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Important Notes in this Issue from:
Earl Wooster High School
1331 East Plumb Lane
Reno, Nevada 89502
Telephone (775)321-3161
Fax (775)333-5108
Don’t forget! In order to start the school year, all
registration paperwork must be complete.
Parents can complete the registration
process online from any computer with internet
Returning students must pay any past due fees.
Fees for the 2015-16 school year can be paid
at the Bookkeepers Office
(check or cash only), or online through the
“Shop the Wooster Swag” link on
Wooster’s Website @ www.woostercolts.com
New students to Wooster must bring in Proof of
Address (NV Energy Bill) to the Registrar.
Freshmen and any new students to Wooster must
pay the one-time book deposit fee of $20.00!
Please Call our Registrar, Judy Shively
with any questions:321-3169
Information on Class Schedules, from Mrs. Barainca
Welcome Back Colts!
We are sure everyone is eager to see their class schedules. Class schedules will be accessible on the Infinite Campus Portal starting August 3,
2015. If you are having trouble logging into Infinite Campus, we are happy to help, the office is open 7:30 AM-4:00 PM, everyday ask for Veronica.
Over the summer counselors and I have been doing our very best to schedule you into the classes you requested. Remember, we may not be able to
give you all of the classes you want – but I do promise to give you the classes you need for graduation. If you don’t receive a class you had hoped for,
here may be one/some of the reasons why:
 You need a different class in order to graduate.
Space availability.
Conflicts in our master schedule.
Cancellation of the class due to low student enrollment.
Schedule changes WILL BE made:
 If you have already earned credit for a course through Supplemental Credit (summer school, credit-by-exam)
If you failed a course during the previous spring semester.
If there is a class you need to fulfill graduation requirements.
If you are misplaced in a class as verified by assessment results and transcript review.
If you have taken the class already and passed it.
Schedule changes WILL NOT be made:
 During the first week of school.
To request a different teacher.
If you have concerns about your schedule due to one of the following reasons, you may email or call your counselor to make an appointment to review your schedule, during the week of August 3rd, 2015.
To make contact by phone, dial 321-3160, press 1 for English, 2 for Spanish; press 6 for counselors, then press
9th Grade: Mrs. Miller, press 2
10th Grade: Mr. Erickson, press 3
11th Grade: Mr. McCann, press 4
12th Grade: Mr. Russell, press 5
11th & 12th Grade IB Diploma: Mrs. Danielsen, press 6
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
OPEN HOUSE is Wednesday, August 26, 2015 from 6:00 PM- 8:00 PM.
I am looking forward to meeting all of our Wooster parents at the first Wooster Booster’s meeting on Wednesday, August 12, 2015 in
the Career Center at 5:30 PM. Marly Barainca, Curriculum Assistant Principal
Wooster High School
2015-2016 Registration Fees
Please read the following for an explanation of the fees you will pay. The more prepared you are – the quicker the registration will go!
You may write one check for everything (please itemize each amount of payment) and make it payable to Wooster High School .
If you are paying in cash, please have the correct amount as change may not be available.
Fees may also be paid online through the “Shop Wooster SWAG” link in Wooster’s website @ www.woostercolts.com.
Book Deposit $20
A onetime Book Deposit of $20.00 is required of all students. This fee must be paid at registration with no
exceptions. The Book Deposit remains on file for your student all four years, unless they accrue fines.
An ID Card is Provided Initially to ALL Students; each Replacement ID Card is $3.
An ID Card is required of all students attending Wooster High School. Students must carry their photo ID
Card with them on school property at all times. If lost, a replacement ID Card is $3.
Student Handbook
A Student Handbook is required of all students and will be provided initially. A replacement Handbook is $3.
Parking Permits $5
A Parking Permit is required of all students with a valid driver’s license and a registered vehicle parking on
Wooster High School Campus. Each Parking Permit is $5 per vehicle.
Yearbook price $65 First Semester
Yearbook purchases are optional. Plan ahead and buy early while yearbooks are available!
Second Semester, Yearbook prices increase
Specific Course Fees
Courses such as Art, Band, Computer, Drama, English, Math, P.E., Photography, ROTC, Science, etc. have
fees for materials and special projects. The individual instructors will announce these fees when classes begin. If you
are not sure, ask your instructors for information.
Student Activity Fee $25
A Student Activity Fee of $25 is an annual fee. It is required for all students participating in athletics, cheerleading or
involved in a club or activity. It is optional for other students; it does allow them free entrance into all home sports
games. It is a great way for non-athlete students to be involved in the school!
Sports Transportation Fee $35
It is required for all students participating in athletics each year.
NIAA Fee $5
A NIAA Impact Fee of is required of all athletes each year.
Athletic Training and Supply Fee $10
An Athletic Training Fee is required of all athletes each year.
Golf Participation Fee $50
A Golf Participation Fee is required of all golf athletes each year.
Depending on each sport – students will be required to pay for Spirit Packs (warm-ups), and camp fees, etc.
Fees for the 2015-16 school year can be paid at the Bookkeepers Office (check, money order, cash only), or online
through the “Shop Wooster SWAG” link in Wooster’s website @ www.woostercolts.com.
Our whirlwind tour of fall athletics begins in August, with tryouts and practices
preceding the actual first day of school
for many sports.
Your passport to all the fun is completion
of the athletic packet.
found online at the WCSD website at
http://www.Washoe schools.net/
Page/1154. You will also be able to find
the athletics packet on our school website. Athletic packets will be available at
www.woostercolts.com. Or feel free to
stop in to the main office to pick one up,
and complete and return the packet to the
if your student had a physical during the
2014-15 school year, that is still valid. If
your student did not have a physical during last school year, another must be
completed before the packet is valid.
FALL SPORTS. The first day official
day of Varsity football is Aug. 5 (Wed),
Freshman and JV will start Aug. 13 (Thu)
All other fall sports begin Aug. 15 (Sat).
These teams are: boys’ and girls’ cross
country, boys’ and girls’ soccer, boys’
and girls’ tennis, girls’ golf, volleyball
(girls’ sport only) and cheer.
ACTIVTIES going on at Wooster High
School, please check out our updated
website and calendar at
www.woostercolts.com. As always, if
you have questions or concerns regarding
high school sports, please consult your
parents’ & athletes’ handbook. If your
Will be Aug. 19 (Wed) at 6:00 p.m. in the questions are still unanswered, please feel
free to call the school to speak to Michael
school gymnasium. At least one parent/
guardian should attend if your student is Anderson (athletic director) or Charlie
Walsh (assistant principal) or make an
playing a fall sport.
appointment to resolve these issues.
Thank you, and
Go Colts!
Charlie Walsh, Assistant Principal
Wooster High School welcomes public use of our
facilities- with appropriate scheduling, insurance, and
clearance. If you or your organization has a need for athletic fields, the school gymnasium, or any of our school
grounds or facilities, we would be happy to discuss our
schedule and usage fees with you.
Please call 321-3173 or email my assistant Vicki Ahrens
[email protected] for more information or to
set an appointment.
Charlie Walsh, Assistant Principal
[email protected]
Greetings Wooster IB Students and Parents:
Welcome back! I hope you all had a relaxing summer and are coming back balanced, reflective, open-minded and invigorated by your summer
experiences. We are excited that Wooster’s theme for the year, “Wooster Around the World” aligns perfectly with the IB philosophy of International Mindedness. Being Internationally Minded is more than food, flags and fashion, so we hope that students genuinely open their minds and
think critically about what is going on in the world around them and begin to understand their role in the their local, national and global communities. To assist with all of your needs, we have supports in place at every level, so please take note and mark your calendars and keep this on your
fridge for future reference.
9th Graders: Bienvenida. Welcome to our newest additions to the IB family.
Attend 9th grade Orientation day (August 6, from 8:00 – 12:00).
Bus Transportation – Please email me if your student will need to ride the IB/AACT bus (from zoned high school). Bus Schedules will be updated by July 29 at http://buses.washoeschools.net/IBAACTStops.html . The IB bus picks up 1 hour after school (3:45 all days except
Wednesday when it picks up at 3:00).
10th Graders: Bon travail! Great job last year completing your first year of pre-IB. This year you will take your first AP exam(s) and complete the
MYP Project.
“Rising Junior Night” April 27, 2016. We will re-explain the IB program requirements to you (CAS, Extended Essay, TOK, and exams) before
you start 11th grade.
For MYP questions, please visit Mrs. Eldridge in the IB Office or email: [email protected] .
11th Graders: Sich aufregen! Get excited for your first year in “full IB!” This year you will take up to two IB exams, start your Extended Essay, CAS
hours, and TOK.
12th Graders: Bon Voyage!
Completed CAS DUE – May 2
Extended Essay DUE – December 7
CAS & EE Viva Voce presentations – February 24
11TH & 12TH Graders: EE Support: Due dates distributed in early fall (via TOK teachers).
11th Graders: To view the Extended Essay Writing Guide, the IB EE Subject Guide, to submit components of your EE, and receive
communication, join Edmodo. IB Diploma Candidates (and parents) can join by going to https://edmo.do/j/y7qqp6 and use
code: 8vuij4 (Use legal name only-no nicknames)
12th Graders: Haven’t joined Edmodo? Go to https://edmo.do/j/2fq6g9 use code: ge7smn.
UNR’s Writing Center - available to all students needing help with writing. Contact me for more information or help registering
and making an appointment at http://www.unr.edu/writing-center
EE, IA and Exam Preparation: Saturday Academies from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. will be held throughout the year (see school calendar).EE Specific Saturday Academies for both 11th and 12th graders. November 7, November 14, December 5, December 12
CAS: Watch for emails offering opportunities.
11th Graders: 1/2 CAS outcomes due this year. Contact Mrs. Danielsen with questions about CAS.
CAS forms are online at www.woostercolts.com , under IB Programme, Diploma Program, Core.
12th Graders: February 24, at 6:00 CAS/Viva Voce presentations. (Family, friends and 11 th grade IB students invited).
Join the IB Ambassadors (CAS opportunity and fun). Help with recruiting, leading shadows, and presenting IB information to our
community. Great college and career experience (good for resumes). Applications will be online soon under IB at
www.woostercolts.com .
For all Wooster IB students:
Summer Assignments are posted at www.woostercolts.com under the Announcements.
After school tutoring is available in the College and Career Center/Library (good for catching up on homework or getting help from teachers while waiting for the IB Bus!).
Tutoring list: Please email me if you need the tutoring list or if you want to offer to be a tutor (CAS opportunity!).
Join the IB Boosters: get involved, stay in touch and be informed. Meetings held the second Wednesday of each month. AAA Boosters meet
at 5:30, IB Boosters meet at 6:30 in the College and Career Center.
Introducing “IB 101.” Monthly meetings on different IB topics offered to help parents understand all aspects of IB (IBDP, IBCP and MYP). Held
in the College and Career Center at 6:00: September 16, October 7, November 12, January 27
Volunteer to help proctor IB and AP exams in May. You’ll be trained and will get to see testing first hand.
Mrs. Bayarddevolo-Fine (aka: Mrs. Fine)
IB Diploma Coordinator. Come find me in the newly upgraded IB office in the College and Career Center/Library
[email protected]
From the Desk of: Mr. Nakashima AP of Attendance, Discipline & Safety
Hello Wooster Parents and Students!
I hope this newsletter finds you enjoying your summer vacation. As we prepare for the upcoming school year, this letter serves as a
reminder as you plan for the first day of school; August 10th.
Check with the State Department before you make your Trip Around the World for Travel Tips:
Learn about your destination!
Alerts & Warnings
Always carry your Passport(Student Planner) & Wooster ID.
Purchase your parking permit to access prime real estate near your destination. (SSO Office)
Dress Code Travel Warning—Be aware of Wooster’s Customs outlined below.
Safety/News Alerts—Listen to announcements in the morning and learn the traditions of your new
classroom during the first week.
Plan to be on time – Don’t miss the train, plane, automobile, OR GRADUATION!
student planner at www.woostercolts.com
Don’t miss your flight and get stuck in an airport! Be a smart traveler and plan your trip around the world so you get the full
Please access Attendance Policies at http://www.woostercolts.com/resources/policies/
Wooster has made great gains over the past few years in many areas and ultimately with graduation rates. An area of growth which
needs to be addressed is attendance and the greatest way we can improve attendance is increased communication between the school
and parents. Attending at least 90% of the semester to have the opportunity to receive the credit earned is the law and students are
required to attend 100% of all scheduled classes they are enrolled unless otherwise excused.
 Parents must submit a note to the attendance office which includes the dates of the absence, reason for the absence, the student’s
full name, the parent’s full name or call the school at 321-3160 regarding the student’s absence within three days after the
student returns to school or the absence will be unexcused.
 Any Absence not verified by a parent counts as unexcused and students who have received a truancy notice will have that
unexcused absence changed to a truancy if the parent doesn’t verify the attendance.
 5 Circumstance absences per semester for high school students do not count against their attendance if approved by the sited
administrator: Bereavement; Medical Emergency; Person Business; Family Business; Pre-Arranged Legal or Religious Event.
 Parents must provide documentation that a student is receiving medical attention if out for extended sickness.
 Parents are requested to prearrange legal, medical, and dental appointments. Verification of those appointments should be
obtained for the school attendance office.
 Students must obtain an Off-Campus Pass from the Office or Nurse’s Office to leave campus. A student who leaves without
obtaining a pass will receive an Unexcused Absence for classes missed that day.
 Appointments, job interviews, and military recruitment testing are considered personal appointments and should be made after
school hours.
 Students receiving 8 unexcused absences during the regular school day will fail their class. (Subject to Appeal to the Principal
or Office of the Superintendent)
I look forward to working with parents and students this school year to help them complete this leg of their four year trip towards
Michael Nakashima
Assistant Principal
From the Desk of: Mr. Nakashima
Wooster High School staff and students participate in monthly drills to review standard procedures for
emergencies. Wooster administrators, counselors, and teachers review the Emergency Preparedness Plan on an annual
basis and review concerns identified during drills each month. While each every emergency situation will provide
obstacles to the best laid plans, the identification and rehearsal of roles provide stability in stressful situations. Wooster is
assigned a campus Police Officer, as are all high schools in Washoe County School District, and has worked to develop
relationships with representatives from our local emergency responders.
Some thoughts on Emergency Preparedness for Parents/Guardians
Providing a safe environment for your sons and daughters is our number one priority and Wooster understands
the need to continually evaluate emergency procedures. Thoughts and concerns regarding student safety from
all stakeholders is important and communication is a key component between the parents and the school.
It is extremely important parents provide the registrar of the school with updated telephone numbers.
Only the primary guardians are able to change this information.
Parents/Guardians need to understand the first response of schools in any emergency situation will be to
provide for the safety of students by activating the School Incident Response Team [SIRT]. A school police
officer is located on our campus and other adults have access to radios or telephones to alert first responders of
an emergency situation. SIRT members have been identified to carry out specific duties.
Communication from the school to parents will not take place immediately during an emergency due to a need
to focus on the situation and provide parents with correct information. It is extremely important parents
provide the school with updated telephone numbers so we can communicate with them! Our primary
mode of communication is through Blackboard Connect which pulls telephone numbers from Infinite
Campus. It is also a great idea to register telephone numbers to the emergency notification system at
Students are to follow the instructions of the teacher during drills. Drills are communicated as such according
to district regulations. Students, teachers, and parents are encouraged to communicate possible hazards on
campus to Wooster’s administrative team.
Parents/Guardians should not plan on accessing the school campus during or immediately after an emergency.
First responders need to have access to the campus and increased traffic could result in delays. It is important
to note some emergencies will result in police officers restricting access to the campus.
Evacuation from buildings or the campus could result in movement of students to a Reunification Site where
they would reunify with their parents. The Reunification Site would be communicated to parents through our
telephone/text Blackboard Connect program from the school or district. In the case of a building evacuation,
this could be as close as the football field or, in the case of a campus evacuation, the nearest school or facility
capable of maintaining the school’s student population.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the school’s plan, please feel free to contact:
Mr. Nakashima at 321-1363 or Mrs. Curtis at 321-3165.
Heather Curtis—Dean of Students
In preparing for the upcoming school year, please remember to keep the following in mind when shopping for school
apparel. Washoe County School District administrative regulations states, “The dress or grooming of all students must
not present potential health or safety problems or cause distractions.” The dress code is outlined in a more complete
manner on both the WCSD website: http://www.washoecountyschools.org/district/policies-and-regulations/student-dress
-code or at Wooster High School’s website: www.woostercolts.com. You will also find a copy of the district’s dress code
policy in your student’s planner that will be given to your student during the first week of school.
A brief synopsis of the dress code is as follows:
· Shirts must cover the upper and lower torso. No tank tops, spaghetti straps or muscle shirts are allowed.
Shirts cannot illustrate profane language, alcohol, drugs, or sexual overtones. Shirts must have a sleeve
covering the shoulder.
· Pants/shorts/skirts must cover the lower torso and undergarments. Shorts and shirts must be at least midthigh in length.
· Pajamas, lounge wear, and slippers are not allowed.
· Hats and head coverings are not permitted inside school buildings.
· Accessories such as bandanas, dangling belts, hanging chains, spiked jewelry, or blue and red shoelaces are
not permitted on campus.
Students wearing inappropriate attire will change and pick up the item after school. If the clothing is vulgar, obscene, or
a safety issue, parents will be notified and can pick up the item. A progressive discipline plan is in place and consequences will be assigned for each Dress Code Violation.
2015-16 Tardy Policy
WCSD promotes responsible and thoughtful use of personal electronic devices to support student achievement. Students may possess or use electronic devices, provided
that the use of such devices does not interfere with the
instructional process. Students may use their cell
phones and electronic devices in the hallways before
school, at lunch and after school because this does not
interfere with instruction. Students who are found to repeatedly violate the cell phone policy may have their cell
phone confiscated and taken to the SSO office for the remainder of the day. The electronic device policy can be
found in detail in your student’s planner that will be given to
your student during the first week of school.
Parking Permits
To support campus safety, students are required to register their
vehicles and purchase a parking permit from the Student Services
Office. Parking permits cost $5.00. Students must have a valid
drivers license in order to purchase a parking permit. The parking
permit is to be visible hanging from the rear view mirror. Parking
tickets may be issued to those vehicles without visible parking permits. The school is not responsible for theft or damage to a vehicle
parked on campus.
Last year, Student tardies decreased over 45%
over the course of the year due to the new tardy
policy that was introduced in 2014-15. I am optimistic that the use of this policy will continue to
decrease student tardiness. Attending class every day is extremely important to your student’s
education. Students coming to class tardy causes
a significant disruption to the classroom and delays instruction. Excessive tardies are treated as
insubordination and the following procedure will
continue for the 2015-16 school year.
Students are required to carry their Wooster HS
student planner with them at all times. When a
student arrives to class tardy, they will produce
their tardy sheet in their planner. After five tardies,
the student will be referred to the Student Services
Office (SSO) for a ‘Round 1’ consequence: Lunch
Detention. After eight tardies the student will be
assigned a ‘Round 2’ consequence: Afterschool
Detention. After eleven tardies the student is assigned a ‘Round 3’ consequence: Afterschool
School Beautification. After fourteen tardies the
student is assigned a ‘Round 4’ consequence: InSchool Suspension. After seventeen tardies the
student will be assigned to a ‘Round 5’ consequence: Suspension. Any further ‘Rounds’ completed prior to the end of each quarter will result in
progressive and increasing suspension days.
Academic Support Opportunities:
In order to assist students in meeting their academic goals the following supports are available.
Career Center is open each Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 2:50-3:50 beginning Monday, August 24th. The following service can be accessed during these times: Study space, use of computers, homework assistance, and tutoring.
Access to the computer lab, homework/project assistance, and special sessions are offered on the following
September 12th & 19th
February 20th & 27th
October 10th & 17th
March 12th
November 7th, 12th & 21st
April 16th & 23rd
December 5th & 12th
May 14th & 21st
January 16th, 23rd & 30th
If you have questions on how to access these services please contact Wooster High School at
Scott GrangeDean of Intervention
Please join Daniel Ozuna, our Family Graduation Advocate, at the next Gallop to Graduation Parent Meeting. Daniel
along with our school counselors and other staff members will help parents learn how to monitor their students grades
and attendance in Infinite Campus. Also provide important information about understanding high school graduation
requirements and provide parents with information regarding their student’s success here at Wooster High. Meetings
are in Spanish and English!!!
Please Join Us:
7:45am-8:45am in the Career Center
September 10th
October 8th
November 12th
December 10th
January 21st
February 11th
March 10th
April 14th
May 12th
Please contact Daniel Ozuna for more Information 321-3175
Por favor contacte a Daniel Ozuna para más información 321-5014
The Wooster High School leadership students are hard at work this summer planning many great activities for our students during the 2015
-16 school year. This year’s theme is “Wooster Around the World”
We have many clubs, sports, and co-curricular activities such as band, theater, ROTC,
journalism and yearbook, to name a few, so there are lots of ways to get involved. Students do better academically -- and they have a lot
more fun -- when they are involved in school activities. Plan to pick one (or two or three…) and go for it!
Washoe County School District
1331 East Plumb Lane
Reno, NV 89502
Permit No. 217
Reno, NV