Winter 2013 • Volume 26, Issue 1


Winter 2013 • Volume 26, Issue 1
Volume 26
Issue 1
Gerrie Oliver
Cindi Bossart, VMD
Vice President
Krista Hansen
COLLIES… Vice President
Nancy McDonald
Mary Hunter
The Officers and
William K. Brokken, MD
Jane Clymer
David Hansen, DVM
Helga Kane
Gayle Kaye
Nancy Kelso, DVM
Debbie Holland
Robette Johns
Pat Jung
Nancy Van Note
Membership Chair:
Nancy Van Note
Newsletter Editor:
Mary Hunter
From the President, Gerrie Oliver
60 Columbus Ave, Closter, NJ 07624-2455
Phone: 201-768-1282/Email: [email protected]
Collie Health Foundation is already off to a great start for 2013!
Membership renewals are in and new membership has increased already.
Welcome to all our new members.
The benefits of membership have never been better. Rebates have been extended!
CHF will continue the 2012 rebate of $50 per PRA test by Optigen for CHF
members through 12/31/13. In addition, the Board approved an additional
rebate of $50 per CEA test from Optigen for CHF members through 12/31/13
and a rebate of $20 per MDR-1 test from Washington State University for CHF
members through 12/31/13. For the benefit of all our collies, we encourage you
to take advantage of these great savings opportunities. See
for details.
By the way, did you read the CCA Bulletin article by Corporator Michele Brane on
how to navigate your way through CHF’s website? It is a good idea to take the
time to go through each drop down menu to discover more about our activities.
If you’re still not sure, sign up for the Breeder’s Education Seminar at the National
to let Board Member Pat Jung point you in the right direction. Thanks to Michele
and Pat for their guidance and to Krista Hansen for maintaining the website.
The Foundation expanded its reach by placing an ad in the March issue of Dog
Fancy. This issue focused on the collie and gave us a perfect opportunity to let all
collie-lovers know about the wonderful work we do. Pick up a copy!
Based on the recommendation of the Grants Committee, CHF became a
Champion Sponsor by pledging support of the AKC Canine Health Foundation’s
Bloat Initiative at the $50,000 level. This is an exciting opportunity to join
AKC/CHF in ambitious efforts in education and research. The education project
is two-fold in educating the dog owner of this devastating condition and educating
the veterinary clinician about surgical techniques to treat the dog with bloat as well
as methods to prevent this life-threatening disease. AKC/CHF will undertake a
major research effort to identify the underlying mechanisms of the condition.
Recipients of the grants will be expected to deliver something demonstrable so
that research moves forward in a substantial way. CHF is proud to take the lead
on this project. The 100th Anniversary of Albert Payson Terhune’s “Wolf” will be celebrated at The Gathering at Sunnybank on
August 17th and 18th. We will hold the now famous walking tours of Sunnybank, entertain you with stories about
Wolf, host the bi-annual Rescue Parade and, of course, feature the traditional Virtues and Lad Match Shows. Make
plans now to join us. More details inside.
In closing, please remember that CHF is a volunteer organization and we can always use more help. If you have a
special talent or interest, please let us know.
Thanks for everything you do to help us grow!
- Gerrie
Treasurer’s Report
Nancy McDonald, Treasurer
The DNA rebate program has issued rebates in the amount of $7,470 for 29 JRD and 132 PRA tests through December 14, 2012. Publicity
is making a difference!
Collie Health Foundation
Balance Sheet as of November 30, 2012
Current Assets
Bank Of America Operating
Bank Of America Money Market
Wachovia - Hilda Rickenbaugh
Total Checking/Savings
Other Current Assets
UBS assets
UBS Money Market
UBS accts
UBS assets – Other
Total Other Current Assets
Total Current Assets
Other Assets
Sunnybank Premium Inventory
Promo Items Inventory
Prepaid Expenses
Veteran medallions
Total Other Assets
Current Liabilities
Individual Membership
Family Membership
Sustaining Membership
Patron Membership
Total Current Liabilities
Opening Balance Equity
Unrestricted Net Assets
Net Income
Total Equity
Annual CHF Dinner and Night Auction
Thursday night, April 4, 2013
$30 per person by reservation
Children Age 10 & Under - $12
Continental Dinner Buffet
A VERY limited amount of dinner
tickets will be available at the
national for $35
Baby Spinach with Baby
Tomatoes, Cucumbers,
Mozzarella and Raspberry
Seasonal Fruit Salad
Greek Style Vegetable Salad
Deadline for reservations – March 21, 2013
Main Dish
Make checks payable to CHF
Parmesan Herb Crusted Haddock
Cash Bar
Pork Tenderloin Medallions with
Port Fig Sauce
Send reservations and payment to:
Krista Hansen
1525 Minkel Road
North Java, NY 14113
[email protected]
Fresh Baked Rolls and Butter
Chef’s Choice of Fresh Vegetable
Chef’s Choice of Starch
Coffee, Tea or Milk
And after the dinner…to tempt you, there will be exciting assortment of
items at the auction including:
Rare books from the Honig Estate
CCA Yearbooks from the 1930s
50 year old CCA BOB and BOS trophies and rosettes won in 1963 from the Honig estate
Royal Doulton Collie Figurines –all 3 sizes of this beautiful porcelain statue, modeled after
English Champion Ashstead Applause
Custom designed ex-pen wrap by Collie Expressions
A variety of jewelry, artwork, and hand-crafted items
The Collie in America by Gayle Kaye
To donate items, please contact: Laura LaBounty at [email protected]
News from Promotions
Spring, and the National, are right around the corner, which means new inventory for Promotions! Surrounded by
catalogs, I started the fun task of shopping. So many possibilities! I quickly determined that I needed to set some
priorities in making choices. The inventory needed to be practical, easy to ship for website sales, a good value and, most
of all, items that people would enjoy. With that in mind, the order was compiled. The first items have arrived!
The double wall ceramic tumbler holds eleven ounces of your favorite hot beverage and
keeps it warm. The tumbler is dishwasher and microwave safe. The wrap and matching
silicone lid comes in blue, red, brown and black. Each tumbler comes in a gift box--perfect for show trophies or judges' gifts!
Also, just arrived! The aluminum sports bottles with
flip top lids holds 25 ounces of liquid and comes in
silver or lime with a black logo imprint and blue or
red with a white logo imprint.
Taking your tablet or e-reader to the National?
Protect your iPad or Nook with a neoprene tablet
sleeve that shows your support of the Collie Health
For your next outdoor adventure or training session
with your Collie, the Treat Container is the ideal accessory. The drawstring nylon
container keeps snacks secure and attaches to a belt loop, leash or backpack with a
swivel clip.
Also still to come are totes, garment bags, lunch caddies and six pack coolers.
These items will be available at the National and through the Foundation website. Of course old favorites like logo pin
brushes and enamel collie hangers will be available as well. The following special pricing will be available at the National
only for the following new items:
Ceramic Tumbler - $12.00
Tablet Sleeve - $25.00
Tote - $25.00
Lunch Caddy - $10.00
Aluminum Sports Bottle - $12.00
Treat Container - $7.00
Garment Bag - $27.00
Six Pack Cooler - $25.00
Bookmark the Promotions page ( as I hope to add even more items to the store!
Also, visit the CHF Facebook page as that is where you will find discontinued and limited availability items.
Happy shopping!
Jan Hedrick, Promotions Chair
Just a reminder, clubs placing an
order for trophies receive a
20% discount! 4
The Collie Health Foundation Joins the AKC Canine Health
Foundation’s Bloat Initiative as a Champion Sponsor
The following information about the AKC Canine Health Foundation’s Bloat Initiative comes from a press release
issued by the AKC on January 15, 2013, and has been edited and reformatted for our newsletter.
AKC Canine Health Foundation Fights Bloat in Dogs
The AKC Canine Health Foundation (CHF) announced a major effort underway to tackle the devastating condition
commonly known as bloat. The Bloat Initiative will address the need for both education and research.
Gastric dilatation –volvulus, or bloat -- is a devastating condition that can develop in any dog, although it is
particularly common in large-breed and deep-chested dogs. Bloat develops when the stomach fills with air and then
twists on itself, preventing air and liquid from leaving the stomach. Over time, the stomach gets larger and larger.
This cuts off circulation and prevents blood from getting back to the heart from the rest of the abdomen and the
rear legs. The stomach wall itself can also be severely damaged from loss of blood flow as can the spleen. Bloat
requires immediate stabilization and prompt surgical correction, and may still be fatal in some severely affected
The AKC Canine Health Foundation (CHF) has released a Bloat Initiative Request for Proposals (RFP) to the
research community. Letters of Intent (LOI) from researchers seeking funding are due on March 18, 2013.
A committee of experts in the field will review the LOI and CHF will invite selected researchers to submit full
proposals. Funding decisions will be announced by October 1, 2013. “Bloat is devastating for dog owners when it
occurs. Through this major funding effort, researchers, for the first time, will have the resources they need to work
towards establishing the causes and pre-dispositions for bloat,” said Dr. Shila Nordone, Chief Scientific Officer of
CHF. “Once we understand why bloat occurs we will have better treatment options and possibly be able to prevent
the syndrome from occurring in the first place.”
To help educate dog owners about bloat, CHF will launch a free webinar in mid-2013 describing possible causes of
bloat, susceptible breeds, symptoms, medical intervention, and explanation of research needed. “Because bloat
progresses so rapidly, part of our focus is on educating the public on the signs and symptoms to look for if they
suspect their dog may have bloat,” said Nordone. The Foundation will also provide continuing education for
veterinarians showing surgical procedures used for prevention during spay and neuter.
CHF is extremely grateful for the dog clubs that, as the inaugural sponsors of the Bloat Initiative, are making these
education and research efforts possible.
Champion Sponsors ($50,000+)
Collie Health Foundation
Irish Setter Club of America Foundation
Lead Sponsors ($25,000 - $49,999)
Basset Hound Club of America
German Shepherd Dog Club of America
Charter Sponsors ($10,000 - $24,999)
American Black & Tan Coonhound Club
American German Shepherd Dog Charitable Foundation
Briard Club of America Health and Education Trust
Gordon Setter Club of America
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America
Weimaraner Club of America
Grants Committee Update
Nancy Kelso, DVM, Chair
Grants Approved in 2013:
1. AKC OAK Grant 01766: Identification and Validation of the Genes That Define Abnormal Development of
the Kidney in Dogs - Principal Investigator: Dr. Kerstin Lindblad-Toh, PhD, Broad Institute
Abnormal development of the kidneys, known as Renal Dysplasia, occurs in many breeds of dogs as well as humans. An increased prevalence in
certain breeds such as Boxers, Miniature Schnauzers, Lhasa Apsos, Shetland Sheepdogs, and Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers suggests a genetic
influence. Identification of the genetic cause in dogs is essential as there is no treatment and affected dogs progress to renal failure and death at a
young age. It is unknown if the same gene is affected in all breeds with renal dysplasia or if different genetic variants exist in each breed. In this
study Dr. Lindblad -Toh will conduct genetic and functional studies to identify the causative mutation in Boxers. Her research group will also
collect additional samples from Miniature Schnauzers, Lhasa Apsos, Shetland Sheepdogs, and Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers. Genome-wide
association studies in Boxers and other breeds will help dissect the genetics of canine renal dysplasia, improve our understanding of renal
development in dogs and humans, and determine whether breed specific genetic tests will be required for prevention.
2. AKC OAK Grant 01844: Treatment of Urinary Incontinence with Multipotent Muscle Cells: A Regenerative
Medicine Approach to a Common Canine Health Problem - Principal Investigator: Dr. Shelly Vaden, DVM
PhD, North Carolina State University
Incontinence affects more than 20% of spayed female dogs, with medium and large breeds more commonly affected. In the majority of the
cases urinary incontinence is caused by dysfunction of the muscles controlling the urethral sphincter. This results in uncontrolled loss of urine
and can lead to serious bladder and kidney infections, in addition to irritation and/or ulceration of the skin in contact with the urine. Treatment
can include hormone therapy, drugs designed to strengthen the muscle tone of the urethral sphincter, collagen injections, or surgery. Recently,
Dr. Vaden’s lab has reported that injection of muscle progenitor cells into damaged urethral sphincters can restore normal function in dogs. The
purpose of this project is to extend those observations and examine the usefulness of cultured muscle cells for the restoration of function of the
urethral sphincter in dogs with naturally occurring urinary incontinence.
3. AKC OAK Grant 01849: Filling the Gaps in the Canine Genome - Principal Investigator: Dr. Shaying Zhao,
PhD, University of Georgia
The sequencing of the genome of man's best friend in 2005 has provided an invaluable resource to the canine research community, and has
reinforced the position of the dog as an important model organism to study human physiology and disease. Unlike the human and the rodent
models (the mouse and the rat), very few dog genes had been sequenced prior to its whole genome sequencing. Consequently, the dog genome
has been annotated for its gene content primarily based on mapping the gene-related sequences from the human, the mouse, the rat, and other
non-dog species to the dog genome. While providing the research community with an unprecedentedly large set of dog genes, the definition of
DNA sequences as coding sequences (i.e. gene annotation) has substantial errors and is missing in dog-specific information in many aspects.
This significantly hinders research in many fields such as disease gene discovery and cancer-causative gene mutation identification, where
functional information about a gene is required to make progress. Recently emerged next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies provide an
unprecedented opportunity to correct these errors and to supply the missing information in the current dog gene annotation in a time- and costeffective fashion. We propose herein to use state of the art NGS strategies to identify genes/transcripts expressed in major dog tissues and cell
4. Investigation of Diversity at the Dog Leukocyte Antigen Class II Loci in American and international Collies
- Principal Investigator: Dr. Leigh Anne Clark, Clemson University
This is the expansion of Dr. Clark’s genetic research, highly supported by our grants committee. While Dr Clark is mapping the collie genome
and looking for the DM gene, she was also curious on the presence of certain genes (DLA) associated with autoimmune disease (if there isn't
diversity in these genes). She took it upon herself to research a few samples and thus far there is very little diversity in these genes in collies
(whether they have DM or our normal controls), she would like to greatly expand this research.
Grants approved in 2012:
1. Championship sponsorship level with AKC's Bloat Initiative
2. Additional funding for Oregon State Urinary Incontinence and GnRH vaccine
3. University of Florida- The Use of Skin Punch Biopsy to Diagnose Polyneuropathy
Older studies supported by CHF that are still open for participation:
1. Dermatotmyositis and mapping the collie genome w/Clemson
2. Vetgen's search for the vWB gene in inappropriate bleeding collies
3. Dogenes GDV and stress genetic research
The Collie Health Foundation
Welcomes the Following New Members
Betty & Bob Abbott
Knoxville, TN
June I. Becker
Manassas, VA
Patricia Breuer
Greenville, DE
Wendy Bryant
Corvallis, OR
Cleveland Collie Club
Strongsville, OH
Mary B. Davis
St. Joseph, MN
Mikki Dorsey
Red Hook, NY
Douglas Gobeski
Idaho Falls, ID
Ruth Hill
Bolingbrook, IL
Sharen & Michael Hunley
Nine Mile Falls, VA
Diane Johnston
Woodstock, IL
Laura Lane
Libertyville, IL
Gail & Millie Meyer
Fairburn, GA
Vincent F. Nichnadowicz
Princeton Junction, NJ
Joe Reno
Edison, NJ
Amy Ross
Cedar, MN
Mary A. Snook
Micanopy, FL
Sandra K. Symmes
Winston-Salem, NC
Kathleen Trochelman
Hudson, OH
Vickie VonSeggern
Merrill, WI
Tokuko Watanabe
Miyagi, Japan
Jane Armatys
Queensland Australia
Michelle Bergstraser
Colorado Springs, CO
Catherine Brown
Galloway, OH
Ted & Jean Chamberlin
Martinez, CA
Collie Club of Washington
Kirkland, WA
Denise Dean
Parks, AZ
Vernon & Lora Esch
Mountain Home, AR
Sylvia Gorup
Aurora,, CO
Homer & Dorothy Hull
San Jose, CA
Linda Hutchinson
Cottage Grove, IL
Reiko Kanda
Tokyo, Japan
Stuart & Gayle Lease
Romoland, CA
Cyndy Minacapelli
Lutherville, MD
Aytuna Oztas
Mobile, AL
Barbara E. Robinson
Prescott, Ontario, CA
Helmut P. Schleith
Hicksville, NY
Janet Storm & Ashley Bryant
Springfield, OR
Trudy Taphorn
Busby, AB, Canada
Cynthia Turner
Ferndale, MI
Debra Waelde
Evansville, IN
Jamye & Rebecca Weseloh
McKinleyville, CA
Members as of 1/31/13
Susan E. Berry
N. Little Rock, AR
Kenneth M. & Erin Blaisure
Montrose, PA
William Bruner
London, KY
Sheela “Mike” Cheatham
Petersburg, TN
Donald & Susie Cooley
Supply, NC
Dorothy D. Detzer
Hayden, ID
Linda Garrett & Kathy Hughes
Ithaca, NY
William H. Hewit
Freehold, NJ
Jennifer Hull
San Jose, CA
Janet & Edward Jeffries
Essex, MA
Evelyn Kondash
Bethlehem, PA
Sheryl McDonald
Leander, TX
Andrea Moss
Woodside, CA
Diane Palumbo
Westlake Village, CA
Rayne Rockwell
Lafayette, LA
Kristen Sims
Philomath, OR
Mary E. Swierkos
Kent, NY
Marie A. Tiraschi
Sonora, CA
Laura Van Emben
Millville, NJ
Ellen & Kenneth Wank
Seaford, NY
Patsy Wilson
Sherman, TX
You know the Collie benefits when you join the Collie Health Foundation as your dues help fund health research.
Indirectly you benefit when the dog you love is able to live a longer and healthier life because of genetic testing
available to breeders or increased knowledge on how to prevent/treat disease or other health issues. Now, though,
YOUR MEMBERSHIP OFFERS YOU A DIRECT BENEFIT in the form of rebates for select DNA tests.
In early 2013, the Board of Directors voted to extend the rebate offered to CHF members for Optigen’s PRA tests
and added rebates for Optigen’s CEA tests and Washington State University’s MDR1 tests.
Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)
The PRA test (rod-cone dysplasia Type 2 <rcd2>) is available through Optigen. The normal price for this test is
$180 per dog. For this special Collie Health Foundation event, Optigen is generously offering a 25% discount ($45)
discount per test. In order to receive Optigen’s discount, please use the special code CHF13REF when applying for
the test.
As a further incentive, the Collie Health Foundation will offer to Collie Health Foundation members only an
additional $50 refund per test. This makes the test $85, which is a savings of $95 per test per dog! This special
pricing will remain in effect until 12/31/13.
Check out the Optigen website for information on testing:
Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA)
Collie Eye Anomaly is a recessively inherited eye disorder that causes abnormal development of the choroid - an
important layer of tissue under the retina of the eye. The CEA test is available through Optigen. The normal price
for this test is $180 per dog. The Collie Health Foundation will offer to Collie Health Foundation members
only a $50 refund per test. This makes the test $130. This special pricing will remain in effect until 12/31/13.
Check out the Optigen website for information on testing:
DNA for either Optigen test can be gathered using a cheek swab, blood, or semen.
Multi-Drug Resistant gene (MDR1)
The discovery of the mutation of the multi-drug resistant gene (MDR1), establishment of testing procedures, and
development of all reagents was made by Washington State University. The usual pricing is $70 per test for 1-4
tests included in a single shipment, and $60 per test for 5 or more tests included in a single shipment (a 15%
discount). The CHF offers a $20 rebate per test for MDR1 testing at Washington State University for Collie
Health Foundation members only. .With this rebate, the final cost will be $50 each for 1-4 tests, and $40 each for
five or more tests. This rebate offer will remain in effect until 12/31/13.
For more information, go to the Washington State website:
DNA for this test is gathered using a cheek swab.
For your rebate(s) for any of these tests, submit your paid receipt(s) to the CHF Treasurer: Nancy
McDonald – 2834 Cotton Road – Sanford, NC 27330.
Donations in Honor/Celebration/Memory
General Donations
October 16, 2012 – January 31, 2013
In honor/celebration/memory of….
Karen & Jeff Anderson
Car Sticker Sale
Deanne Balutis
In loving memory of Merit, Duncan and Quincy....with love Deanne Balutis
Rachel E. Berrend
In memory of "Tater" CH Merrytime's One Hot Potato HIC, PT, CD, CGC, KA, AX, MXJ,
VX.OJP & loving family members
In memory of Silver Lanes Signature Series (Patrick) and Silver Lanes Lady Highlander (Tessa)
Susan E. Berry, CRT
Dr. William K. & Doris M. Brokken
Theresa A. & Michael D. Brown
In memory of Glen Twiford, a cowboy with an artistic gift, who created a distinct line of collies
created by his love of beauty and visual grandeur
General Fund
Central Iowa Collie Club
Cleveland Collie Club
Donated trophies from Honig Estate
Linda Colelli
In memory of Sue Spiroff
Orville & Becky Crowley
In memory of Linden Lane Willow "Boots"
Orville & Becky Crowley
In memory of Linden Lane Reverend Black - "Riley" owned by Mr. & Mrs. Tom Ford and Family
Orville & Becky Crowley
In memory of Barbara Saterbo
Orville & Becky Crowley
In memory of Warren Johnson - Silcrest Collies
Susan Deatherage
In honor of Nancy Kelso, DVM
Roy, Susan & Cassandra DeLorenzo
General Fund
Sheila Doughman
In memory of Barbara Saterbo by Destiny Collies
Pamela A. Eddy
In memory of CH Sundown Someday Soon
Jane Edel
In memory of Flagships Little Hooligan
Marilyn & Carter Eggers
In memory of Trail Eggers - a sheltie standing tall in a household full of collies
Dennis R. & Carol F. Elliott
In memory of Warren DeWalt, patriarch of Bonshire Collies, he quietly made a difference in our
world - a role model for us all. Helen Adcock, Marlena Collies. Her love of our breed always in her
heart. Barb Saterbo, Sollis Collies....she left her footprint on so many - taken too soon. Kayla
Blakely...she enriched the lives at Larkspur for 12 years
Deborah Gates
In memory of my beloved husband, Stephen Gates, MD
Angela M. Gillespie & Anne Sinclair
In loving memory of Moonwind Smooth Criminal, "Peyton" (2001-2011)
Douglas Gobeski
General Fund
Phyllis Ann Griffith
In memory of Nirvana's Rave Reviews
Donald G. & Suzanne E. Hardy
General Fund
Harriette S. Hickle
In loving memory of Tanner, Blue and Lacey
Janet R. Hitt
In memory of Virginia Perry Gardiner for her beautiful and generous spirit
Marilyn R. Horowitz
In memory of my friend Shawn DeLion
Phyllis Howard
In memory of Helena Adcock, Marlena's Collies
Jane Howells
In memory of Erik (Dakotah Storm Cat) - a very special smooth collie
Jennifer Hull
In memory of Homer Hull
Mary Hunter
Linda Hutchinson
In memory of Marcia Berg, Lamar Collies & Shelties, a member of CCA, CHF and lifetime member
of the Kansas City Collie Club
In memory of Barbara Saterbo
Susan Joslin
In loving memory of Bettie Crawford, Celestial Collie Clan
Patricia A. Jung
In memory of Barb Saterbo
Helga Kane
In loving memory of "Fancy" CH Kanebriar Castlebar Fanfare
Robert W. Kelly & Ellen Miller
General Fund
Judith D. Kirkeby
In memory of Helena Adcock, Marlena Collies
Nancy A. Kluesner
In memory of our collies: Ranger, Shadow & Crackers
Chris, Sheila & Marilyn Kolb
In memory of Canton Kolb (2003-2010) "not a day goes by I don't think of him." Chris
Lawrence & Carmen Leonard
In memory of John Honig from his friends
Heather & Ron Luster
To honor Ronnie Luster, for all of his hard work and love he gives to our collies. Thanks son.
Dr. Bonnie Maniaci & Aidan
General Fund
Carol Martin
Joanne McGrail
In memory of my smooth doggie daughters Heather and Candi and in honor of my smooth doggie
daughter Cayla and smooth doggie son Eddie
In honor of HTCH WTCH DC Shertoms Hardcore (Corey) RA, NJP, NAJ, HXAdsc, HXCs, NDD,
In memory of Tater, beloved friend of Rachel Berrend, from her friends at SBDOS
Grant & Pati Merrill
General Fund
Stephen & Diane Mierz
In memory of Shay and Roxy
Sally Mobraaten
Andrea Moss
In memory of my very special do-it-all girl, Xena, Sealoch Viking Princess UD, RAE, AX, AXJ,
AXP, OSP, TT, H1C, CGC, TDI, ret; & WCFO Sassy Senior
In memory of Eddy, Zorro and Vinnie
Marjorie S. Norstrom
In memory of Richard Norstrom
Frank R. Ortolani
General Fund
Diane Palumbo
Christine Pan James
In memory of all of my previous collies...Major, Honey, Polkey, Lad, Lady Di, and Princess Rose and
my current collies Sunny and Starlight Rose
In memory of Partner & Dusty Pan James & honoring Cash & Jewels Pan James
Phillip A. Pilgram
In memory of my parents, Anne and Edward Pilgram
Judith A. Porter
In memory of Skye
Frances L. Preston
In thanks for the good work of the CHF
Dana Rodman
In memory of Hilda & Rick Rickenbaugh; Carolyn Berger
Joan Rothfuss
General Fund
Alison Rubendall
In memory of Casey, Spring Elegant Arrival and Molly, Field of Spring's Windy City
John A. & Maria L. Russell
In memory of CH Tango's Cosmopolitan Caper
Margaret R. Smith
Elizabeth M. Smith
In memory of Impromptu Good Golly Ms. Molly and Impromptu Window the Waves (Molly &
In memory of Corinne Finckenor from her friends at Collie Club of Northern NJ
Candace Stout & Domingo Galdos
In memory of "Placido (5/9/11-5/18/12) our puppy"
Cynthia Stratton
In honor of Holmhaven Midnight Sun, "Mackenzie"
Theresa K. Thomas
In memory of Barbara Saterbo, Sollis Collies, and her dedication to the breed
Lawrence S. & Theresa M. Uzelac
In loving memory of CH Stoneridge Calendar Girl H1C "April"
Jean A. Wasiak
Lawrence & Frances White
In memory of all the collies I have owned (as pets) since I was a child. I am now 72. My 1st collie
came from Ginny Holtz. "Buddy" lived until he was 15 yrs. old.
In honor of Nan & Ron Bollinger
Gail J. Wilkes
In loving memory of CH Wilshire Mistress of the Dark
Kenneth Williams
General Fund
Yvonne Evans-Wynn & Mitch Wynn
In memory of Ugrach VCD CH Mach Row-Bar's Branestorm; Challenge 'ER ROM-P CDX RE
CGC Therapy Dog BX, (Claire)
In memory of all collies
Sheryl McDonald
Lily Young
WOLF’S 100th
August 17-18, 2013
Learn more about one of APT’s most famous dogs!
The 17th Annual Gathering at Sunnybank
381 Terhune Drive, Wayne, NJ 07470
Anice, Bruce & Wolf
“Lad of Sunnybank” Trophy offered for Best in Match
Banquet Dinner @ Portobello’s
Main Floor Dining Room!
Best Dessert Contest
Bring your favorite dessert & recipe for judging.
Winner gets published in CE!!!
Advance Registration Strongly Recommended
See Form Below
155 Ramapo Valley Road, Oakland
$35 Advance Reservations ◊ $45 at Door
Send Check Payable to “CHF” to Gerrie by 8/15
303 Union Ave., Haskell, NJ 07420
Call DIRECT 973-839-4405
Ask for “The Gathering at Sunnybank” Block
Special Rate Only $85+ Tax/$20 pet - Reserve Before 7/15!
1850 Rte. 23 & Ratzer Rd., Wayne, NJ,
CALL DIRECT 1-973-696-8050
Ask for “The Gathering at Sunnybank” Block
Special Rate Only $85+ Tax – Reserve Before 7/15!
Gerrie Oliver, 60 Columbus Avenue, Closter, NJ 07624 - (201) 768-1282 - [email protected]
SATURDAY – August 17, 2013
Dog’s Name____________________________________________________________________________________
Their Journey: _________________________________________________________________________________
(25 words or less please – This will be your introduction to the parade)
Your Name: __________________________________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________________
Phone and e-mail:_______________________________________________________________________
$5.00 Per Entry - Total Amount Enclosed:
Send To:
Ms. Karyn Hahn
Please make your check payable to “CHF”
119 Edward Drive
Please mail by August 10th
Ringwood, NJ 07456
FMI: Karyn at 201-370-4532 or [email protected]
new member OR
Please check level of membership desired:
Individual Membership
Family Membership
Sustaining Membership
$ 25
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$ 100
$ 500
renewal membership
I’m interested in volunteering:
Send your check (US funds only), payable to Collie Health Foundation or CHF to:
Nancy Van Note – CHF Membership
827 Bowman Road
Jackson, NJ 08527-3553
PAYPAL: [email protected]
Name (as you wish to be listed):
Kennel Name:
Please check if this is a new address.
I have included CHF in my will.
Please send me information about including CHF in my will.
Do you or your spouse work for a matching gift company? Some companies will match
gifts of employees and/or retirees. Please contact your personnel office for details and a
matching gift form.
Company Name:
Form Enclosed:
ADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTION (circle one:) in Memory, Celebration, Honoring:
Contributions are tax deductible in accordance with IRS regulations.

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