Mikey Hart Memorial Scholarship


Mikey Hart Memorial Scholarship
P 2/3
Mikey Hart Memorial Scholarship
P.O. Box 436
Belington, WV 26250
(304) 823-2991
I ,!l!i
t· ~\V v JI',!'
(~) yl !liPO,
'. I :.~1\
Date of Birth:
Phone #:
Grade Point Average (Cumulative): _~~
Year of HSGraduation: _~
What school are you attending now, if any?
School Accepted: ~
~ __
What is your intended field of study?
What is your relationship with Fire &/or EMS Services?
Why are you deserving of this scholarship and how will it help you?
Goals & Aspirations:~
School &/or Community
U Please see attached
scholarship guidelines. Please attach required, typed essay to the back of this
application. The Mikey Hart Memorial Scholarship Fund provides equal opoortunttv to prospective and
current applicants solely on the basis of quality and merit without regard to race, religion, age, sex,
national origin, or disability, and in full compliance of all federal and state laws.
Mikev Hart Memorial Scholarship Guidelines
Student must live in WV with 1sr considerations to Barbour and/or
Randolph Co. applicants.
Student must be seeking education in Fire Fighting and/or Paramedic, may
be Fire Dept. or EMS affiliated themselves, or be a child 0/ a Fire Fighter. An
applicant that is affiliated with said dept. as above, or that is a Fire Fighter's
child may choose their field of study.
Student must be enrolling in a credible college or school.
Student must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher. Student with lower GPA may
submit a letter of consideration with their application.
Student must submit a 250 to 300 word essay explaining why they want to
be a Fire Fighter and/or Paramedic. All others that apply must submit an
essay explaining why they have chosen their field of study. All applicants
must also include how community service has influenced their lives, in their
Scholarship will not be limited to High School Students. All applicants must
be eligible to apply at a credible college or school (see guideline 3),
Winning recipients may reapply for this scholarship annually; guidelines 2,
3, & 4 will still apply. This applicant may be asked for further information as
needed. This applicant will be resubmitted into the selection process with
all other applicants, and mayor may not be reselected for this award.
Deadline for our applications will be on April 30th• Scholarship announcement(s)
will be made by the second week of May, or at a chosen recipient's school awards
assembly (TBA) when able. Amounts of scholarship(s) may vary. Our scholarships
awarded must be made out to the recipient's college/school of choice.
If no applications are received for this scholarship, we reserve the right to give
any monies available to our choice of Fire Depts. and/or EMS Agencies for their
continued training needs, if so desired, for that year.
P 3{3

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