Team GDM/Husqvarna Official Race Report


Team GDM/Husqvarna Official Race Report
Team GDM/Husqvarna Official Race Report
Rd. #2 AMA National Harescramble Series
Dorchester, NJ
The morning was great. We met a lot of riders and spectators that had great interest in the brand, bikes,
team, and team partners. I set up our new promotional display table in the pit area. We also debuted our
new “Travis & Morgan” team trading cards at this race. They were a definite success with the kids!
At the start of the main event Travis pulled the holeshot on his WR 250, leading the pack of twenty-one
pro riders down the sandy whooped out straight away! Travis entered the woods in third, and shortly after
took a wrong turn. Luckily most of the Pro’s followed him, so he didn’t lose too much time with that
After two laps Travis was in 7th and Morgan was running in 9th. We fueled both Travis and Morgan with
our IMS quickfill dry-brake systems and then discovered that Travis had overheated his rear brakes.
Travis went back out and put in three more laps like a champion – minus rear brakes! Travis finished in
9th place overall.
Morgan put in a great ride throughout the day, despite the fact that he was still sick from the flu. He was
in 9th on the second lap, only 25 seconds behind Travis at the fuel stop. Morgan fought to keep his
position but fatigue set in and he finished the race in 11th overall.
Travis is now 7th and Morgan is 19th in AMA National Harescramble Series points.
Overall it was a successful weekend!
Thank you to all of our partners.
Matt Walmer
Team GDM/Husqvarna
Green Demon Motorsports, LLC
Thanks to our team partners for making this possible.
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