A Second Chance for a New Life


A Second Chance for a New Life
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A d v e r t i s e m e n t
P.O. Box 192378 Dallas, TX 75219
Phone: 214-965-0935
Fax: 214-965-9561
Website: www.newfriendsnewlife.org
Katie Pedigo
North Texas
New Friends New Life rescues and restores trafficked teen
girls and sexually exploited women and their children.
We assist women in overcoming backgrounds of abuse,
addiction, poverty, and limited opportunities by providing
access to education, job training, interim financial assistance,
and spiritual support.
Robin Bagwell
Suzanne Baird
Nancy Best
Kimberly Clifton
Kathleen Fischer
Nancy Ann Hunt
Patty Langdale
Patricia LaSalle
Pat Lawson
Wendy Messmann
Deb Outlaw
Carolyn Pool Kiley
Pat Schenkel
Paula Stein
Kay Thomason
Gail Turner
Donna Webster
Advisory Board
A Second Chance
for a New Life
New Friends New Life Second Chance Job Program
New Friends New Life is committed to helping women with
limited skills and work experience transition into conventional
employment. Through an intensive case-management program,
NFNL pre-screens women for the serious motivation it takes
to make this transition and then provides the educational and
employment skills necessary for the workplace.
Options for Businesses:
•Permanent Placements
•Temporary Assignments
Deanna Beauchamp
Marla Boone
Shanteí Buckley
Meredith Camp
Laura Barker Carlock
John Castle
Martha Coniglio
Heather Bell Cooper
Carol Crisp
Joy Duncan
To partner with NFNL in the Second Chance
Job Program contact: Kelly Cruse, [email protected]
newfriendsnewlife.org or 214.965.0935 ext. 306
December 14-20, 2012 | Dallas Business Journal | dallasbusinessjournal.com
Linda McFarland
Tom Mills
Fred Orr
Jan Osborn
Traci Owen
Sister Mary Anne
Emily Parker
Rena Pederson
Jeanne Phillips
Susan Robb
Lillie Romano
Pete Schenkel
Carol Seay
John Siburt
Grant Stinchfield
Sue Strauss
Melissa Tonn
R. Gerald Turner, Chair
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Jessica Waugh
Jane Wetzel
Kimberly Schlegel
Peggy Pepper Wilkinson
Carrie Williams
Judith K. Williams
Angela Turner Wilson
Joyce Wright
Jeanne Wyatt
Circle of Friends Board
Meredith Camp
Lisa Autry
Julie Bagley
Gina Betts
Peggy Bounds
Lauren Brundage
Jim Burnett
Jennifer Buxton
Resources for Businesses
•No cost workforce options
•Pre-screened, highly motivated candidates
•Pre-employment training or education
•Continuing education during employment
•Coaching support to insure success
Jan Dunn
Bryan Eck
Mary Farr
Elba Garcia
Vicky Gunning
Harlin D. Cooter Hale
Candy Hill
Larry James
Sophia Dowl Johnson
Ashlee Kleinert
Tonya Carroll
Christy Carter
Leigh Anne Haugh
Chad Holt
Laura Johnson
Connie Kleinert
Ashlee Kleinert
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Amy Martinez
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Bret Pedigo
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