Paul Carrack Tours U.K. Venues with New Line Arrays


Paul Carrack Tours U.K. Venues with New Line Arrays
Technology Boost Lets Leona Lewis’ Dynamic Range Shine Through Paul Carrack Tours
LONDON — Soulful vocalist and performer Leona Lewis has
been on a 14-date tour of the U.K. with an SSL L500 console and K-array Slim Array technology, chosen by FOH engineer Dave Wooster.
Her latest I Am show provides Wooster with around 65 inputs from
the stage.
According to Wooster, the show absolutely benefitted from the
L500’s clean signal path and comprehensive internal FX Rack: “The
effect on Leona’s vocal was very noticeable in the system. I think the
96k Hz operation makes a difference, but the preamps make a huge
difference as well, and whatever SSL has done on the EQ is stunning.
You really hear the HF,” Wooster said.
“With Leona, I have to deal with a massive dynamic range within
every song. The mix has to be able to go right down to almost nothing and then build to everything. When she whispers, I get a load
of low-end from the mic that I don’t need, and when she’s screaming, there’s too much high-end and not enough lows. The dynamic
EQ from the internal FX rack sorts that out. Then across her stem —
which includes her reverb and delay returns, as well the main vocal
path — I put an SSL Bus Compressor; it’s very good.”
The P.A. setup centers on K-array’s innovative Firenze Slim-Array components. Featuring DSP-based acoustic steering and wide-bandwidth, these
enclosures are less than eight inches deep. Wooster was impressed by the
combination of the SSL L500 console and K-Array components. “In the 33
years I’ve been doing this,” he said, “I’ve never mixed on a system this good.”
FOH engineer Dave Wooster has been mixing Lewis with an SSL L500 console. The U.K. tour
setup included K-Array’s Slim Array speakers.
BIRMINGHAM, U.K. — Paul Carrack,
whose voice is heard on Squeeze’s “Tempted”
and his own hit, “Don’t Shed a Tear” from his
One Good Reason solo album, wrapped up a
U.K. tour with a P.A. system centered on ProAudio Technology’s VT20 line array system.
Leeds-area soundco Isophase Audio provided the gear for the 34-date tour. At stops
like the Birmingham Symphony Hall, the setup included 32 VT20 elements and eight VS18
subwoofers for the main P.A. with four HT16
Tops for near fills. Only two Delta 20.4-DSP
amplifiers were needed to power the 32 VT20
main array elements.
Starting out as the frontman and main
songwriter for the band Ace, along with
Squeeze and his solo efforts, Carrack has performed as part of Roxy Music and Roger Waters’ backing group, The Bleeding Heart Band.
He has also written songs performed by the
Eagles, Diana Ross, Tom Jones and Michael
McDonald, among others, and has worked
extensively as a session musician.
U.K. Venues with
New Line Arrays
Isophase Audio provided ProAudio Technology’s VT20 system.
It’s shown here in this video still.
London Venue, The Lexington,
Goes Uptown, Gear-Wise
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LONDON — The Lexington has upgraded its downstairs lounge with Martin Audio’s
CDD (Coaxial Dispersion Driver) components.
Supplied by LMC Audio, the main P.A. in the
American-themed bar includes four 10-inch
CDD10 coaxials mounted on four pillars, supported by two ultra-compact 5-inch CDD5s
and a CSX212 dual-12 sub for DJ monitoring.
When Lexington’s owner, Stacey Thomas,
sought a replacement for the “noisy” and unfocused system downstairs, LMC Audio’s JP
Cavaco encouraged Thomas to give the CDD
system a try, touting its better definition.
“The coaxial design keeps the enclosure size compact and unobtrusive, and the
unique CDD technology ensures the audio is
consistent across the desired audience space,”
Cavaco said. “The installation market must
recognize the need to minimize sound pollution, and CDD technology is perfect.”
Lexington sound engineer Joe Hawley
credited the CDD for “a far more focused
sound in the center of the room,” adding that
it lets him “keep the bar area quiet and focus
the sound elsewhere as required.” Using the
DX0.5 system controller, “building a preset
specifically for us was easy,” he added. “All we
had to do on the DX0.5 was minor level adjustment and limiting on the inputs.”
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The Lexington upgraded with Martin Audio’s new CDD system.
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