Sonshine Line - October 11, 2012


Sonshine Line - October 11, 2012
Immanuel Lutheran School
. . . but I press on to take hold of (grasp) that for which
Christ Jesus took hold of me.
Phil. 3:12
October 11, 2012
A Word from our Principal
I suspect that many of us have been following the news stories from Westminster over the past week or
so with heavy hearts. While we all know that we live in an imperfect world, a world where bad things
happen, there are situations when the level of evil we see around us seems almost incomprehensible.
How can these things happen? How do we reconcile the evil we sometimes see around us with the fact
of a loving God?
I don’t have all the answers! I am not God and He is! What I do know is that God IS a loving God. He
does NOT desire the evil we see around us. That is the result of the fact that we are sinful and broken
people living in a sinful and broken world. We are not the people God created us to be. The world is
not the place that God intended for it to be. As a result, there is all kinds of pain and evil and
wickedness around us. That will be the case until God calls us home to Himself one day. In the
meantime, God is still in control. I do not know why He allows the things to happen that He does. I do
trust that He is God and I trust His promise that He is a God of love.
Perhaps there is a parallel – an imperfect parallel, to be sure – in how parents and teachers deal with
children. As parents, you want only what is best for your child. There are times, however, when you will
allow your children to make choices that you know are not the best choices because you know that it
will ultimately be in their best interest. As a teacher, I would love nothing better than to have all my
students receive A’s on their report cards. Could I make that happen? Absolutely! Is that in their best
interest? Not in the long run. If a student chooses not to do the work, I will allow them to accept the
consequences, as painful as they may be. That is what will serve that student the best in the long run.
I believe that the events of the past week grieve the heart of our loving God. This is not what He wants
to see happen. He will allow these events to occur, however, because, in His infinite wisdom, He knows
what is best. I do not understand, but I trust. I trust His promise that there is nothing in all creation that
can separate us from His love. I trust His promise that in ALL things, He works for the good of us who
love Him. I trust in the fact that He is God!
Serving Him and you,
Mr. Busacker, Principal
[email protected]
Thursday, October 11th
Fabulous 5’s Field Trip
Friday, October 12th
Fantastic 4’s Field Trip
Papa Murphy’s Pizza Night ~ all day at both Loveland locations
Monday, October 15th
On-line Hot Lunch ordering for November begins
Tuesday, October 16th
Preschool parent/teacher conferences
Wednesday, October 17th
Chapel at 8:20 a.m. ~ families are invited to attend
Missionary from Thailand to speak at Chapel
Early Release at 2:15 p.m.
“Chat with the Doctor” - Immunizations at 1:15 pm ~ room 36
Thursday, October 18th
Preschool parent/teacher conferences – No preschool classes
2nd Grade Field Trip
Chick-fil-A Night 5:00 to 8:00 in Loveland
Friday, October 19th
Preschool parent/teacher conferences – No preschool classes
Tuesday, October 23rd
On-line Hot Lunch ordering for November ends
Magazine sales – BMX bike show
Wednesday, October 24th
Chapel at 8:20 a.m. ~ families are invited to attend
Early Release at 2:15 p.m.
Hot Lunch money due by 8:00 a.m.
Thursday, October 25th
Bible Bowl at 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. in the sanctuary
Friday, October 26th
Papa Murphy’s Pizza Night ~ all day at both Loveland locations
Chapel Offering
This month’s chapel offering will help Food For The Poor. Food For The Poor is the largest
international relief and development organization in the United States, according to the
Chronicle of Philanthropy. Founded in 1982, this interdenominational Christian ministry serves
the poorest of the poor in 17 countries throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. They
provide housing, healthcare, education, fresh water, emergency relief and micro-enterprise
assistance in addition to feeding hundreds of thousands of people each day.
News from the School Office
Cough Drops: With the start of cold and flu session now is a good time to make you aware of
our new school policy. Over the counter medications (Tylenol, Motrin, cough drops) can be now
given without doctor’s orders. Permission for medication form needs to be filled out by the
parent or guardian and turned into the office with the medication. Students may not have the
medications in their possession or self administer. They must come to the school office for the
medication. Any questions please see the school nurse or the office.
BRRrrrrr!!! In the event of a weather closure, ILS uses 3 ways to contact our families. To find
out if the school and daycare are closed for the day, you may look on, or listen to
850KOA. Our additional avenue of contact is LETA (Larimer Emergency Telephone
Authority). Unless you contacted the school office opting out of this program, LETA will be
calling you with a message of the school closure.
The ILS school office will be running a TEST CALL to all families from our LETA
database on Thursday, October 18th at 1:00pm. THIS IS ONLY A TEST. We ask that you
listen to this message in its entirety, as it will give you directions to “confirm” that you have
received the message. (If you do not confirm the message, the system will continue to
contact you.)
The ILS school office will be sending another reminder via email next week.
Holiday Child Care – Thanksgiving Break
The ILS Child Care WILL be open on Monday, 11/19 & Tuesday, 11/20, of Thanksgiving
Break. If you are planning on using the child care for these days, you must complete a
“Special Contract” for these days, and turn it into the child care by November 3rd. You
will find this contract at the bottom of the Sonshine Line and at the Child Care front desk.
The next PTF meeting is Monday, October 15th at 6:30pm. Please come and see how you can
get involved in our wonderful school! Child care is provided.
Picture Retake Day
Picture Retake/Makeup Day is Tuesday, October 30th, from 8:15am – 9:00am. Please stop by
the school office for your order form if needed.
News from the Health Office
Do you have questions about immunizations for your child? Would you enjoy having an hour to
talk with a pediatrician to ask questions and get answers in a casual setting? Then mark your
calendars for October 17th at 1:15 pm! Dr. Rachel Konda-Sundheim has agreed to come and
answer your questions! Child care is available thru the daycare for $6 an hour. Must notify
daycare by October 10th.
So come join us for a “Chat with the Doctor” Wednesday, October 17th at 1:15 pm
There will be a Blood Drive at Immanuel Lutheran Church on Saturday October 20th , from
Please sign up to donate by calling 303-363-2300, or online at , click on
“Donate Blood” on the left upper side, and then click on blood drives midway down the page or
“Find a Location” on the left hand side of the page. Once there, just enter 5088 in the site code
and follow the directions after that.
Bonfils is reporting a very low turnout for October donations and we would love to have a great
Children to Hear Missionary from Thailand
You are welcome to attend the chapel service on Wednesday morning, October 17, when
missionary Dennis Denow and his wife will tell about their mission work based in Thailand.
They will help our students expand their global view of how God’s love is being spread
throughout the world. If you want to hear more detail, you are welcome to come to their
complete presentation, which will be given three different times: October 16 both at 1:30pm and
7:00pm, and also at 10am on October 17.
Middle School Bible Bowl
Sixth, seventh, and eighth graders will have the opportunity to participate in the sixth annual
Bible Bowl at ILS. This will be an oral contest about places, people, and events in the Old and
New Testament. The Bible Bowl will be held on Thursday, Oct. 25 from 7:00-8:30 in Rm 204.
Students interested in participating need to get a parent signature on their sign-up slip and return
it to Mr. Howard by no later than Tuesday, Oct. 23rd. Participants can prepare by reviewing
major Old and New Testament passages and by referring to Bible Trivia activities online. The
purpose of the Bible Bowl is to encourage Immanuel students to be excellent students and
followers of God’s Word.
Track Coaches Needed
Immanuel Lutheran is looking for three track coaches to coach long jump, triple jump, and high
jump. Coaches will be expected to work hard and help when Immanuel hosts track meets. If
interested please email resume to [email protected] Resumes will be reviewed, and
interviews will be conducted. Immanuel’s track program began in 2001. During that time, the
program has been very successful in winning 10 straight Lutheran League Championships.
It’s not too late to become an Immanuel Cheerleader. We are gearing up for basketball season
and would love to have you join us. Cheerleading is open to all 5th-8th graders who are willing
to work hard and represent Immanuel in a positive way. Questions? Please call Holly Walker
at 412-9151.
Dinner Made Easy
Papa Murphy’s
Papa Murphy’s Pizza Night this Friday, October 12th . A percentage of all ILS sales go directly back to
the school. Don’t forget to mention Immanuel when you make your purchase. Valid at both Papa
Murphy’s locations (Eisenhower and Eagle Drive.)
Chick fil-A
Chick-fil-A night - Spirit night at Chick-fil-A in Loveland is Thursday, October 18th , from 5-8pm. Eat
out, have fun, visit with friends, and support our school. Immanuel gets a percentage of all sales for the
Invite your friends and family. This will be our only Spirit Night at Chick-fil-A this school year. Hope to
see you there!
Scrip News
Earn tuition credit each time you stock your pantry!
You spend a big portion of your monthly budget on groceries for your family. But did you know
there’s a way to make all that money work for you? By using scrip to pay for your regular
grocery purchases, you can earn tuition credits and funds for our school every time you shop!
Having trouble remembering to purchase Scrip before you shop? King Soopers cards are
reloadable at the store! Your King Soopers scrip can be used at the pharmacy and fuel center
too. These reloadable cards are perfect to send to your out-of-town friends and family for use at
Kroger® brand stores nationwide. Every time they reload their card, you earn tuition credits!
Stop by the Scrip window to learn how to get started earning tuition credit every time you shop
for groceries. Scrip is available on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday; Scrip is closed on
StoryTime and Pre-StoryTime
Immanuel now has a story time for toddlers and preschool children
every Monday (except holidays) from 9:30 until 10:00 in the
church library (room 54 on the 2nd floor – across from 211). There
will be signs showing you where to go. If you are interested there
is also going to be a “pre-storytime” in the atrium of the church
starting around 8:20 until StoryTime. There will be coffee, tea and
toys during pre-storytime. It is basically time to just chat with
other moms. Mark Mondays on your calendar and invite the whole
neighborhood. For more details see
Parent Picks
Quotes that Cause Me to Dig Deeper Dr. Craig S. Oldenburg, Director of Children’s Ministries
I am a dad. Not a perfect one. A learning one. One who gets it right once in a while. Come along with me and
explore some gems I have dug up from the latest parenting book I have recently read. Each quote should be read
within the context of the book, therefore, I am supplying book & page information. Recently I read Romancing
Your Child’s Heart by Monte Swan. Now for another quote:
“…children learn almost nothing from abstractions and almost everything from stories… …*fairytale
and fantasy] story connects us with the most real things of all – a realm beyond our senses – the
supernatural realm of God. Scientific realism (data and logic) is not enough… …The word ‘fantasy’
comes from the Greek ‘a making visible.’ Fantasies make the invisible, visible. Fairytales open the
door to the supernatural, tapping a universal longing in the heart of every child and adult to connect
with eternity” (p. 63 Romancing Your Child’s Heart).
These few sentences challenged me as a dad. I tend to think of kids in terms of experience and
what they learn through their senses. Fantasy is possibly that “other” sense. Like most of you, I
have seen my daughter’s intrigue with the fairytale. Allowing the fairytale to be a door into
conversation around eternity…and the eternal realm of Jesus and how he lives through
us…hmmmm. I am still challenged but very intrigued. What about you?
News from Immanuel Lutheran Church
Join the Youth in the Thanksgiving Basket Servant Project this year!
-Nominate families-please use form provided
-Donate non-perishable food items-a list of requested items is available
-Donate iFund cards or cash
-Assemble baskets on Wednesday, November 7th
-Deliver baskets on Wednesday, November 14th –as a family or individual
Donations will be accepted Sunday, October 21-Wednesday, November 7. Please look for
the Thanksgiving Donation Table in the atrium.
Contact Megan, [email protected] or Mary,
[email protected]
Family Camping 2013
Next year’s Immanuel Church and School Family Camping event will be held August 2 and 3,
2013, at Winding River Resort, which is near Grand Lake. We hope you can join us as we bring
together church and school families. Take a look at their website at, then phone Jim or Sue Found at 663-5490 to find out how to get
into our reserved section.
LOST AND FOUND - Missing Something?
Six weeks in, and our Lost and Found box is almost full. If you or your child is missing anything, please
have him/her stop by the office. We have everything from water bottles to glasses, sweatshirts and lunch
Check Us Out!
Facebook and Twitter
Did you know Immanuel Lutheran School is on Facebook and Twitter? Our Facebook page has
been around for awhile, be sure you have "Liked" it to keep up with weekly updates from the
Our very own Mr. Busacker has started tweeting about life as Immanuel's principal. You can find
his insightful tweets on the school home page, or follow him on Twitter!
Referral Incentives
WE LOVE REFERRALS!! For everyone who refers a family you will receive a $10 Starbucks
gift card. So spread the news, Immanuel is an awesome place!
Immanuel Lutheran Church and School, A Family Place, would like to celebrate the special events in the lives of our families.
If you have something you would like to share, please email Emily or Holly at [email protected]
Special Contract Days Thanksgiving Week 2012
Are being offered for November 19 and 20, 2012
These are days that school is NOT in session, but if we have enough interested parents
we will have child care open.
If you plan on using child care during these days there will be a flat fee of $45.00
per day. You can use the child care as needed from 7AM to 6PM. (There will be
no hourly fee or half day fee offered)
Please be aware that once you sign this contract you will be billed for the
contracted days and there will be no cancellation refunds.
Families must fill out this special contract for Thanksgiving Break prior to
November 1, 2012 and administration will determine if child care will be open.
Parents and Caregivers will be given notice by November 3, 2012 if there are not
enough participants to have the child care center open. Parents must fill out a
schedule of exact hours for these days on or before November 12, 2012 at 6pm. Hours
requested by participants after this date will be billed at the drop in rate of $6.00/hour.
I_________________________________, need child care for the following children
during these day/days
Monday, November 19, 2012
Tuesday, November 20, 2012
I agree that I will pay the fees listed above and understand there will be NO
REFUNDS for the days I have contracted care regardless of the hours my
child/children actually attend the center. I also understand there may be
additional activities fees for special activities that are during these days.
Person responsible for the bill:
Signed____________________________ Date__________________
“Simply RETRO"
Let's go simply RETRO and play the games our
parents and grandparents played eons ago.
This Oct 31 FAMILY Alternative includes hands
games in which the prize is ... CANDY!!
Each ""Simply
Simply RETRO
RETRO"" game will cost 5¢
Dart Throw
Fish for prizes
Toss the Ball in a Bottle
Cake Walk
Photo Booth
Hamburger Shack -
Hamburgers, Fries &
Rootbeer Floats
Admission is FREE! All children
Contact Cheryl Wolfe:
[email protected]/970.461.5981
Immanuel Lutheran Church
Hwy 287 & 50th St, Loveland
“Your School Portrait Professionals”
-SINCE 1968-
Phone (970) 484-3403
Fax (970) 416-5814
818 E. Elizabeth, Ft. Collins, CO 80524
Toll Free 1-888-550-1516
School portrait make-up day will be: TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012
TIME - 8:15 to 9:00 am
1. If you were absent or are new to the school you may purchase a new
package or have one taken for the records, yearbook and ID.
2. If you had a picture taken but didn’t purchase a package you may have a
new picture taken and purchase a package.
3. If you purchased a package and want a retake you must return the
original package in full with reason for retake clearly stated on package.
Please refer to guidelines on back of package as what justifies a retake.
Additional package offerings with order forms are
available in the office if you need one.
Annual Christmas
Bazaar and
Craft Show
Saturday, November 17
9 am to 3 pm
Treat Yourself
to the
BEST Bazaar Around!
Over 80 Vendors!
∗ Breakfast & Coffee
∗ Pictures with Santa!
∗ Live Entertainment
∗ Homemade Lunch
∗ Christmas Cookies
∗ Handmade Quilts
∗ Children’s Christmas Shoppe
And much, much more!
Admission is FREE!
We welcome your
non--perishable food donation
Immanuel Lutheran Church ~ Hwy 287 & 50th St, Loveland
667--4506 ~ www