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Check Services
Stay up to date
Check Services
Stay up to date – Check Services
Check Services are a set of dedicated audit checks, which helps enterprises to optimise their business activities and
provide them with reliable information. Check Services cover all IT environment areas like servers, arrays, tape libraries,
network products or storage solutions. Check Services should be done before starting any IT implementations or for
preserving the current level of the existing infrastructure.
Imagine you are a manager and facing the following situation
• Your IT department has a lack of reliable information about your own IT resources.
• You as a manager have no vision for IT environment.
• Your IT department is not able to take proper decisions, because of a lack of information.
Check of High
Availability Environment
Check of Backup
Recovery Check
Performance Check
Open Source
• Thanks to monitoring services you can quickly define threats for your IT environment and
reveal hidden resources which can be used to increase the infrastructure performance
• Audit is a recommended step which should precede the start of any new IT implementations (or which should be taken to ensure the continuous operation of the existing
• Services form a basis for:
• Preparation of a detailed action plan in order to implement new IT solutions
in a fast and seamless way
• Preparation of proceduresfor the automated operation in case of the IT environment failure
• Optimization of the existing infrastructure
Check Services
With Check Services you can quickly identify threats and opportunities to run you business better.
For your business
• Lower management and operational costs due to verifying the potentials and enhancing the existing procedures
• Understanding of the critical points for your business continuity: threats, bottlenecks or misuse of the installed devices with the aim of achieving better ROI with less expenditures
• Compliance with the legal requirements
• Defining of necessary investment needs for the future
For your IT
Independent, reliable status quo of your own systems and infrastructure
Verified areas: security, performance, scalability, manageability
Deep analysis of the technical, conceptual and architectural level
The highest quality of reports and recommendations for development of the verified areas
Preparation procedures for maintenance and elimination of malfunctioning
Support your business in a better way
Vision of a new project
(e.g. IT outsourcing / preparation
of the security policy)
Check Services
(SMB and Global Accounts)
More efficient
Better services
from your
IT department
Guidelines regarding
the streamlining
organisation’s business
Strengths / Weaknesses
of your company’s IT
Extensive report containing specific information
useful for management board and employees
Storage Network
High Availability
Disaster Recovery
and others
The core competences of COMPAREX are focused on
developing technologies and solutions for data centers.
The integral elements of the COMPAREX portfolio are
DataCenter Infrastructure, Managed Services and
Boasting more than 30 years of experience within this
field, COMPAREX has an indepth understanding of the
requirements associated with such operations, particularly with regard to flexibility, security and high availability.
Check Services
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