Special End Caps on Kinze Grain Cart - Agri



Special End Caps on Kinze Grain Cart - Agri
Supplemental Instructions
Kinze Grain Cart
Included in Book:
End Cap Installation - SRT-2, EZ-LOC, ROLTEC
Shaft Extension for Roll Tube- SRT-2
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Tools Needed: • 2 - 1/2” Wrenches
• 9/16” Wrench
• Protective Eyewear
• Straight Edge
Installation Procedure (End Caps)
Step 1
Assemble both halves of the end caps with carriage
bolts, flat washers, and nylock nuts. It is important
to keep the leading edge of the filler plate straight
during this process (see Figure 1 & 2).
Top View
Figure 1
Split End Cap
Leading Edge
Carriage Bolt
5/16” x 3/4”
Flat Washer
Nylock Nut
Figure 2
Page 2
Leading Edge
Step 2
Attach brace at center of spliced end caps. Push
center of tube side of cap up 1/4” beyond square
when tightening bolts (see Figure 3 & 4).
End Cap
1/4” Gap
At End Of
Use Square
To Adjust
Cap To 1/4”
End Cap
Figure 3
Push Up
Carriage Bolt
5/16” x 3/4”
Flat Washer
Nylock Nut
Carriage Bolt
5/16” x 3/4”
End Cap
Nylock Nut
Flat Washer
Figure 4
Page 3
Step 3
Clean underside of cap for adhering bubble seal and
wedge strip. Attach wedge strip to the outer perimeter
of the filler plate (See Figure 5).
Note: Thin edge of wedge strip to the outside.
View of bottom of cap
Seal Here
Strip Here
Seal Here
Figure 5
NOTE: Before adhering weather seal, make sure end caps will fit box.
Sometimes caps may need to be trim cut for special situations. If
necessary use caulk along seams (not included in kit).
Page 4
Step 4
Place end cap on box. Center it. Hold firmly in place
against box and fasten with 3/8” x 1” carriage bolts,
flat washer, and nylock nuts using factory punched
holes in both end caps and box rails (see Figure 6).
Figure 6
Page 5
Step 5
Center end cap brackets underneath sealing rib of
end cap and butt up against inside of box. Mark center
locations of slotted holes on box. Drill 5/16” hole and
use a 3/8” x 1” self threading bolt. Tighten first bolt,
then drill second hole and tighten second bolt (see
Figure 7). Next, drill 5/16” holes in center of slotted
holes through end cap. Bolt in place with 5/16” x 1” bolt,
flat washer, lock washer, and nut (see Figure 8).
3/8” Self
End Cap
Figure 7
End Cap
5/16” x 1”
Flat Washer
Lock Washer
Figure 8
Page 6
Installation of Shaft Extension for SRT-2
The following steps to replace step #7 in the SRT-2
Owners Manual
Step 1
With both ratchets firmly mounted to side of box, remove
finger tight nut and bolt that holds PVC spacer on at
rear (red) end of roll tube. Slide extension shaft into end
of tube protruding from spool and align holes on tube.
NOTE: use appropriate hole for manual or electric
operated tarp. Reinsert bolt and tighten with lock nut.
(See Figure 7)
Use This Hole For
Electric Systems
Use This Hole For
Hand Crank Systems
PVC Spacer
Bolt and Lock
Nut Assembly
Figure 9
Page 7
Step 2
Hold flex drive end of handle parallel to extension
shaft, slide shaft end into end of the extension shaft
and align holes on handle shaft. Insert bolt and
tighten with lock nut.
Bolt 5/16” x 1 3/4”
Lock Nut
zcrank Handle
With Flex Drive
Figure 10
8 80502_A Part No.
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