2014-1 TRC Newsletter - the Oregon Dressage Society



2014-1 TRC Newsletter - the Oregon Dressage Society
January, 2014
Twin Rivers Chapter of the Oregon Dressage Society
Collective Remarks
A Message from the President
Audrey Staton
[email protected]
Tami Davis
[email protected]
Robin Chinburg
[email protected]
Kate Dean
(541) 912-6152
[email protected]
Sally Temple
[email protected]
Your New TRC Board Members: (L to R):
Audrey, Robin, Tami, & Kate
With the holidays behind us the Twin Rivers
Board is organizing for the year ahead.
A little bit about each of us
Audrey Staton – President - I’ve been a member
of ODS since I moved here in 2005. I have a
Dutch horse, Finn, and live with two cats, Lewis
& Clark. I grew up with horses, was involved
with 4H and Pony Club, but primarily competed
in Jr. Equitation. As an adult I participated in
eventing and now dressage. I am a veterinarian
but only do chiropractic and acupuncture now.
I’ve been involved with TRC in various roles and
am currently the ODS Regional Representative
as well.
Tami Davis – Vice President - I have lived here in
the Eugene area since August 2010, and have
been a member of ODS since 2011. I am happily married and have two great kids, Alex, 15
and Julia , 13. My husband, Kris, is a retired
Naval Officer and now is working as an RN at
Mackenzie-Willamette hospital. I have two
horses that I train and compete with. Emrys is
an 8 year old Kiger Mustang, we will be showing
Second Level this year and are schooling
Third. Ciba is a 7 year old Oldenburg cross and
she is schooling Second level and will show First
level this year. I am very lucky to have two solid
dressage partners and they both teach me a
lot. In addition to the horses, we have five cats
and a miniature Donkey, named Sassy. I have a
part-time business providing natural hoof care.
When I’m not riding or working or taking care of
my family, I enjoy designing jewelry.
Kate Dean – Treasurer - I began riding dressage
in Eugene as a teenager with the horse I still
own, but moved up and down the West coast for
several years before finally landing back in
Eugene about 10 years ago when I began working in real estate with my husband. I'm excited
to get involved with ODS and looking forward to
meeting others who share the passion for dressage.
Robin Chinburg – Secretary – Robin is a 5th
generation Oregonian (!) and is celebrating her
42nd anniversary in July. She had three children
– Megan, Woody and Ben - and taught school at
Crow Applegate Lorane School District before
retirement in 2011. She started riding at 18
and has had various horses over the course of
her life. Locally, many people remember her for
being a pony club leader and instructor. She
has shown her horse, Cowboy,
successfully here in Oregon.
We’re excited to make 2014 just as productive a
year as 2013. But we need to learn what events
would help you and your horse, what educational
programs would answer questions you may have,
and what activities would get you excited and
involved with TRC. We want to hear from you. Let
us know what you want to have the TRC do in
2014. To this end, we’ll be sending out a short
survey to learn what days and venues work best
for you. We’ll be following up to learn what activities you want to see for 2014 – but better still,
share your thoughts with us at the holiday party,
and sign up for a committee that you would be fun
for you.
Tami and I will attend the ODS retreat Feb 1,2
where the focus will be budgeting and financial
reporting. In turn, we’ll incorporate our learning
with the TRC planning. In addition to the financial
planning, our focus this year will be to learn how
to better serve each of you and bring you together.
After all, we share a love of horses and appreciation of the art of dressage. What greater common
interest could we possibly share? A bit less exciting will be an emphasis on developing notebook
for each function in the club. These notebooks
will be designed to facilitate new leaders and
enhance activities each year.
We hope you’ll join us at the Holiday Party scheduled for Friday Jan 10 and don’t forget the tack
sale coming up soon on March 16.
2014 TRC Calendar of Events
Holiday Party Friday Jan 10 6 PM at Laura
Club officers and event leaders will be meeting
to get the year off to a good start.
Our first chapter meeting will take place in February. Stay tuned for date and time!
Annual Tack Sale Sunday March 16
Holiday Party – December TBA
League Show Sat & Sun July 12, 13
Adult Summer Camp – August TBA
Annual Picnic – end of summer TBA
Mid-Summer Night’s Dream Dressage Shows
Our summer shows at Diane & Jim Hallstrom’s
facility are scheduled for July 12 and 13.
Please mark it on your calendar as we need
many people to help make these shows successful.
The Pony Club will again help us with
the shows and the tack sale. Many thanks to
all of them for assisting us!
Annual Tack Sale
Our annual tack sale is beginning
again. We need tack to sell of
course and also need your help in
collecting, tagging, and setting up
the sale. The set up will be March
15th with time to be announced in
the next newsletter. It would be
most appreciated if you would copy
the flyer on the next page and post
it in as
many places
as possible.
14th Annual Tack Sale
brought to you by
Twin Rivers Chapter
of the Oregon Dressage Society
Jumps and Jodhpurs Chapter
of United States Pony Club
Sunday, March 16th, 2014
Eskay Equestrians, Inc.
86034 Playway Road
Eugene, OR 97402
Have some tack to sell? Please call:
(541)935.7567 or [email protected]
(541)915.1310 or [email protected]
Please leave a message, we’ll return your calls with necessary tack sale info.
We’d like to have as many items as possible to sell, so check those tackrooms, barns, and garages for tack and clothing you no longer use. Someone out there in the Equine World may need what you do not!
Consignment fees: 20% on items under $500. 10% on items $500 or more
BOYS & GIRLS Club Christmas Donations
TRC did a wonderful job of supporting the Boys and
Girls Club of Eugene by donating gifts at Christmas.
Many thanks to Linda Eaton for organizing this and delivering the gifts. Thank you also to Laura Clendenen
who collected gifts at the Target parking lot. Despite
the snow and terrible weather, we managed to collect
many gifts.
TRC can help you with $financial$ assistance to go to clinics...
TRC reimburses auditors $25.00 for attending a clinic.
Please take advantage of this and use this donation. We
allocate $250.00 per year for clinic auditors and would
appreciate your sharing any information you gained from
attending. Contact a board member for more information.
What our members are up to…..?
Robin Chinburg and Sally Temple sing in the Women's
Choral Society group. We thought you might want to
attend the concert on January 21st.
WE NEED YOU……………….
Please feel free to write article(s) for
our newsletter. You may email Sally
[email protected] with anything you'd like
to include in the newsletter. She is attempting to have a newsletter sent out by
the 10th of every month.

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