You are in good company



You are in good company
Help your organization compete
in the global marketplace
Many of the world’s most successful organizations use the TOEIC tests to help
make some of their most important business decisions. In fact, more than 9,000
businesses, government agencies, schools and English-language learning programs
in 90 countries rely on the TOEIC tests to hire, place and train people with the
English-language skills to succeed.
In today’s global economy, effective English-language communication can give your
organization a competitive edge. Recognized and respected worldwide, the TOEIC
tests set the standard for assessing English proficiency in the workplace.
Unmatched quality means fair, valid and reliable scores
The TOEIC Listening and Reading test and the TOEIC Speaking and Writing tests
are designed to provide meaningful feedback about test takers’ strengths and
weaknesses. These are some of the reasons why you can trust TOEIC test scores:
• Test
content is based on real-life workplace situations that are relevant to
global organizations
• The scoring process is held to the highest quality-control standards
• A standardized testing process ensures reliable scores that can be compared
across countries and regions
• Rigorous security measures throughout the testing process protect score integrity
• S tandardized testing conditions provide all test takers with an equal opportunity
to demonstrate their skills
Fair, valid and reliable TOEIC test scores can help you make the right
business decisions.
Build a more
effective workplace
To learn more about the TOEIC tests and how
they can benefit your organization:
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ontact your local ETS Preferred Network
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• E-mail [email protected]
You are in good company
when you use the TOEIC tests
More than 5 million TOEIC tests were administered in 2008.
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Join the thousands of global
organizations that use the TOEIC tests
Here is a just a sampling of the more than 9,000 organizations worldwide that use
the TOEIC tests to help make some of their most important business decisions.
National Drilling Company-NDC
(United Arab Emirates)
Asiana Airlines (South Korea)
Panasonic Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (Singapore)
Panasonic Group (Japan)
Petrovietnam Exploration Production
Corporation (PVEP) (Vietnam)
Accenture (Spain)
Agora SA (Poland)
Air Liquide (Spain)
Alcatel-Lucent (France)
Alma Consulting Group (Poland)
Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) (Indonesia)
Pfizer Taiwan (Taiwan)
Altadis Polska S.A. (Poland)
Bristol-Myers Squibb Thailand (Thailand)
PT GMF Aero Asia (Indonesia)
Areva (France)
China Airlines Taiwan (Taiwan)
Rawd Al-Saleheen Bilingual
School-Kuwait (Kuwait)
Gaz De France (France)
Fachhochshule (Germany)
GlaxoSmithKline (Spain)
Gucci (France)
Siemens (France)
Hochland Polska Sp. z.o.o. (Poland)
Telekomunikacja Polska (Poland)
Honda of the UK Manufacturing (HUM)
Thomson (France)
(United Kingdom)
ThyssenKrupp Stahl Services Center
Grupo Bimbo (Mexico)
Holcim Apasco (Mexico)
International Paper (Poland)
Toyota (Poland)
AstraZeneca (France)
Kopalnia Bazaltu Lubien (Poland)
Treves (France)
Instituto Technologico de Buenos Aires
(ITBA) (Argentina)
AXA (Poland)
KPMG (Germany)
Renault Samsung Motors (South Korea)
Unilever (Poland)
Baker Atlas (United Kingdom)
La Banque de France (France)
China Southern Airlines (China)
Ritsumeikan University (Japan)
Univation, Ltd. (United Kingdom)
Banco Popular (Spain)
Lafarge (Poland, Germany)
Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine
Engineering (South Korea)
S-Oil Corporation (South Korea)
Vattenfall Europe (Germany)
Banesto (Spain)
Lafarge Cement (Czech Republic)
Pacific Gateway International
College (Canada)
Vattenfall Heat Poland S.A. (Poland)
Bank Gospodarki Zywnosciowej S.A. (Poland)
La Marine Nationale (France)
PricewaterhouseCoopers (Brazil)
Dalian Software Park (China)
Thai Airways International Public
Company (Thailand)
Veritas AG (Germany)
Dokkyo University (Japan)
Legrand (France)
Saint Mary School (Costa Rica)
Toshiba Corporation (Japan)
Bank Zachodni WBK S.A. (Poland)
Warbud S.A. (Poland)
Dongkuk Steel Mill Co., Ltd. (South Korea)
LEK SA (Poland)
Seneca College (Canada)
Toyota Motor Corporation (Japan)
Beaufour Ipsen (France)
Weleda AG (Germany)
ExxonMobil (Indonesia)
Leroy Merlin Polska Sp. z o.o. (Poland)
Shell Mexico (Mexico)
United Microelectrics Corporation (Taiwan)
Berner Deutschland (Germany)
W.L. Gore & Associates (Germany)
Fujitsu Limited (Japan)
LG Electronics (Poland)
Yellow Pages Group (Canada)
Universitas Internasional Batam (Indonesia)
Berner GmbH (Austria)
Yves Saint Laurent (France)
Garmin Taiwan (Taiwan)
L’Oréal (France)
Xerox (Brazil)
Vietnam Air Navigation Services
Corporation (VANSCORP) (Vietnam)
Bertelsmann (Germany)
BL Stream (Poland)
Nissan Motor Company UK (NMUK)
BNP Paribas (France)
(United Kingdom)
BRE Bank-Service Point (Poland)
Novartis Poland Sp. z o.o. (Poland)
Banco de Mexico (Mexico)
China National Offshore Oil
Corporation (China)
Gemadept Corporation (Vietnam)
GEOS Language Center Pte Ltd (Singapore)
Waseda Shibuya Senior High
School (Singapore)
Iberia (Spain)
The Americas
Hiroshima University (Japan)
Waseda University (Japan)
CAE (Spain)
Nurnberg (Germany)
Huawai Tech Investment Co., Ltd. (Kuwait)
Wistron Corporation (Taiwan)
Chaucer College (United Kingdom)
Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne (Poland)
Centro Educativo San Miguel Arcangel
(Colegio Saint Michael) (Costa Rica)
Huawei Technologies (M) Sbn Bhd (Malaysia)
World Expo 2010 Shanghai (China)
Continental Automotive Service (Poland)
PPG Polifarb Cieszyn S.A. (Poland)
École de langues, Université (Canada)
Hynix Semiconductor (South Korea)
Zakum Developing Company-ZADCO
Proctor & Gamble (Spain)
Fed Ex Express (Argentina)
Hyundai Engineering & Construction
Co., Ltd. (Kuwait)
(United Arab Emirates)
Continental Automotive Systems (Germany)
Credit Agricole (France)
PTK Centertel (Poland)
Fundacion Costa Rica Multilingue (Costa Rica)
Red Electrica (Spain)
Gerente General (Costa Rica)
Deutsche Telekom AG (Germany)
Renault (France, Germany, Poland,
Hyundai Motor Company (South Korea)
Deutsche Bank (Poland)
ITB Language Center (Indonesia)
Aifa International Egypt (Egypt)
Durham Teikyo University of Japan
Kinki University (Japan)
École Supérieure des
Communications (Tunisia)
Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (South Korea)
Korean Air (South Korea)
LG Electronics (South Korea)
LP Displays Indonesia (Indonesia)
LPMK Tourism Management
Development Center (Indonesia)
Meiji University (Japan)
Ministry of Higher Education (Jordan)
Motorola Electronics Co., Ltd. (China)
Institut Supérieur des Etudes
Technologiques en Communications
de Tunis (ISET’Com) (Tunisia)
Institut Supérieur des Etudes
Appliquees en Humanities de
Zaghoun-Universite de Tunis (Tunisia)
MobiNil (Egypt)
Nahda University (Egypt)
Sinai University (Egypt)
(United Kingdom)
United Kingdom)
Repsol YPF (Spain)
École des Hautes Etudes Commerciales
de Paris (HEC) (France)
Rockwell Automation (Poland)
École des Mines (France)
Schenker Sp. z o.o. (Poland)
Eurilogic (Poland)
Schott AG (Germany)
FOM-Fachhochshule fur Oekonomie
und Management (Germany)
France Telecom (France)
Sanofi-Pasteur (France)
IPADE Business School (Mexico)
Merck Quimica Argentina (Argentina)

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