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Bombora TD TrainingDeck
Aggregate. Organize. Activate.
Bombora Partnership Data Team
Product and
Technical Support
Greg Herbst, VP
Programmatic Data &
Collin Ferrari
Audience Manager
Rob Armstrong
SVP Product & Technology
Strategic Partners
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347 414 4291
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(917) 853-6430
Bombora – Who and What is Trending
Demographics tells you Who
Strong: Predictive tells you Who has done What
“An advertisement is like a radar sweep constantly hunting new prospects
as they come into market. Get a good radar and keep it sweeping.”
…1963, David Olgivy, the father of Madison Avenue wrote in
“Confessions of an Advertising Man”
Data Methodology
Know How We Collect Our Data
Bombora Intent Topics and Predictive Signals - We tag thousands of b2b
sites and monitor their audiences for over 2300 intent signals across various
actions and content types:
Search Terms
Webinar & Trade Show sign ups
White Paper downloads
Bombora Demographic Data– We monitor Publisher audiences and convert
site visitors into demographic segments using several inputs:
Registration data
Cookies on Pub Websites
Proprietary IP to Company Mapping
Offline Data and Emails
All Domains All Topics
Web Analytics & Site Personalization
And Optimization
Identify Unknown and Traffic to right
landing pages
Modeling, Custom Segments
and Testing
Enhance segmentation and modeling capabilities using
business demographics
Test different site content based on business
demographics of site visitors.
Combine 1st and 3rd party Data
Ad Targeting
Account Based Marketing
Display campaigns + Programmatic data
usage through exchanges; DSPs,
Agencies; DMPs and marketing
technology stack
Company target list; custom company
topic surge segments with
a timley refresh