Outfit your Rhino with accessories from Essex Manufacturing!


Outfit your Rhino with accessories from Essex Manufacturing!
Outfit your Rhino
with accessories from
Essex Manufacturing!
Essex Manufacturing offers quality accessories for
the Yamaha Rhino. Designed with durability and
long life in mind, our accessories stand out in the industry because of their reliability, ease-of-installation,
and effectiveness. From
Hardtops, to Windshields, to KevlarBelted
Tires we can take
you were you want
to go safely… and
bring you back.
Rhino Steel Hardtops
Plastic Windshields
Our Steel Hardtop features a
sun visor, rear panel and drip
rails to keep out the weather.
It’s finished with a durable powder coat.
Installation is easy and can be
accomplished in minutes. The
strong mounting system has
four clamps securing it to the
frame tubing. It is safe to trailer
at normal highway speeds.
Our durable “Snap-On” Plastic
Windshields are a quick and
easy way to add front protection
to your Rhino. The Snap-On system attaches the windshield to
the frame of the vehicle, making
a clean, finished look that is safe
to trailer at normal highway
speeds unlike other plastic windshields.
See reverse for our unique
Glass-Lift Windshield
Essex’s unique
Lift-Glass Windshield
Essex’s unique Lift-Glass Windshield is made with
tempered Automotive Safety Glass and opens easily to
allow for circulation. Our custom molded gasket fits between the hood and dash to provide a tight weather
Our one-of-a-kind “Snap-On” Sleeves hold the panel in
place without fasteners. Installation is simple and takes
only minutes, without tools! There are no holes to
weaken the plastic panel, and no clamps or fasteners to
break or get lost.
Drive with your windshield up or down and unlike other
windshields, ours can be towed at normal highway
Electric Wiper kit is also available.
Over 25,000 tires in service over the last eight
years, Essex SureFoot’s stand alone in the heavy
UTV industry. Our Kevlar-Belting resists punctures that are so common to other UTV tires and
“Stubbleguard” Rubber provide stability, load
ratings over 1100lbs per tire, Run-Flat Performance, and longer tread life. These unique features set our tires apart from the rest. Three
sizes available: 25”, 26”, & 27”.
Essex offers a variety of lighting
options for your Rhino. Our Visor
Lightbar features 3 bright Halogen
Lamps, the Bed Lights are also
Halogen, our roof -mounted
245,000 Candle Power Spotlight
is controllable from inside the cab,
and our Domelight mounts easily
to the underside of our Hardtop.
A 200 Watt, 4-Channel Stereo CD/
MP3 Player with a credit card sized
remote is also available from Essex,
dual 3-Way Speakers are also included as well as a mounting kit.
Easily mounts to most tops.

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