Waskwei Lake Outpost - Kississing Lake Lodge



Waskwei Lake Outpost - Kississing Lake Lodge
Waskwei Lake Outpost
recommended spots for …
Northern Pike fishing
Walleye fishing
Lake Trout fishing in spring and fall
Lake Trout fishing in summer
This bay features the
best Pike fishing on
Atitti Lake
– walk-in
Check out
the water
fall flowing
out of
Wild Lake – walk-in
1 ½ miles
Wild Lake offers both
Walleye and Northern Pike
underwater reefs
Waskwei Lake Outpost
Information about Waskwei
Wild Lake
Attitti Lake
Northern Pike, Walleye
Northern Pike, Walleye
Northern Pike, Lake Trout
Max Lake Depth
90 ft
30 ft
180 ft
Avg. Lake Depth
40 ft
15 ft
90 ft
Water Clarity
Best Season
Waskwei Lake
Walleye May 22 – September 1
Northern Pike May 22 – Sep 15
May 22 – Sep 15
May 22 – Sep 15
Lake Trout
May 22 – September 30
Prominent Bait Fish Shiners, Ciscoes and Suckers
Recommended Lures…
May 22 – September 1
Walleye Doctor spoons
Ciscoes and Shiners
| Red Eye Wiggler spoons
Mepps Syclops | Len Thompson spoons (¾ oz.)
Northern Pike ⅜ oz. jigs, tipped with frozen minnows
Ciscoes and Shiners
Mepps Spinners #5
| Dardevle spoons (¾ oz.)
| Sinking and floating crank baits | Lindy rigs | Bottom bouncers
Lake Trout in July, August and early September: 2 oz. jigs tipped with cut bait
late May till June 15 / after Sept. 15: same lures as for Northern Pike
Catch & Release
Northern Pike
Lake Trout
To be released if over
Trophy size
Take-home limits
30 inches
20 inches
26 inches
41 inches
28 inches
35 inches
4 Pike
4 Walleye
1 Trout
We strongly encourage guests to enjoy the fish while you’re at the lake and remind you that they usually don’t taste the same at home.
If you would still like to take fish home, please refer to the limits above.