel lines anywhere they
are near heat.
3. Use a recirculating fuel system.
4. Use a front oil cooler on 2.7L and
larger engines
5. Make sure floats don’t rub on float
bowl walls
46 IDA 3C Weber Tops
Modifying: 40 IDA 3C Weber Tops
To help prevent float bowl percolation and fires
1. Remove carburetor top
2. Place drill fixture in float bowl ceiling (as shown)
3. Hold fixture in place and drill four breather holes.
NOTE: Holes only go through one will thickness*
Drill fixture available from Baum Tools.
This modification is only done in conjunction with the use of PMO’s
insulator plate under the manifolds.
* Set drill depth before drilling. Depth stop will be drill chuck rubbing
on fixture. If drill stops cutting, remove drill and clean off chips.
Hold fixture
down with