November 16, 2014 - Our Lady of Ostrabrama


November 16, 2014 - Our Lady of Ostrabrama
Parish Bulletin
Rev. Stanislaw Wadowski, Pastor
Rev. Piotr Narkiewicz, Associate
3000 Depot Lane, Cutchogue, NY 11935
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 997, Cutchogue, NY 11935
Phone: 631-734-6446 • Fax: 631-734-4117
email: [email protected]
8:30 am Monday through Saturday
Sat. Evenings:
5:30 pm
8:00am, 9:30am (Polish), 11:00 am
Holy Days Vigil Mass: 7:00 pm
8:30 am; 7:00 pm (Polish)
Saturday - 4:00-5:00 pm
The Sacrament may also be celebrated at other times by
appointment with a priest.
SACRAMENT OF BAPTISM: Baptism is celebrated each
Sunday at 12:00 noon. Registration and Parental instruction
are required before Baptism. Please call the Rectory for an
appointment several weeks before the desired date.
SACRAMENT OF MARRIAGE: Marriages are to be arranged
at least six months in advance, and prior to any social
arrangements. Pre-Cana Conferences required. Schedule is
given during the first appointment with the priest.
After the 8:30 am Mass on First Saturday of the Month.
Please call the Rectory to arrange for the Sacrament of the
Sick and Communion to be brought to the sick and shut-ins.
Miraculous Medal Novena: Monday, 9:00 am
Lent - Stations of the Cross: Friday 6:30 pm (English)
7:30 pm (Polish)
Rosary: in October/English-Saturday 5pm/ Polish-Friday 7pm/
Eucharistic Adoration: 1st Friday, 9:00 am and 7pm - 8pm
PARISH REGISTRATION: All families should be registered in
the Parish. A census card may be obtained in the church
entrance. If you are moving, please notify the Rectory.
Parish Outreach: 69465 Main Rd., Greenport
Phone: 631-477-6607
O/L of Mercy Regional School: 631-734-5166
Principal: Mrs. Alexandra Conlon
November is the month of
prayer for
All the Faithful Departed.
Thirty-third Sunday in
Ordinary Time
November 16, 2014
Blessed are you who fear the LORD.
— Psalm 128:1a
Please Consider Remembering Your Parish
Our Lady of Ostrabrama in Your Will.
SATURDAY, November 15
5:30pm +Fred and +Eleonor Rempe
(Eugenia Beebe)
SUNDAY, November 16
8:00am +Gene Chituk (Family)
9:30am (Polish) +Jan and +Adela Adamczuk
(Elzbieta & Stanislaw Adamczuk)
11:00am +Antoni and +Berta Pawluczyk
MONDAY, November 17
8:30am Peggy and James McLaughlin
(Virginia Asip)
TUESDAY, November 18
8:30am +August Andrade
(Jeffrey Andrade)
WEDNESDAY, November 19
8:30am For Parishioners and Benefactors
Living and Deceased
THURSDAY, November 20
8:30am +For the Souls in Purgatory
(Frances Kozlowsky)
FRIDAY, November 21
8:30am +Mary and +Clarence Belz
SATURDAY, November 22
8:30am For health and blessing for
Jozef Gil (Children)
5:30pm +Betty Simcik
(Joan & Gary Rempe)
SUNDAY, November 23
8:00am +Kaitlyn Doorhy (Family)
9:30am (Polish) +Helena, +Alfons Gorczyca
11:00am +James McNeice and +Michael
McGinty (Family)
Financial Corner, November 9, 2014
Sunday Collection: $ 3647.50
Fuel: $ 2663.00
Having only modest talent is no excuse for not
using it. Think what the morning would be like
if only talented birds sang!
Church Renovations
Elevator Project current
balance is: $ 79,185.00
and $ 9,215.00 in pledges.
Donations may be made in
memory of your loved ones.
As you can see every week in
the bulletin, we have a Mass
dedicated for all parishioners and
benefactors; both living and deceased. It is
meant to assist with our prayers and the
sacrifice of the Mass all who are entrusted
to our care in life and in death so that we
may be one in Our Heavenly Home. Thank
you for your generosity! God Bless You!!!
Recently we buried
+Phyllis A. Lombardi
May The Lord give her rest in
the Heavenly Kingdom and
may He console her family at
the loss they suffer.
The Knights of Columbus
Family Dinner
is scheduled to be held on
Friday, November 21st, from
5:00 - 7:00 p.m. This month’s
fare will be salad, meat loaf,
potatoes, dessert, coffee, tea, etc. Join us
with family and friends for an enjoyable
evening of great food at a reasonable price
while supporting the good works of the K of
C. Adults $15/2 for $25; children $10.
Congratulations on occasion
of baptism to:
Alexandra Joy Jackson,
Blake Christopher Witczak
and their families.
Thanks to Monika and
Frank Apadula for the
green flowers for the
main altar.
Prayer for our Servicemen and Women.
Lord, hold our troops in your loving Hands.
Protect them as they protect us. Bless them
and their families for the selfless acts they
perform for us in our time of need. Amen!
Our sick and homebound.
If you know of somebody
who would like to be
visited by a priest to
receive the Sacrament of
the Sick and Communion
please notify the Rectory.
Gluten Free Hosts are available in our
church. Request for it must be made
before Mass so it will be consecrated for
use at coming Mass.
1ST PRIZE—$ 1,000
2ND PRIZE—$ 200
3RD PRIZE—$ 100
4TH PRIZE—$ 100
5TH PRIZE—$ 100
OVER 150 Drawing to be held on December 2,
2014 At the December Meeting. Donation: $20.00
The Diocese of Rockville Centre
celebrates the 50 Anniversary
of Priestly Ordination
Bishop William Murphy
Sunday, November 30, 2014
12:30 pm Mass
Cathedral of Saint Agnes
Rockville Centre, New York
His Eminence Timothy Cardinal Dolan
will be the homilist.
All are invited to come and join Bishop
Murphy in this Liturgy of Thanksgiving.
“One evening, while I was alone in choir to
pray, I heard the rustle of a suit and I saw a
young monk that stirred next to the High altar.
It seemed that the young monk was dusting the
candelabra and straightening the flower vases. I
thought he was Padre Leone rearranging the
altar, and, since it was supper time, I went to
him and I told him: “Padre Leone, go to dine,
this is not the time to dust and to straighten the
altar”. But a voice, that was not Father Leone’s
answered me”: “I am not Padre Leone”, “and
who are you? “, I asked him. “I am a brother of
yours that made the noviciate here. I was
ordered to clean the altar during the year of the
noviciate. Unfortunately many times I didn’t
reverence Jesus while passing in front of the
altar, thus causing the Holy Sacrament that was
preserved in the tabernacle to be disrespected.
For this serious carelessness, I am still in
Purgatory. Now, God, with his endless
goodness, sent me here so that you may quicken
the time I will enjoy Paradise. Take care of
III tajemnica Fatimska . cd.... wielki Krzyż
zbity z nieociosanych belek jak gdyby z drzewa
korkowego pokrytego korą; Ojciec Święty,
zanim tam dotarł, przeszedł przez wielkie
miasto w połowie zrujnowane i na poły drżący,
chwiejnym krokiem, udręczony bólem i
cierpieniem, szedł modląc się za dusze
martwych ludzi, których ciała napotykał na
swojej drodze; doszedłszy do szczytu góry,
klęcząc u stóp wielkiego Krzyża, został zabity
przez grupę żołnierzy, którzy kilka razy ugodzili
go pociskami z broni palnej i strzałami z łuku i w
ten sam sposób zginęli jeden po drugim inni
Biskupi Kapłani, zakonnicy i zakonnice oraz
wiele osób świeckich, mężczyzn i kobiet
różnych klas i pozycji. Pod dwoma ramionami
krzyża były dwa Anioły, każdy trzymający w
ręce konewkę z kryształu, do których zbierali
krew Męczenników i nią skrapiali dusze
zbliżające się do Boga.”

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