step-by-step guide


step-by-step guide
Your Guide to PBS KIDS Island
There are several ways to get to PBS KIDS Island:
1. Type into the address bar of your web browser.
2. Go to, and click on PBS KIDS Island.
3. If you’re already at the PBS KIDS website, click on the blue PBS KIDS Island button.
If you have never used PBS KIDS Island before, sign up for a new account.
You can have as many child players attached to a single adult account as you want.
Once you have signed up, or if you have already signed up, log in and create a player.
Then click “Play now!”
Go to the Carousel to start playing reading games.
Complete all four games on this level to move on to the next one. There are eight levels in all.
Every time you complete a level, you get to pick which ride to build for the next level. When you have finished
all the levels, the entire PBS KIDS Island will be complete!
Win tickets with each game. Then turn them in for prizes in the prize booth.
Go to the treehouse to watch videos and play with prizes.
The Child Progress Tracker allows adults to see how many games a player has completed in the
different literacy skill areas emphasized on PBS KIDS Island.
Activities are available to motivate kids every day of the year!
Stories, videos, and printables are also available for easy access.
Check out the Word of the Day for easy-to-understand audio definitions of useful vocabulary
words, with clips from Ready to Learn shows to illustrate their meaning.
If you have questions or comments about the Island, go to to send us a message.

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