here - Glenview Women`s Club


here - Glenview Women`s Club
We meet monthly at various Glenview locations
and participate in varying community service
opportunities and fundraising activities throughout
the year.
Our group is a chapter of two larger organizations,
the Illinois Women of Today and the US Women
of Today.
Serving our community through philanthropy and friendship
What is the Glenview Women’s Club?
GWC welcomes members from all communities.
We are a diverse group of women of all ages:
from singles, to moms, to working professionals.
What brings us together is our commitment to
serving Glenview and the surrounding area in
an ongoing capacity.
Glenview Women’s Club
The Glenview Women’s Club is celebrating
over thirty years as a community service
organization (formerly known as The Glenview
Women of Today), a 501(c)(3) non-profit,
whose members raise money and donate time
to support many local charities.
PO Box 736 / Glenview IL 60025
service, philanthropy and friendship
When Is The Next Meeting?
in the community that are focused on
Meetings are held the 2nd Wednesday of every Month.
Meet & Greet starts at 6:30 and meeting at 7pm.
Locations vary, please check glenviewwomensclub.
com for meeting and special event details. Everyone is
welcome, whether you have lived here for 20 years
or just arrived in town. Come and find out what we
are all about!
opportunity to meet likeminded women
[email protected]
Glenview Women’s Club
PO Box 736 / Glenview IL 60025
Club is to provide our members the
How Can I Learn More?
The mission of the Glenview Women’s
What Kind of Time Commitment
Does GWC Require Of Its Members?
Our members participate at all varying levels.
Whether you can come to one meeting or ten,
we welcome and respect what each member
can contribute. We host working meetings,
social meetings, social events and most importantly
fundraisers! It is a great opportunity for Glenview
women to connect and share in any or all of the
above programming.
We support different local organizations at varying levels each
year. We work together as a club at our annual disbursement
meeting to determine which organizations we will fund each
year. A request for funding is available on our website and is
available to any organization in need.We collect and consider
A n n u a l Sil e n t A u cti o n
all requests equally.
Am e r ic a n C a n c e r S o ci e t y
R e l ay f o r L i f e
Gl e n v i e w St r e e t S a l e
A n n u a l H o li d ay Gi f t A u cti o n
C o ll e g e Sc h o l a r s h i p s
Y o u t h S e r v ic e s H o li d ay
In the last years, we’ve
d o n at e d m o n e y t o m a n y
c a u s e s i n cl u d i n g :
- Art Therapy Connection
- Center for Enriched Living
- Debra Gelfand Memorial Fund
Gi f t P r o g r a m
- Feed the Dream
N o r t h f i e l d F o o d Pa n t r y
- Glenbrook South High School Scholarship Fund
H o li d ay C o ll e cti o n
- Glenview Area Historical Society
Gl e n v i e w F a r m e r s M a r k e t
C o mm u n it y C a n n i n g
L L S – L i g h t T h e Ni g h t Wa l k
- Glenview Education Foundation
- Glenview Park District Scholarship Fund
- Glenview Public Library
- Glenview Theater Guild
- Grove Historical Association
- Heartland Animal Shelter
- Helping Hands of Glenview
- Lungevity
- On Step at a Time Camp
- Northern Suburban Special Recreation Foundation
- Northfield Township Food Pantry
- Oakton Community College Scholarship Fund
- Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society
- SuperSibs
- Wagner Farm
- Wesley Child Care Center
- Youth Services of Glenview and Northbrook

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