Consumption current and future
Transportation Facts
• In 2004, transportation
accounted for 27% of all energy
consumed in the U.S.
• However, it accounts for 67% of
petroleum consumed in the
U.S. annually.
• 97% of all energy used for
transportation comes from
petroleum products.
• Energy consumption for
transportation is growing by
1.5% annually.
• In 1994, there were around 400 million
cars in the world. At that time it was
estimated that number would rise to
around a billion by 2024. It will take 2-2.5
times the amount of energy currently used
to power these new vehicles.
• While we have discussed the possibility
of an energy shortfall within the next fifty
years, The Financial Times reported that
Saudi Arabia has privately said that
OPEC would begin falling short of oil
demands by 2020.
• The average vehicle
produced in 2004 got
20.8 miles to the
gallon according to the
• In the late 1980’s the
average vehicle got
22.1 miles to the
• Land transportation accounts for 85% of all the
energy used for transportation.
• Maritime transportation accounts for between 35% of energy used for transportation.
• Air travel uses only 5% percent of the energy
used for transportation. However, it transports
only 0.5% of passenger kilometers. The
average cars on the highway is about 35% more
efficient than the average car
Energy consumed In Petajoules
• It is projected that by 2100 the world will
be consuming ten times the amount of
energy it is today. Transportation energy
consumption is expected to rise to 40% of
that of amount. If we are going to be able
to meet that need we will need to look
towards alternate sources of energy.
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