District 19-D Newsletter - Lions e



District 19-D Newsletter - Lions e
District 19-D Newsletter
19-D District Governor Joe Nilles
Leavenworth Lions Club
10460 Ski Hill Dr., Leavenworth, WA.
Home: 509-548-6776 Bus: 509-669-6766
email: [email protected]
April 24, 2012
Volume 2011/12 - 11
Bulletin Editor: Lion Russ Fineman
[email protected]
By the time you read this, our “Distinguished District D” conference will be over or in
progress. We have two months left in the year. Membership is holding but we still need
13 new members (and no drops) to give me my plus 1 member for the year. I will take
more. I know from what I’ve heard that there are some new members out there in the
wings. Let’s get them signed up and inducted.
How many trees have we planted? I know of clubs who have planted trees this year, but
I don’t know how many we have planted. I hope that all the trees planted have been
reported on the LCI activity site. Around the world, Lions have now planted 8.3 million
trees. The clubs that help with work around Camp Winfield will be planting
approximately 1000 trees on their cleanup weekend.
Before our conference, Dorothy and I will have attended conferences in F, A, and H. I will
fill you in on those and our own distinguished conference in my next message.
Please get the PU 101 and PU 19, new officer reports, into the respective offices. The
information in there is important. Why is it so important? These reports are used to
create the roster at the MD level, to make sure that all important information gets to the
right officers in your club, all financial reports or dues get to the club, and your new
officers get the notification of training.
Having mentioned new officer reports, I hope that officers have been elected for all the
clubs. It’s also important that the incoming president be thinking about the committees
that need to be formed and chaired. I recommend that your clubs be planning your
upcoming installation, to make it a special and meaningful event.
DG Joe
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District Governor's Message
District Governors Remaining Visits
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Table of Contents
Presidents Message Continued
Remaining DG Visitations
Care Message
Canadian Club Information
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Canadian Club Officers School
Lions Foundation of Canada
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Diabetes North and South
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Club & Zone Events and Fund Raisers
• Princeton Lions Club
• West Bank Lions Club
• Quincy Valley Lions
• Othello Leo's
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USA/Canada Leadership Forum
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Do you understand Your
Moses Lake Lions Club
May 21st at 7:00pm,
Immanuel Lutheran Church
1020 S. A Street, Moses Lake
Warden Leos Club
Date and Time to be determined.
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Presidents Message
Attendance of officers at officer training is
going to be more important this year.
There are changes coming from LCI, and
your secretary and other officers need this
information. You may say that only the
secretary needs this training, but how can
the other officers help that secretary if
they have problems, if they don’t know
how to do things also? Please attend the
training. Your zone chairs have spent time
and effort to make this training available.
Support them and your new district
DG Joe
Clubs in Canada
May 12
Zone - Club officers training
school - Camp Winfield (President,
Secretary, Treasurer, Tail Twister and
Membership Director urged to attend)
Please remember that information for the bulletin
should be in by 15th of month. Also remember next
bulletin will be the last one for club year 2011-2012
Clubs are reminded to forward
their budgeted contribution to
MD19 CARE prior to year
end. This important program of “Maternal Health –
to be a Woman in Ecuador’s Andes” will educate
women and caregivers in an area of Ecuador. Many
lives are lost through maternity in lesser developed
areas, and can be saved through knowledge and
PDG Ron Silver
In the CALMANAC, I show May 12 th, as the date for the Club Officers' Training School. I know that over the years, many of the
members will have been associated with other Clubs and Organizations of many types, but there are also many different forms and
ways of doing things and some that pertain solely to the Lions Clubs.
This “School” is a very good way for the President to learn the proper way to run a Lions Club meeting, and for the President, and
Secretary, to complete the various reports and forms that must be submitted. The Treasurer will learn the proper accounting records
that must be kept to ensure that funds are not misused or misrepresented, and WHY it is necessary for the Club to have TWO OR
MORE Bank Accounts, in the case of the LCW Lions, THREE Bank Accounts.
There is also a session for the Tail twister, so that “proper” tail twisting can be done at the meetings. The do's and the don’t s. The Tail
Twisting should be the “fun” portion of the meeting.
The Membership Chair position is not only to obtain new members, but includes the Retention of the members currently on the roster.
Membership Chairs can learn different ways of building the Club's roster, while at the same time retaining the members that you do
I would urge all of the incoming Officers in these positions to attend the training school, for the benefit of the Club. It does not matter
how many times a person has held any of the positions, there is always something new to learn in order to improve the operation of the
Club. Please try to make the time to attend on May 12th, at Camp Winfield. Our Club will benefit from your desire to learn.
Submitted by PZC Al Fennig from the Lake Country Club Bulletin
Lions Foundation of Canada
To all Canadian Lions Clubs – You can donate your Rewards Points
By donating some or all of your points, you enable the Foundation to use the points towards purchasing supplies
and products that are used for our clients or for our fund-raising events.
SHOPPERS OPTIMUM POINTS: To donate your Shoppers points, visit
www.shoppersdrugmart.ca/donate, click on "donate now" and select Lions Foundation of Canada as the
HBC REWARDS: When you shop at the Bay, Zellers, Home Outfitters and DealsOutlet.ca, you can
collect points on the Lions Foundation's Rewards program. To enroll, visit the HBC rewards page and
register as a member using Public ID# 1724181.
AIR MILES: If you have Air Miles, they can be redeemed towards flights for Dog Guide recipients
traveling to the Oakville training school or you can use them to purchase a gift certificate or item for a
fund-raising event.
CANADIAN TIRE MONEY: can be used to purchase hundreds of items towards vehicle and
ground maintenance and housekeeping supplies. It can be sent directly to: Lions
Foundation of Canada, P.O. Box 907, 152 Wilson Street, Oakville, ON L6J 5E8.
Diabetes North
Diabetes South
Rondeau Brown, Diabetes Chairperson
Sunshine Didra, Diabetes Chairperson
Lead. Live. Cure - is
the Canadian
Diabetes Association
road-map for the
future. It is designed
to focus all of our
efforts on ensuring
we continue to have a
meaningful impact
on the millions of
Canadians affected
by diabetes - today
and in the years to
LEAD the fight
against diabetes by
helping people with
diabetes LIVE healthy lives while we work to find a
Staying healthy with Diabetes
Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes are serious
conditions and can lead to the same
complications. But you must do many things to
stay well. Talk to your doctor about all of the
following points. They are important for basic
diabetes care. Your doctor and your healthcare
team will work with you to ensure you get the
best care.
The important first steps are:
• eat according to a healthy meal plan
increase your physical activity
learn as much as possible about diabetes
If you have diabetes, you are at increased risk
for heart disease and stroke, and other
complications such as eye
and kidney disease, nerve
damage and foot problems.
Keeping your blood glucose,
blood pressure and
cholesterol in a healthy
range can reduce your risk of
complications. Talk to your doctor about the
Canadian Diabetes Association’s
recommendations for diabetes management,
what targets are healthy for you, and how to
achieve and maintain them over time.
Recent reports have suggested that depression may be
a factor in developing diabetes. The American Diabetes
Association says studies show that people who have
diabetes may run a greater risk of depression than
people without diabetes.
What can we do to combat depression? With spring
finally here, we can think seriously about gardening
and the many benefits it brings.
Fresh air and physical activity – this contributes to
emotional and mental health. Start small. Gardening
doesn’t have to take up a great many hours a day. It
needs to fit both your physical ability and your time
frame. This way, you won’t become overwhelmed and
stressed by your garden getting out of control.
Plant vegetables, berries, fruits, herbs – whatever you
can plant in the area you have to work with. Plant your
favorites and some that you know are especially good
to include in your diet. Fresh produce puts you in the
mood to cook healthier meals and not rely on whatever
is quickest and easiest to eat.
If you don’t have a plot of ground to plant in, think
about container gardening. You can plant an awful lot
of vegetables and herbs in a little space if you trellis
whenever possible. Look up vertical gardening online.
Also, many plants adapt to hanging baskets or window
boxes. Or plant in flowerbeds. (Try to make sure that
you don’t plant right next to a busy street, so vehicle
exhaust isn’t falling on your garden all the time.) If all
else fails, maybe you have a friend who has space and
you can share, perhaps trading garden work or buying
the seeds or plants for part of that space. A bonus
would be company while you garden.
Last, but not least, the wonderful feeling of
accomplishment you will have as you reap the fruits of
your labor. Perhaps you will even have enough to
Have a great spring and summer.
Lion Sunshine
MD19-D Club & Zone Events and Fund Raisers
Quincy Valley Lions
PZC Sunshine presenting an art kit and certificate to
Quincy Valley Peace Poster winner, Marlen Bermudez.
Marlen was also the District D winner which is a first for
Quincy Valley. Her entry was submitted to MD 19 but did
not win at that level. We are very proud of her winning
efforts and it was a pleasure to meet her entire family who
joined us for dinner and the presentation.
Westbank Lions Club News
Habitat for Humanity
Westbank Lions Club is proud to be assisting Habitat for
Humanity in their fund-raising activity for 2012 and we'll be
pitching in to serve the hamburgers at the big event at
Accent Homes in West Kelowna on Saturday, April 14. Drop
around and find out more about this terrific cause - and
while you're there get the information on the third annual
Lions' Fifties Concert, [7]The Royal Revival of Rock'n'Roll
to benefit Habitat for Humanity in August. You can see a
brief video of the Revival HERE: Habitat Information
Westbank Lions Hall Garage Sale
The Westbank Lions Community Development Society is
holding a HUGE, GIGANTIC, and just over-all LARGE
Garage Sale on Saturday, May 26, 2012 at the Westbank
Lions Hall at 2466 Main Street in downtown Westbank.
PZC Sunshine and award winner Marlen Bermudez
Othello Leo's
The Westbank Lions Hall has been the hub of our
community since 1930 and we're getting stuffed to the
rafters with all kinds of bargains so we have to make some
room. Drop in starting at 8:00AM and pick up some great
finds - and enjoy a burger and drink supplied by the
Westbank Lions Club.
If you have some items of your own and would like to join us
we have a limited number of spaces available for individual
booths for only $20.00 so clean out your garage and take
part in the fun!
For information or to reserve your space just email
[email protected] or call Rick at 250-452-9440
Princeton Lions Club Charter Member George Judd
These are Othello Leo Club new officers. Secretary
Monica, Vice President Meritza, President Jennifer,
Treasurer Matthew
If you ever wondered what a Leo Club Banner looked like,
you don't have to wonder any longer. Warden Leo Club
purchased a banner especially to hold their Award of
Excellence patch. I was privileged to present this award to
President Anthony earlier in the year.
Submitted by ZC Corallee Morgan

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