Assembly Line - Model "A" Ford Foundation


Assembly Line - Model "A" Ford Foundation
"Model A Assembly Line Display"
1930 Ford Model A Assembly
Engine: 4 Cylinders, 201 CID, 40 HP
Tire size: 4.75-19
Hubly Manufacturing Company
This display was designed to be combined versions of the Ford Motor Company assemble lines that ran in
the year 1930. The colors of the cars are the original colors used that year. The cars are from Hubly that
made metal car assembly kits which are no longer available. The upper display in the assembly line and the
lower display is a Ford dealer show room. The display contains numbered tiers for defining areas listed in
the information mounted on the top of the display.
Donated to the Museum by: The Missouri Valley Region Model A Restorers Club
The Missouri Valley Region MARC took on a project to build this display for the Model A Museum in
memory of one of its founders, Terry Obner. The project involved 26 members that donated the Hubly car
kits and over 2,000 hours of their time to complete the project. As the project progressed, special talents of
the members came forward for explicit detailing. The efforts of the members who volunteered their time to
build this project resulted in a professional detailed display.
"Model A Assembly Line Display"