Hot, spicy Mediterranean food


Hot, spicy Mediterranean food
Είδος: Εφημερίδα / Κύρια
Ημερομηνία: Παρασκευή, 27-11-2009
Σελίδα: 21
Μέγεθος: 502 cm ²
Μέση κυκλοφορία: Μη διαθέσιμη
Επικοινωνία εντύπου: 210 4808000
Hot, spicyMediterraneanfood
Aglaia Kremezi shows how to make some of her favorite dishes from the region
rebellionagainstthe bland for instance, comes from Kalomoira
foodfavoredby her familymatched
Vrontamiti,who has a taverna
Aglaia Kremezi's natural preference
on Kea, the Cycladicisland
for more robust flavors. She where Kremezi lives, grows her
was always drawn to the traditional
own vegetables and runs cookery
dishesofthe Mediterranean, classes.Vrontamiti got the recipe
her grandmother, and Kremezi
which Athenians of her parents'
background typically scorned as
added the hot pepper she
foreignimports.In fact,as Kremezi loves as well as mustard, because
explainsin her latest cookbook,it her own mother believedmustard
was the influenceofFrenchcuisine, makes pulses more digestible.
withitsemphasison sauces,which
Ingredients,herbs and spicesget
had ledurban Greekcookingaway a chapteroftheir own,whilean appendix
from the roots it shared with other
lists suppliers in Greece.
countrieson the Mediterranean. Kremezisuggestsalternativesto ingredients
"TisMesogeiouta pikantika"celebrates
that may be difficultto
earthy, piquant dishes find, and explains how to freeze
from Greece, Turkey, southern and preserve seasonal produce
Italy,Spain,northernAfricaand the for later use.
Levant. Originally published in
Here's a simple way to save oranges:
the USAby the Broadwayimprint
Slicethem super-thin, dry
of Random House as "Mediterranean
them gently in a low oven for 3-5
Hot and Spicy,"it is now hours, leave to coolthen freeze till
available in a Greek edition from needed.Dipin melted chocolateor
serve with mousses and cream
Therecipes,photographedin vibrant
allthe food
colorby AnastasiosMentis, in the book.
are among the author's favorites,
dishes she likes to cook for family
and friends. All are easy to make
Kremezi gives many of the
and none is overly ornate.
Try hrous, a southern Tunisian recipes a new spin, as she
preserve made of onion, hot pepper urges her readers to do
and turmeric, or figs in the
sweet and sour marinade that is
served with game in Provence.
Spinach,parsley,yogurt and walnuts
comprise a deliciousArmenian
version ofborani salad.Sumac
andAleppopeppergivethe minced
lamb in Adana kebab its characteristic
Makea spicymeal oflagana, the
broad, flat loaves of bread that
Greeks eat on the Clean Monday
festivalthat precedes Lent,with a
sprinkleofrosemary and chilipepper
rings, or adding anchovies
and onion.
Kremeziinherited some recipes
from her mother, collectedothers
fromfriendsand chefsat home and
abroad and gives many of them a
new spin,as she urges her readers
Armenian spinach salad with
to do.
Adana kebab
The recipe for baked chickpeas, parsley,yogurt and walnuts
Lagana with anchoviesand
onion, or with rosemary and chili

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