Gurunam Singh Sacred Chant Concert


Gurunam Singh Sacred Chant Concert
in honor of Guru Ram Das’
Birthday weekend:
Gurunam Singh Sacred
Chant Concert
October 8, 2016
7:30-9:30 pm
$30 one ticket
$55 two tickets
by Oct 3
$40/ticket thereafter
“Hope is not a prediction
of the future.
It’s a declaration of what
is possible.”
- Yogi Bhajan
Beloved for his smooth, rich voice, Gurunam`s music takes you deep into the heart of the sacred
sound current. Drench yourself in Gurmukhi Kundalini Yoga mantras and devotional songs that
weave together Gurunam`s folk musical style with a fusion of Indian and Western themes.
This creates music you will want to hear, and sing, endlessly.
Reserve Guest Space to Make it a Weekend! Family Constellations Workshop 9-4:30 Oct. 8.
Special Sadhana Sunday morning Oct 9 in Honor of Guru Ram Das’ Birthday.