saint john`s hospital - Hungarian Medical Care company for the



saint john`s hospital - Hungarian Medical Care company for the
Saint John’s Hospital is the legal successor of the resolution adopted by the general assembly of
Budapest city on 28th of June 1887. The resolution established a 300 beds hospital, which was
named after Saint John. The hospital is the only comprehensive medical institute, where all areas
of modern medicine is found, except Cardiosurgery.
Otolaryngology and Stomatoplasty Department- ENT
The in-patient care department includes wide range of treatments from Otolaryngology and head
and neck surgery( all areas) diseases, through tonsillectomy, garget to thyroidsurgery. The ENT
doctors come with excellent qualifications, extensive practice -also from abroad -, are respected
and very much liked by the patients.
Traumatology section operates at the department.
The oral surgery section belongs to the ENT Department, and it is the leading oral surgery unit in
the area. The well-equipped division consists of 22 beds and includes an out-patient care unit.
Pediatric Surgery and Traumatology Department
At the first time in the history of our hospital, the Pediatric Surgery and Traumatology Department
was established in 1957, however it was operating only with 40 beds and with out-patient care. In
Budapest, we offer unique on-duty medical health care service every day of the week, in 24
hours.- except Mondays.
Next to our operating rooms, the Intensive Care Unit is specialised in pediatric health care, utilizing
4 beds and conducts its treatments with medical specialists.
The scope of the clinic’s services also includes Pediatric Surgery specialisation, Traumatology,
Urology, Gastroenterology, Plastic surgery, Ortopedics and Pediatric neurology.
The Pediatric surgery has an examplary, friendly, cooperative and helpful relationship with all
departments, but among all we would like to highlight the following branches: Pediatric health
care, Ophthalmology and Stomatoplasty, furthermore to mention the grateful help of the Pediatric
Cardiology Centre.
The greatest advantage of our institute is that all medical branches are available during the
on-duty medical health care, if needed for special cases.
Infertility Centre of Buda
One of the most important, independent occupational areas of the Infertility Centre of Buda is the
problem of infertility and failed pregnancies. Fully comprehensive examination is ensured by the
laboratoric and UH-diagnostic sections and the endoscopic centre that carries out the most
laparoscopic and hysteroscopic operations in Hungary. Interventions of this type belong to the so
called minimal-invasive forms of medical attendance. The centre operates as a seperate
department within a 1800 beds hopsital. The Centre conducts its treatment activities as a
The reproductive centre has achieved unique results at IVF treatment, the rate of clinical
pregnancies is excess of 40 %, and the rate of new born babies is 30%.
The Department provides a wide coverage
of services for most ophthalmic conditions,
except keratectomy. Services include:
General ophthalmology, Cornea and eye
surface diseases service (conservative and
surgical), Glaucoma service, Cataract
operations, Vitreoretinal service, Uveitis
service, Dacriology service, eyelid plastic
surgery and pediatric ophthalmology
address: 10 street 7 Amarat, Khartoum
phone: +249 183 460 115
email: [email protected]
[email protected]

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