program - NuVo Video


program - NuVo Video
Inspired by Shakespeare's sonnets, whose verse allows us
to "" , rise from sullen earth to Sing hymns at heaven's gate,"
Special thanks to John Field, my first English teacher,
Each of us has within us, what exists in the best of us.
(,"/h, ,""' :fr,/!,b\' David Alonzo Jones
Alan Scofield
They Live in You, The Lion King Cast,
Elton John and Tim Rice
The River, Alexandre Desplat
David Alonzo Jone s and dancers
Elemental, H, Scott Salinas and
Emmanuel Vaughn-Lee
Lacrimosa, Hannan Townshend
Jennifer Gotti, Cory Kremlacek, Breezy Love,
Chelsea McCormick, Kristen Nehasil
Sharon Scofield
Sharon Scofield
Alana Crumley, Kim Fullerton, Kaitlin Kewn ,
Erin Maa, Jenner Musser, Kimberlee Patzner
Dedicated to the memory of Catherine Sim, 1939-2013,
former College of Marin Dance Department coordinator.
She was an inspirational dancer, teacher, choreographer,
writer and treasured colleague .
Sandra Tanner
l/r,i " D inner and the Ship of Dreams, Max Richter
"Dance comes from the people, and it should go back to the
people , .. " Alvin Ailey
Cu,1 /III ," 1l,lIh'<'1' II i ih'l'
All Night, Eve
David Alonzo Jones and dancers
D,/,/,: SI,,/,'II!>
The night, the stars, the dance; two gypsies warm themselves
with flames of passion and emotion,
Deborah Graham and dancers
.1 1!"i. Sandra Tanner and dancers
David Alonzo Jones
Jennifer Gotti, Breezy Love, Chelsea McCormick, Kristen Nehasil Tzigane Rhapsodie De Concert,
Maurice Ravel; performed by
Maxim Vengerov, Antonio Pappano,
Philharmonic Orchestra
Romanian Folk Dances: III. Pe Lac
by Bela Bartok; performed by David Riley,
Jasper Wood , Ricardo Morales
Romanian Folk Dances: I. Joc Cu Bata,
Bela Bartok; performed by David Riley,
Jasper Wood, Ricardo Morales
Csarda s-Gypsy Dance, Vittorio Monti;
performed by David Garrett
Deborah Graham and Jean Hedquist
Jenner Musser, Christopher Di Bia se
Briony, Dario Marianelli
Shellie Jew
Christopher Leon Di Biase
Heather Fox, Milly Murrin, Jenner Musser,
Kimberlee Patzner
Guest Performance by Casey Lee Thorne,
Inside Out Contemporary Ballet
A community-inspired dance collaboration, If I Were You is a
long-term project that has enlisted the personal experiences
and voices of Marin residents to illuminate how dance can
connect us to our shared humanity. Through a series of
free community outreach wo rkshop s, we have gathered
hundreds of written reflections about what dancing connects
us to. These written reflections have been used to craft a
large-scale set design and to inspire the choreographic
process. If I Were You stands testament to the belief that
dance exposes what is most personal to us and perhaps
most universal.
Casey Lee Thorne and dancers
Tog ether T# Will Live Tog ether, Clint Mansell
Escape A rtist, Zoe Keating
Samantha Anton, Katherine Disenhof,
Amy Greene, Yoshie Fujimoto Kateada,
Amie McMurchie, Dalmacio ~ayomo
f',/I fl, [), "\' Amy Greene and Dalmacio Payomo
• Briony, Dario Marianelli; Atonement, Universal Classics
and Jazz
• Dinner and the Ship of Dreams, Max Richter; Henry May
Long, 2009 Mute Song Internatio nal
• The River, Alexandre Desplat, The Tree of Life
• Elemental, H. Scott Salinas and Emmanuel Vaughn-Lee,
Elemental, Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
• Lacrimosa, Hannan Townshend, Various
• All Night, Eve
• They Live in You, The Lion King Cast, Elton John, and
Tim Rice
• Rumeurs, Rene Dupere, Mystere - Cirque Du Soleil,
• Tzigane Rhapsodie De Concert, Maurice Ravel;
performed by Maxim Vengerov, Anto nio Pappano,
Philharmonic Orchestra, (2003) EMI Classics
• Romanian Folk Dance s: III. Pe Loc by Bela Barto k;
performed by David Riley, Jasper Wood, Ricardo
Morales, (2006) Allegro Music
• Romanian Folk Dances: I. Joe Cu Bata, Bela Bartok;
performed by David Riley, Jasper Wood, Ricardo
Morales, (2006) Allegro Music
Kristi Kuhn and dancers
• Csardas-Gypsy Dance, Vittorio Monti; Performed by
David Garrett, (2009) Decca Records
Rumeurs, Rene Dupere
Kristi Kuhn
s,/ D.\i~1I Dave M . White
f l',' J ) ,/1,,',1'.1 Alana Crumely, Heather Fox,
Stella Hildebrand, Shellie Jew,
Carrie Kelman, Milly Murrin, Jenner Musser,
Kimberlee Patzner, Hannah Piette
Production Design
e. "Ernie" Ernstrom
Production Technical Director
David M. White
Stage Manager
Keara Reardon
Show Operator/Electrician
Ryan Martin
Stage Crew
Caro line Doyle
Kevin Seidler
(;olll('joill lI'e dllll(,·/'I.ji,t'llily/rtl!//: cJlld dJlJrI'O:<Jil/,/l,·J'.\
ill 0111' 1'/,lll/lilidlo/JI}I' ,lIId "I!io}' hOIl/,·ma,1.- /Jt..i.l't'r/ gOOdi,
c:/rlllr /'11/". I;
11 JOlldol.
Rick Davis, RLDX
Senior Creativ e Designer
Shook Chung
Box Office
Anita Stewart
Glenda Lockhart
House iVlanager
Glenda Fleming
Production Technician
Kim S. Foulger
C.S . Designs and Megan Kenyon for costumes
Jean Hedquist for D'Lynne's dancewear
Special Thanks to Mr. Warren Lefort for his ongoing support of the Performing Arts Programs.
Fred and Joanne Abrams
Analisa Adams
Susan Adamson
Stephanie and Tom Ahlberg
Dale and Judy Alstrom
Associated Students
College of Marin (ASCOM)
Carolyn and Peter Ashby
Francisco and Janet Aviles
Norm and Dianna Baetz
Bank of Marin
Jack H. Belgum
Jo Ann Berman
Benjamin Bonnlander
Jan Booth
Peter A. Bowser
John E. Brandon
Mary Lee Bronzo
Leslie Brown
Ruth Brown
Michael and Sharon Burch
Li nda Burnett
Gerald K. Cahill
and Kathleen S. King
Laura and Clint Campbell
Rosamond Carroll
and Donn Sanders
Elizabeth M. Chesnut
Shook Chung
William and Diane Clark
The Club at Harbor Point
Fredericka Cobey
Dr. J. Donal Cohon
COM Alumni Association
Elizabeth Conlan
Lisa Conlon
Leslie Connarn
Diana Conti
Sara Love Cook
Geraldine B. Cooper
Geri B. Cooper
Mary Coote
Linda Davis and Michael Carroll
The Dance Palace
Robert Dauphin
Joan Dedo
Karen Deshayes
William and Sarah Devlin
Carol Jean Donohue
James and Judy Dowling
R. Oak Dowling
Donna Dutton
Emily Dvorin
Gregory and Sharon Doyle
Dan Drake
James C. Dukes
Kathy Engle
Miriam Ellingson
Margaret Elliott
Leslie and Bernd Enders
Phyllis Faber
Judi Finklestein
Richard Flathman
Susan Fordyce
Margot Fraser Fund
Nancy Freedman
Melanie Freeman
Alison Fuller
Godwin Family Vineyards
James Grant
Robert Greeley
Leonard D. Greenberg
Ellen Greenwald
and Kenneth Willoughby
Dana Gribben
John and Nancy Griffin
Carolyn Grenier
Khalil and Alice Hakim
Robert L. Hamilton
David and Dorothee Hanchette
Margaret and John Hart
Mary Ellen Hauke
Ann Hill
Faye Hinze
Alice E. Hofer
Barbara Hogan
Svanhild Hoover
Grace Hughes
Pris Imlay
and Madeleine Sloane
Robin B. Jackson
Roberta R. Jeffrey
Beverlee Johnson
Delphine Johnson
Claron and Fay Jorgensen
Mary Sorenson Keegan
Linda Knanishu
Thilo Koehler
Helen Konowitz
Neil R. Kraus, D.C.
Ronald E. Krempetz
and Diane Judd
Irwin D. Kuntz, Jr.
Jill Ross -Kuntz and Tack Kuntz
Pamela Kurzman
Leslie Kwartin
Josette Lambert
William and China Lamers
Mr. Warren Lefort
Mardi Leland
Barbara Leopold and Fred Ranter
Deborah Lerner
Anne and Albert Lettrich
Kenneth and Sharon Levien
Michael Levy
C.S. Little
Bill Locket
Deborah Loft
Carolyn Losie
Louis Thomas Fine Men's Apparel
Sarah Love Cook
Susanne and Jeff Lyons
Marianne Manny
Oshalla D. Marcus
Marin Independent Journal
Marin Symphony Assoc.
Jonathan Marshall
and Lorraine Goldin
Mr. and Mrs. Dikran Martin
Laura and Thomas McCarty
M. Kathryn McGeorge
Elaine McKenna
Sara Helen McKinnon
Suzanne McWilliam Oberlin
Barbara J. Meislin
Purple Lady Fund
Scott Merrick
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Middleton
M idstate Construction
Worth Miller
Abigail Millikan-States
Lisa Morse and Step Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Moseley
Mountain Play, PhylliS Myers
Marie and Richard Narlock
D. Stephen Nash
Ruth and Steven Nash
Robert and Diane Neuhaus
Sheila Newton
Patricia Nienstedt
Molly Noble
Gary and Robin Nosti
Vincent Nuzzo
Wulfrin Oberlin
Kaori Okada
Laurie Ordin
Stephen P. Orsary
Mary Osterloh
Thomas Painchaud
Hannah M. Panger
Margaret Partlow
Billy Pate
Sara Pearson
Derek and Myrna Pepper
Janis Peterson
Murray and Alice Peterson
Robert and Anne Peterson
Robert Pettolio - Pete's 88 Club
Joanna Pinckney
and David Leslie Smith
Robert and Bodil Platt
Pleasures of the Heart
Romulus B. Portwood
Ralph Purdy
Diana Putterman
Tim and Nancy Reyes
Lonna Richmond
Gail M. Rolka
Marguerite (Tinka) Ross
Ross Valley Players
Hermina M. Rosskopf
Martha Roush
LeAnne Rumbel
Peter Sager and Judith W Sager
Maxine Sattizahn
Cynthia Sawtell
Maureen Scheuenstahl
David and Julie Schnapf
Nanda Schorske
Nancy and Brian Schrock
Herb Schuyten
Rishi Schweig
Richard. W Scott
Robin Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Shafer
Marianne Shaw
Johanna Sherlin
Mary Sherlin
Martin and Deirdre Silverman
Helen and Carl Sitchler
Judd and Judy Simmons
Marianne Skipper
Robert L. Smithton
David Snyder
Richard Squeri
Mary Jeanne Stavish
Hans Stiller
Audrey B. Stolz
Steve Stromberg
Cathy Summa-Wolfe
Susie Cakes
Marilyn Sutherland
Ruth Tanner and Robert Glasson
Stephen Tedesco
and Pamela Tibbitts
Robert and Patricia Teichman
James and Mary Terstegge
Erin K. Thompson
Wanden Treanor
Katrina Urbach and Tim Crowley
Judy Valentine
Villa Sinfonia Foundation
H. Hugh Vincent and Joan Watson
Barbara E. and H.G. von Dallwitz
Michael Vorperian
Waiting in the Wings
Theatre Company
Wells Fargo
Elaine Weston
Westpark Express
Mr. Robin Williams
Joyce Wilson
Nancy and Bob Wilson
Christy Wise
Spirit L. Wiseman
Ilene Wolff
Ed Wynn and Stella Torrez
Geraldine Young
Gerrie and Dick Young
Audrey lavell and Michael Bloom
Liping lhu
Linda and Kory J. lipperstein
WE GRATEFULLY ACKNOWLEDGE THE CONTRIBUTORS TO The Annual Giving Fund, The Dancers' Guild, The Dance Program Fund, College of Marin Alumni Association
Individuals seeking special assistance to accommodate a disability may call the Student Affairs Office, 415.485.9376.

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