Multanova 6F - Traffic Technology 2000


Multanova 6F - Traffic Technology 2000
Traffic radar unit with automatic photo registration
Product advantages MULTANOVA 6F
Mature and proven technology
Reliable microprocessor technology
Rear installation in almost any type of passenger car
Selective traffic lane measurements also from bridges
Unambiguous driver recognition on frontal photographs
Use in MultaGuard container
PC Card data storage
Extensive range of lenses for needle-sharp
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Multanova 6F
Mature technology for an effective speed monitoring
The traffic radar unit 6F has
proven its worth in traffic monitoring worldwide. Varied measuring and application possibilities permit its universal use.
• For stationary speed monitoring of arriving and departing
traffic either from the left or
right roadside, mounted into
the rear of a station wagon.
A mobile use as radar car for
speed control in flowing traffic
(moving radar) is also possible,
inconspicuous and without
obstructing or endangering the
flow of traffic.
• Use of attached magazines
with a capacity of up to 800
• Parabolic radar antenna permits selective traffic lane measurements from bridges
• Automatic aperture control
(only useful when photographs are taken from the rear
with white flash)
• Unambiguous driver identification on frontal photographs
• Independent of the vehicle on
a special tripod.
• As radar attachment container
Special 6F features
• Mature, reliable microprocessor
technology with self-test program
The MULTANOVA 6F is easy and
uncomplicated to start and operate. In next to no time, the
microprocessor-controlled system is ready for measurement
and operates automatically after
initial set-up.
For stationary measurements
with the aerial installed inside
the vehicle, it is only necessary to
align the radar car parallel to the
roadside. The aerial measuring
angle, the camera‘s picture angle
and flash angle are automatically
given. When used on a tripod or
as MultaGuard container, the
aerial is aligned at right angles to
the traffic lane. Thanks to the
small size of the instrument, it
can be built into almost any vehicle without a problem.
Data recording
The ROBOT MultiScript system
records the measured speed and
all other relevant data above the
negative, so that it is possible to
use the entire image field without restriction to record the traffic situation.
The excellent picture quality with
clearly legible licence plate number and the perfect recognizability of the driver guarantee a
trouble-free and evidential evaluation and processing of recorded
traffic violations.
• Automatic selection of passenger cars and trucks with separately adjustable limit speeds
when measuring departing
• Neutral MultaGuard front
panel, suitable for an individual
design that meets the safety
• Extensive range of lenses (75,
100, 150 mm)
• Shutter speed 1/1000 s for
needle-sharp photographs
• Unambiguous allocation of
speed and measured vehicle
• Remote control and execution
of the observant measuring
operation via a control unit
(cable length up to 60 m)
• Parallel storage of recorded
data on PC Card (through this
highest data integrity during
computer-aided evaluation of
films, use of data for statistical
• MultaGuard container in federal motorway design with
additional current input sockets
for PowerBox connection to
increase the battery capacity
The TraffiDesk system with highperformance scanner and direct
interfaces is available for evaluation and processing of the different regulatory offence proceedings.

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