Printable Conference Brochure - Michigan Young Professionals



Printable Conference Brochure - Michigan Young Professionals
Mt. Pleasant Area Chamber of Commerce Presents
Young Professionals Network
Statewide Conference
Monday April 25 - Tuesday, April 26, 2016
Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan
IN roductivity
Your P
W elcome
John Bonamego, Central Michigan University’s
Head Football Coach, played at Central Michigan
University during the mid 1980s, and is the 28th
head football coach. He is the first CMU alum to
lead the football program since Bill Kelly, 195166. Bonamego, a Paw Paw native, was a wide
receiver/quarterback as a Chippewa. He was a
walk-on who earned varsity letters in 1985-86 and twice
earned the Iron Man Award as the defensive scout team
player of the year. Bonamego has 27 years of college and
professional coaching experience, highlighted by 16 years
in the NFL as an assistant, primarily as a special teams coordinator with two seasons as the Detroit Lions’ special
teams coordinator.
K eynote S peakers
Be a Fountain, Not a Drain
Walking the High Wire:
Achieving Work/Life Balance on
the Road to Success
Dr. Joan Hornak, Professor Emeritus,
Central Michigan University
Don Tanner, Partner at Tanner
Friedman Strategic Communications
A Founding Partner of Tanner Friedman, Don
Tanner offers more than 30 years of strategic
communications counsel and experience in
virtually all industry sectors, including automotive, professional
services, technology, non-profits, healthcare, and real estate.
The work of Tanner and his teams has garnered numerous
national and international awards, including on behalf of clients in
the Information Technology, Automotive and Animal Conservation
sectors. He has also served as Executive Director of the Woodward
Dream Cruise, the world’s largest one-day automotive event, where
his Tanner Friedman team was honored with an international
MarCom award.
He is the author of No Static at All-A behind the scenes journey
through radio and pop music. Tanner is also a frequent lecturer
on journalism, media and publications, including at Wayne State
University, the University of Michigan-Dearborn, Michigan State
University and Central Michigan University. His perspectives
on branding, marketing and pop culture have appeared in Fast
Company,, Christian Science Monitor, Fox-TV, WDIVTV, Crain's Detroit Business, Detroiter, Detroit News, and other
dailies across the country.
Your personal level of happiness is a vital
component of how effective you are
personally and professionally. During this
presentation, discover how much individual
happiness can change, obtain easy-to-apply happiness skills for
increasing your physical and emotional health, and recognize how
your unique expressions of happiness can impact peers, family
members, and most importantly, YOU!
Dr. Hornak is a Professor Emeritus in Central Michigan University’s
Department of Counseling and Special Education, where she also
worked with students at CMU’s Counseling Center. She received
three Excellence in Teaching awards during her time at CMU for
her respect for students, her integrity, her professionalism, and a
vast knowledge of her field.
Dr. Hornak holds a doctorate in counseling psychology, and has
a particular interest in the issues women face throughout their
lifetime. She cares deeply about the needs of adolescent girls and
the influences that shape their emotional, spiritual and cognitive
development. As a licensed psychologist and a professional
counselor, both in private practice and in a psychiatric hospital
setting, she has worked with a broad range of client issues.
P lenary S essions
Monday, April 25 - Local leaders will facilitate round-table discussions on a
variety of business topics.
Tuesday, April 26 - A group of panelists from a variety of established young
professionals groups across the state will address the needs of YP groups in a
variety of stages:
1.) I don't have a young professionals group in my hometown -- what steps do
I need to take to get one started?
2.) The young professionals group in my hometown just got started -- what can
I do to help it grow?
Doug Berry
3.) The
professionals group in my hometown is well-established -- what
can I do to help keep members engaged and improve retention?
E ducation S ession D escriptions
Social Media in the Workplace:
How Does It Impact Productivity?
John Patterson, Associate Director,
Social Media | Search Optics, Detroit
Have you ever wondered if the impact of
social media and our constantly connected
lives affects our productivity in the office?
Today, everyone is expected to have some
type of presence on social media, but how
much exactly is ‘too much’? Is it hurting
your company’s bottom line or even your
own career? The correct way of dealing
with this phenomenon is having the right
approach. In this session, learn about the
advantages of social media usage in the
workplace and how a good social media
policy can actually help increase efficiency.
Protect Your Character: Motivation
& Character Development
Cathey Prudhomme, President & CEO |
Eagle Village, Inc., Hersey
Stress Less -- Learn More:
Take Control of the Stress in Life
Before it Controls You!
Building Resilience: Stress
Reduction Toolbox
Jenn Dubey, CPT, CNC, CWC, President
Evolve Corporate Wellness, DeWitt
Constant stress from personal and
professional demands affect our health.
Learning how to create more time for
fitness, food planning, relaxation and
laughter are just a few of the tools needed
to decrease our stress levels and improve
our overall health. Learn the eight tools you
must have in your toolbox when stress gets
the best of you. Learn the effects of stress
on your health and how to live proactively
in a high-stress society. You will also acquire
practical tools you can use to lower your
stress level and become a more productive
and healthy person!
First-Time Supervisors: How to
Efficiently Manage Employees
Leslie Fiorenzo, Director | Employee
Assistance Center, Grand Rapids
Dan Eversole, Past Senior VP, Human Resources
and Patrick Mease current VP, Human
Resources | Isabella Bank, Mt. Pleasant
Multiple changes can occur in all areas of
your life, including career, relationships,
home and family. How will you handle these
changes? What is “your story” and how has
it impacted the pursuit of your dreams and
goals? Develop the tools to use when difficult or unfair situations arise in your life.
Learn the strategies to turn difficulties into
opportunities that can change your perspective and shape your life for greatness!
Learn to stop negative stress before it starts,
create a culture of appreciation, and set the
stage for constructive conversations. Daily
interactions with each other build trust or
tear it apart. This program will provide you
with the action you can take that will make
a difference and will teach you how to shortcircuit destructive disagreement, extinguish
incivility and eliminate unconscious
behaviors that spark toxic power struggles
and cycles of mistrust; and finally, how to
set the stage for success when a difficult
conversation has to take place.
Becoming a leader at your organization
is a great step forward in your career,
but many admit the title comes with
challenges. The most cited challenges
include dealing with issues between coworkers, motivating team members, and
finding the resources needed to support
the team. In this session, attendees will
learn how to address these challenges,
and will leave with plenty of ideas,
recommendations, and how-to’s as a firsttime supervisor.
Using Social Media to
Market Efficiently
Energizing Your Life through
Sean Hickey, COO | PWB Marketing
Communications, Ann Arbor
There is no doubt that social media
technology facilitates content creation,
engagement, and analytics more
efficiently than any other technology
today. But as methods of obtaining
entertainment and information continue
to multiply, and audiences continue to
fragment, the biggest challenge becomes
not how to reach people, but how to reach
the right people most efficiently. In this
session, learn the best methods you can
implement now to take your current social
media program from good to outstanding.
Erik Simon, Assistant Director, Myers-­Briggs
Type Indicator® (MBTI®) Certified Facilitator
CMU Career Services, Mt. Pleasant
Whether you are actively searching for
new opportunities in your personal and
professional life, or have established a
solid foundation, there is still space to
passions in order to give them purpose.
Explore simple and creative methods
to learn more about your interests,
experiences and skills in order to find
your fit and unique balance in a variety
of settings.
How Design Influences Stress
and Productivity
Kathie Fuce-Hobohm, Owner/Dealer
Principal | SPACE, Inc., Midland
It’s a simple equation: great design =
less stress. Over 80% of Americans are
stressed out. While multiple factors
contribute, the layout, design and
organization of a space can have either
a positive or negative affect on an
individual’s quality of life. Learn how
to transform both commercial and
residential interiors to allow for greater
productivity and efficiency, while at
the same time improving culture and
reducing stress. In this session, we'll
discuss the power of great design and
how to make the most of your SPACE.
Join us for an evening of fun and
laughs! Enjoy stand-up comedy from
Comedian Andy Beningo, then stick around for
more drinks and laughs during our Team Trivia
Challenge, hosted by Andy and some of our
friends from Today's Best Music, 95.3 WCFX!
Named “BEST COMEDIAN” by the
Detroit Metro Times, Andy Beningo
is a regular guest on the nationally
syndicated Bob and Tom Radio Show.
He was a final 4 finalist on CMT’s Next
Big Comic, and has appeared on the
NBC affiliate show, Night Shift with
Kevin Ferguson. He was the warm up
act for Betty White at the Gilda Laugh
Festival in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Other festival appearances include
the Detroit Comedy Festival, and
the Great American Comedy Festival
where he performed at the Johnny Carson Theater. In 2012, he
was tapped to host the National College Competition presented
by TBS at both Michigan State and U of M.
Beningo works some of the top comedy clubs in the country,
including Dangerfield’s in New York City, Zanies in Chicago, the
Improv and Funny Bone Comedy Club chain. He regularly tours
with MAD-TV star Frank Caliendo, and has shared the stage
with his childhood hero Dave Coulier (Full House), the late
great Greg Giraldo, Saturday Night Live’s Jim Breuer, Comedy
Central’s Carlos Mencia and Maria Bamford, Last Comic
Standing winners John Heffron and Jon Reep, and comedy
legends Gilbert Gottfried, Jimmy Brogan, Emo Philips and many
Conference Agenda
Monday, April 25
Welcome, Coach John Bonamego,
Heach Coach, CMU Football
Opening Keynote, Don Tanner
Tanner Friedman Strategic
Education Session I
Education Session II
Education Session III
Roundtable Discussions
Dinner/Break Time
Entertainment – Comedian Andy
Beningo & Team Trivia Challenge
11:30 am – 12:00 pm
12:00 pm
12:30 pm
12:45 – 1:45 pm
2:00 – 2:45 pm
3:00 – 3:45 pm
4:00 – 4:45 pm
5:00 – 5:45 pm
6:00 – 7:00 pm
7:00 – 9:00 pm
Tuesday, April 26
Plenary Session; panel with statewide
young professional group leaders
Education Session IV
Education Session V
Education Session VI
Closing Keynote, Dr. Joan Hornak
Professor Emeritus, Central Michigan
8:00 – 8:45 am
9:00 – 9:45 am
10:00 – 10:45 am
11:00 – 11:45 am
12:00 – 12:45 pm
1:00 – 1:45 pm
2:00 – 3:00 pm
C onference S ponsors
*due to printing deadline, not all sponsors shown