SR3600 Product Brochure



SR3600 Product Brochure
The Most Versatile, Cost Effective
Radar System Available
The SR3600 Radar Gun is a precision training
instrument for coaches, players and enthusiasts.
Read accurate ball and swing speeds for various
sports, including but not limited to: baseball,
softball, tennis, bowling, golf, auto racing, and
more. The SR3600 is full featured, reliable, durable
and easy to use. Just point and pull the trigger
and the target speed is displayed. Our advanced
microprocessor based speed detection calculates
speeds in just a few feet of target travel.
Sports Radar is the pioneer of the Hands Free
Mode which allows an individual to read the speed
of various targets for training purposes without
another person being present. Our Data Port is a
feature not found on any other radar gun in this
class. The Data Port enables the use of our large
displays for remote viewing or for connection to a
PC/Laptop for statistics tracking. The SR3600 is
the best price/performance radar gun available.
Optional Display
Speed Range: 10 to 250 MPH
Lightweight high impact resistant design
Point and Shoot technology
Range: typically 60' on balls, 1,000' on cars
Resolution + or - 1 MPH
Displays speeds in MPH or Km/H
Trigger or Continuous modes
Tripod Mount
Data Port
External Power Jack
Audio Indicator
Standard 9V battery operation (2 required)
Battery life: 20 hours
Low Battery Indicator
Weight: 1.5 lbs.
Optional Tripod
1 Year Limited Warranty
Battery Compartment
3 Digit Speed Display
Data Port
External Power
Supply Input
Power ON/OFF and
Mode Select Switch
MPH or Km/H Speed
Unit Indicators
Sports Radar Ltd.
9119 W. Veterans Drive
Homosassa, FL 34448
Tel: 352.563.5298
Fax: 352.563.5979
©2006 Sports Radar Ltd.
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