Application Integration Saves Time and Money


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Application Integration Saves Time and Money
Recruiters said that without application integration they
would need to manually input a lot more data themselves
or hire an additional employee to focus on data entry.
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with your staffing software. | #StaffingSoftware
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Manual Reporting Wastes Time
Many recruiting professionals admitted to using
multiple systems and Excel.
Even if they do not currently have this feature in
their staffing software, many admitted to wanting an
integrated easy-to-use reporting module.
Learn more on how staffing software with advanced
reporting can help agency managers excel on the
Bond blog. | #StaffingSoftware
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Mobile Access Keeps the Office Moving on
the Road
A manager from a firm with 11-25 people
commented, “It is restrictive when onsite at a client
or out at a meeting to not have all the information
readily available.”
Another recruiter said, “Mobile software allows data
to be transferred instantly from any location to
the live system. This allows the staff in the office to
have the most up to date information to work with.
Without this, it would cause delays on data being
added to the system.”
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changing the staffing and recruiting industry. | #StaffingSoftware
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Business Forecasting Reporting Allows You
to See Into the Future
If forced to live without forecasting reports being
incorporated into their staffing software, most
respondents said they would manually create the
report in a spreadsheet(s).
Learn the three signs that you need staffing software
with business forecasting. | #StaffingSoftware
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Most Recruiting Industry Leaders Agree
Integrated Staffing Software Features Save
Time and Money.
Even when a recruiting firm is not using particular
features, they see the benefits of integrated software.
Survey participants said that without integrated
functionality, they often had to use multiple programs
to do a single task, like forecasting, which could be
automated using staffing software.
Email integration is the most important staffing software
tool according to participants.
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