Table Kushion #5050... copy


Table Kushion #5050... copy
“Because Kids Will Be Kids!”
Table Kushion
Model 5050/5051/5052
1. Thoroughly clean surface area using rubbing alcohol on table surfaces and the inside of
foam Kushion.
2. Remove backing for tape. Apply tape to inside surface of corner Kushion. Each corner
requires 3 pieces of tape.
3. Remove backing from applied tape and position corner. Press and rub firmly to adhere.
Proceed to step #4 to attach edge Kushion. Allow several hours for adhesive to bond.
** Start here if no corners are needed
4. Measure amount of foam needed. Cut to length with scissors or kitchen knife making sure
to get a straight cut.
5. Start on one end of foam and roll tape out along one edge only. Press tape firmly onto foam
as you go. Cut off tape as needed. Do not stretch foam.
6. Gradually pull backing from tape and attach foam Kushion to top of surface. Press and rub
firmly as you go. Allow several hours for tape to bond.
* Not for use on fireplace hearths.
* Safe for most surfaces.
Because all furniture finishes are diferent, we cannot
guarantee furniture finishes, only softer edges.
This product is not a substitute for adult supervision.
Questions - Please call 1-800-845-9236 or visit
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Distributed by KidKusion Inc.
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This product is not a toy. Do not allow
children to play with it.

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