Newsletter 383 Friday 17th October 2014 @HollyGrovePSch


Newsletter 383 Friday 17th October 2014 @HollyGrovePSch
Newsletter 383
Friday 17th October 2014
T olerance
O wnership
R espect
C o-operation
H appiness
Well Done, we are all very proud of you!
Alfie Reynolds for excellent work in Maths, adding
2 numbers together and fantastic shape work.
Poppy Wellington for being very helpful and
considerate in the classroom.
Declan Mason for creative moves and excellent
dancing during our PE warm up,
Emily Yeomans and Milly Cantrill for excellent
reading this week.
Ryan Warner, Harry Small, Charlie Tully, Megan
Parkes, Eve Service, Scarlett McGowan, Rihanna
O’Brien, Abigail Hearn, Grace Allison, Lily
Allison, Oscar Brennan, Isobel Corbett, Milly
Cantrill, Jasmin Gould, Tyler Holland, Kayden
Coyne and Poppy Wellington for being Super
Spellers and getting full marks 3 weeks in a row.
Erin Procter for fantastic reading this week..
To all of Year 3 and 4 for putting in a super
effort and performing a beautiful Harvest Festival.
TORCH will continue after half term
Whole School Attendance for September
94.06% - just below the 95% target for Staffordshire.
We had 23 late arrivers - Please try to get to
school BEFORE the gates close as this will be a
late on the register.
Please remember to phone the school office EVERY day of absence for illness - as we need to keep
our registers correct.
Thank you.
Parents Drop Ins
Tuesday 21st 3.30pm - 5pm &
Wednesday 22nd October 4pm - 6pm
These drop in sessions are for you to meet the teachers to find out how your child has settled into
their new class or year group. If you need to see the teachers about a particular issue please
contact the office to arrange an appointment for another time. Books are not on display for these
sessions. The pupil profiles will be sent out on Friday 7th November - if you wish to see a teacher
regarding something in profile you have an opportunity to request an appointment within your
parents comments and the teachers will arrange a time to see you.
Thank you
W/C : 20th October 2014
Monday: Hot Dog or Pasta Bake
Tuesday: Beef Lasagne or Homemade Pizza
Wednesday: Cottage Pie or Macaroni Cheese
Thursday: Roast turkey & Stuffing or Vegetable and Cheese Risotto
Friday: Crispy Fishcake & Chips or Vegetarian Sausage Roll & Chips
The children found a hedgehog on the Key Stage 2 playground on Tuesday. Harriet
is now at Staffordshire
Hedgehog and Garden Bird
Rescue in Great Wyrley over
winter. She may come back
to us when she's put on
weight. The children can follow her on Facebook at
Hedgehog and Garden Bird
Rescue (Staffordshire).
Diary Dates
21st Oct—Parents Drop in Evening 3.30—
22nd Oct—Parents Drop In Evening 4 –6
23rd Oct—School Photographs
23rd Oct—School Disco
School Disco
Optional Halloween Costume
Thursday 23rd Oct
Rec and Year 1/2: 4:15-5:15pm
Year 3-6: 5:30-6:45pm
£1.50 entrance includes
Non-payment will result in
Reception parents need to stay
with your children.
27th Oct—31st October—HALF TERM
7th Nov—Profiles out to parents
21st Nov—Reception Craft Afternoon
27th Nov—Theatre Company Cinderella
28th Nov—Christmas Faye 4-6pm
5th Dec—Holly Groves Got Talent 7pm