ICT October Newsletter File


ICT October Newsletter File
El Alsson School
Our Dear Students,
Developing Successful 21st Century Citizens
Mrs. Marwa
Mrs. Knutson
Welcome to Grade One! Your first year in the Elementary School.
We were very happy to meet you, and are looking forward to a new year, with lots of
fun. We are excited about learning new and interesting things together.
There is a lot of excitement ahead of us, including new books to read, new friends to
meet and new skills to explore! We look forward to sharing all of these exciting
events with you!
Mrs. Marwa & Mrs. Knutson
Please book your calendar for parents’ orientation day
which will be held on Wednesday, October 2nd at 3:45 ,
a reminder note will be sent home with the students. This is
a chance to see your child's classroom and familiarize
yourself with the curriculum, books, and classroom routines.
We believe that the cooperation of parents and teachers is
the key to making the year a successful one for your
children. Please try to make it.
We look forward to seeing you all.
• Oct.2 - Parent Orientation
•Oct. 6- Armed Forces Day
- Anti-Bullying Week
• Oct. 11- 20 -Eid El Adha Holiday
• Oct. 24 – Pizza Day (please send exact change)
- Grade 1 Sitara Trip
• Oct. 29- After School Activities begin
• Oct. 31 – Halloween Costume Day
Quote of the Month:
Children must be taught how to think, not
what to think.”
- Margaret Mead
Have fun with this
spelling activity:
Our first story is ‘PetTricks’ This story
takes place at a pet show where all the
pets do tricks. A puppy named Frizz can
jump over a bat. I wonder if a lizard and
a kitten can do interesting tricks, too!
This Week’s Skills
Comprehension: character and setting
Our second selection is the non-fiction ‘Soccer’
Students will understand that authors write to
tell a story or to give us information. Soccer
takes a lot of teamwork.
This Week’s Skills
author’s purpose
Our third story is ‘Animal Moms and Dads’. This selection tells how animal moms and dads
care for their babies. Animal moms can bring their babies food. Animal dads can get the
bugs out of their baby’s fur coat! Animal moms and dads take care of their babies like you
take care of your children!
This Week’s Skills:
main idea and details
History &
History &
We will be discussing animals and
classifying them according to variations
in specific physical features. We will also
describe how those features may provide
an advantage for survival in different
Skill: -- Classify
We will relate counting to addition
& subtraction (e.g. by counting on 2
to add 2). We will also solve word
problems that
call for addition of three
whole numbers .
Now and Then
How did our grandparents
live? What were their schools
like? What did they do for
fun? What did they do with
no TV? No computers?!...
Please start collecting
pictures of family members
and tell children stories
about your childhood
experiences in school.
Grandparents get ready
for interviews.
Skills: Compare and
•Bring plenty of water
especially on P.E. day.
•Label your uniform, P.E.
kit and personal
•Always have a full pencil
• Bring healthy food to
• Sleep early.
We will be