Bushnell Speedster Radar Gun (model 10-1911)


Bushnell Speedster Radar Gun (model 10-1911)
We offer two types of Radar Guns that can be used for:
• Physics students to understand the Laws of Motion, Speed
Measurements, the Doppler Effect and Speed Enforcement
• Sports students to measure tennis serves, bowling and pitching
speeds (for cricket, baseball, softball)
• Schools and Mining Companies to use for conducting speed
measurements and safety audits on roads surrounding their sites
• Schools to use for HPV (Human Powered Vehicle) races, cycling
or solar challenges.
Bushnell Speedster Radar Gun (model 10-1911)
measures speeds from 16 - 322 km/h at a range of up to 450 metres. The
Speedster has LCD graphics display, pistol grip and shows the highest speed
at the release of the trigger. The Speedster provides non-evidential speed
accuracy (+/- 1.5 km/h) and the option to select between km/h or mph
readouts. The unit is powered by 2C size batteries (not included) and comes
with a draw-string pouch and instruction guide.
Pocket Radar™
is an incredible tool for
anyone interested in how fast something is
moving. It discreetly measures speeds from 11
- 600 km/h but can also measure in miles per
hour (MPH), meters per second (m/s) or even
feet per second. The accuracy is +/- 2 km/h.
Pocket Radar is powered by 2 x AAA batteries
(not included) and can take up to 10,000 speed
measurements on a set of batteries.
If your school enrols in either the Physics in Motion: Science Program or Safe Drive Test
Drive: Young Driver Safety Program you can purchase a Speedster Radar Gun for the
discounted price of $335.00 (inc GST and delivery in Australia). A saving of $50 off the RRP

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