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Singer Lionel Richie Pays Off
$1 Million Tax Debt
Singer Lionel Richie, a former member
of the Commodores and best-known for
his solo hit single “Truly”, cut a check to
the Internal Revenue Service for $1.1
signersongwriter paid the IRS after being hit
with a seven figure tax lien.
In 2012, according to reporting by celebrity news website
TMZ, the IRS filed a lien against Richie for $1.1 million in unpaid income tax from the tax year 2010.
The lien has since been reportedly lifted, meaning Richie did
away with his tax problems simply by cutting one enormous
Lionel Richie
Staff VS Celebrity 2
Prison for Colo. Tax
Sleep Corner
Nevada Man VS
False Returns
Trivia Question
Volume V, Issue 3
“My wife and I had hired another firm before coming to
The Law Offices of Travis
Watkins and it was a huge
mistake. I spent thousands of
dollars with someone who
told me it was impossible to
do what Travis did. We ended
up with a settlement we could
handle. The staff was so
wonderful and really had our
best interests at heart. We
got our lives back on track
and are forever grateful.
- B.G., Stillwater, OK
Travis W. Watkins
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Knox and Emma Watkins with Grandad Steve Cleveland
John is a licensed practicing
attorney from Duncan, Oklahoma. Prior to joining Travis Watkins’ office, he represented
major corporations. However,
he has always been passionate
about helping those who find
themselves in unfortunate financial situations which led
him to Travis’ team. When he’s
not providing his clients with
solutions to their tax problems,
he likes to spend time with his
wife and 3 kids. They enjoy
following the OKC Thunder,
OU football, and remain active
members of their church family.
Prison For Colo. Tax Preparer
A Colorado tax return preparer was sentenced to six months
in prison for aiding or assisting in the preparation of a false
individual federal income tax return.
According to court records, Elizabeth A. Eurioste, 64 of Aurora, Colo., has been preparing individual and business income
tax returns sine 1971. During the tax years 2004-2007, Eurioste entered false deductions, expenses, business losses,
and underreported income and gains on her clients’ tax returns to reduce the amount of tax due.
John Weaver
Eurioste created the false entries on income tax returns for
the years covered by the indictment. She had approximately
1,200 clients. The total tax loss resulting from her actions was
at least $400,000.
In one example, Eurioste included false and unsupported deductions on a Form 1040, including a $3,000 capital loss,
$93,950 loss from the sale of a business property, and
$27,351 in itemized deductions. Eurioste knew that the entries she prepared were false.
John Travolta
Side Effects of
Sleep Deprivation:
High Levels of Anxiety
Impaired Memory &
Ability to Think
High Blood Pressure
Higher Risk of Stroke
Weight Gain
Higher Risk of Diabetes
Unable to Fight off
Losing Sleep Because Of The
Many of my clients say they lose countless hours of sleep because of their IRS nightmare. But do you know how dangerous sleep deprivation really is? Just one week of insufficient
sleep alters the activity of our genes which controls our response to stress, fighting off sickness, and overall health.
One particular sleep deprivation study tested individuals using a driving simulator and by performing hand-eye coordination tasks. They found that individuals who were sleep deprived performed as badly, and sometimes worse, than individuals who were intoxicated. That’s pretty scary!
They also found that caffeine and other stimulants were not
enough to overcome the effects of sleep deprivation. So
those cups of coffee just don’t cut it!
Nevada Man Charged With Filing False Tax Returns
A Nevada resident was indicted on charges in Florida of filing false returns. According to court records, Anderson filed
false individual and corporate federal income tax returns for the years 2010 and
2011 while living in Florida. Anderson reported a total income of $58,452 when his
income was approx. $88,149, and in 2011
he reported a total income of negative
$81,710, when his income was approx.
$259,995. If convicted, he faces up to 3
years in prison.
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