View complete case study - Electro


View complete case study - Electro
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LED Lighting
Auto Dealership increases lighting levels by 300% while
reducing energy consumption by 47% with new LED lighting
Electro-Matic Products LED Parking Lot Lighting AP Series highlight the dealerships inventory with brighter light
Shuman Motors offers New and Used Chrysler Dodge, Jeep Ram vehicles, serving Walled Lake, Michigan since 1955.
The Situation
When Bob Shuman and EMP originally discussed the lighting for this dealership, the discussion centered around
adding light poles and additional lights in an effort to increase light levels and attract customers. The logistics and
time frame of this option proved to be more than desired.
"Adding lights and poles is what we thought we had to do until meeting with Electro-Matic LED lighting," said owner
Bob Shuman.
Technical Situation/Analysis
Before Retrofit
Initial Original lighting: 23-400w mh fixtures with operating wattage of 460 w and 16-250w Mh flood lights with
operating wattage of 295w. Total operating wattage of parking lot lights: 15,300w. Annual KwH usage 66,813 KwH.
• Kilowatt Hours: 66,813
• Watts: 15,300
Objective for Situation
Staying within budget, increase light levels, and reducing operating cost while drawing attention to the car lot.
EMP took foot candle readings of existing system, interviewed sales staff, and listened to customer feedback in
regards to lighting in the used car lot. A complete photometric layout was performed with all objectives in mind while
considering challenges with logistics.
Benefits of Solution
Electro-Matic was able to use the existing poles and electrical circuits without creating additional work or added
business interruptions. This option saved time and money, at least $60,000 was avoided with the EMP LED parking lot
lighting solution while still increasing light levels by almost 300% and reducing energy consumption by 47%. Total
operating watttage aſter replacement: 7,230 watts. New annual KwH usage: 35,145 KwH.
List of Electro-Matic Products and Services Used
Aſter Retrofit
• Kilowatt Hours: 35,145
• Watts: 7,230
• 23 – 210w AP Series LED Light Fixtures
• 16 – 150w AP Series LED Light Fixtures
"The end result is better than expected, customer feedback is fantastic, our sales
team is excited.... it is literally like night and day."
~ Bob Shuman
Shuman Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram
1111 South Commerce PO Box 125
Walled Lake, MI 48390
(888) 435-2084
PH: 866-998-0990
Electro-Matic LED Lighting 23409 Industrial Park Court • Farmington Hills, MI 48335

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