- Calvary Christian Center Ministry


- Calvary Christian Center Ministry
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October 25, 2009
Sunday School.
10:00 am
Sunday Morning Worship ..................•. 10:30 am
Wednesday Evening Services
7:00 pm
Totally Redee:med
Of Christ
Ages 13 & Up
Wednesdays @ 7PM
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)rowling Wolves and Spiritual
Milton Skipper - Oct. 25 Ronnie Graves - Oct. 25
Janie Richmond - Oct. 29 Chase Thompson - Oct. 31
We have gotten accustomed
) the blurred puffs of gray fog
rat pass for doctrine in churches
nd expect nothing better. From
ome previously unimpeachable, unequivocally on the side of truth.
ources are now coming vague , Th~y say they believe, but their
tat~ments consisting of a milky
bell.efsha~e been so diluted as to
dmixture of Scripture, science
be Impossible to clear definition.,
nd human sentiment that is tr~e : Moral power has always
) none of its ingredie'hts because accompanied definite beliefs.
ach one works to cancel the
Great saints have always been
thers out.
dogmatic. We need a return to I
Little by little Christians these
a gentle dogmatism that smiles
ays are being brainwashed.
while it stands stubborn and firm
)ne evidence is that increasing
on the Word of God that lives al~d
umbers of them are becoming
abides forever.
shamed to be found
This is the commandment, that
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Church Family
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No cVt~LiXyelA 1A.V\c:ler tVte Clge
"Octo6er Anniversaries"
(Bonnie e:l Steplien Severn - Oct. 4 Cassie c{(.jJ.aronSevern - Oct. 9
Jim tSl. qaiCftt~ns - Oct. 22 :Martin tSl. (}Jetty tz'o{{i,ver- Oct. 22
HaC <'it CZ'erri Smitli - Oct. 24
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New pictures recently added
as you have heard from the
beginning, you should walk in it:
For many deceivers have gone
out into the world .... He who I
abides in the doctrine ot-Ctuist
has both the Father and the SO(1.
(2 John 6-7, 9)
~ \
-A. W. Tozer \
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Nancy Pursch- Austin Cook -Loyd Richmond -Brica Matthews
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Jeremy Skidmore - Dennis Smith -Margaret Gargiulo -Cheryl BoBo
Larry King - Linda Snidow - Melody Barnes - Bob Pimberton
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