It`s Convention Time, but Not Year`s End Governor`s Travels


It`s Convention Time, but Not Year`s End Governor`s Travels
District Governor
PDG John Stalder
[email protected]
1st VDG
Lion Rita Shisler
[email protected]
2nd VDG
Lion Robyn McClintock
[email protected]
Zone 1 Chair
PDG Bill Brown
[email protected]
Zone 2 Chair
IPDG Greg Halley
[email protected]
Zone 3 Chair
Lion Jim Gibb
[email protected]
Zone 4 Chair
Lion John Hardesty
[email protected]
Zone 5 Chair
Lion Alex Abrams
[email protected]
Zone 6 Chair
PDG R.J. Konkoleski
[email protected]
Zone 7 Chair
Cabinet Secretary/Treasurer
PDG Rob Murry
[email protected]
PDG Bob Woodside
[email protected]
MARCH 2015
It’s Convention Time, but Not Year’s End
It’s time for your District
Convention! Your
convention chairs (Lion
Sally and Lion Ellen) have
been working very hard on
all of the planning and
getting all of the
decorations ready and
planning for the fun you
will have March 27 and 28.
awards and be motivated by ID Don
and celebrate your year of Lionism.
Friday night will be the Parade
of Checks with music from the New
Philadelphia Schools Steel Drum Band.
You get to meet our speaker, ID Don
Shove; I have met him and I know you
will enjoy him.
We need to look at our communities
to find areas that we can help...things
we can do and projects we can call
our own and label as ours, so the
communities will know we were there
and remember the Lions.
There is also a rumor there might be a
roast of your nice, kind and incredibly
personable Governor. If there is a roast,
it will be very short and boring.
Read your Lions magazine to see what
other Lions are doing. You might get
an idea of a new project. You will be
able to see the Pride other Lions have
and will want to ask one and keep one.
Although it seems the year is coming
to an end, we still have a lot to do. We
need to ask people to join our clubs;
we need to work on new clubs and we
need to keep our club members happy
and make sure we keep them working
in your communities.
Saturday will be the Memorial Service
and Business Meeting and then the
Grand Banquet where we will hand out
Try to keep warm and keep the
sidewalks clean.
Governor’s Travels:
Recognizing Years of
Service in Shreve
Governor John Stalder recently visited Shreve
Lions Club. He presented membership chevrons
and recognition letters for outstanding years of
service to Shreve Lions Robert Lee, celebrating
50 years, and Stan Wirt, who has served 45 years.
From the Cheese House...
District/MD Events Calendar
As I sit in my warm and cozy house,
with the snow silently falling, I think
of what my six- year-old granddaughter
Natalia saide last week.
District 13G Convention
March 27-28, 2015
Marlite-McDonald Center
New Philadelphia
District 13C Convention
April 25-26, 2015
Holiday Inn (DoubleTree)
District 13G
Leadership School
Saturday, May 9
Living Water Church
MD13 State Convention
May 15-17, 2015
Embassy Suites
International Convention
June 26-30, 2015
Honolulu, Hawaii
Every conversation with my customers
and friends, centers around
the lousy weather we’ve been
having. I commented on the
cold to Natalia, her answer was
(I’m sure coming out of my son’s
philosophy to her) “Oma, winter
can be wonderful, it’s just what
you do that makes it better...go
skiing, sled riding, ice skating, make
a snowman, have a snowball fight and
then it will be the best time ever.”
How right she is. Every day can be a
challenge if you allow it to be. Every
day can be a new day in your wonderful
life, if you allow it to be. Take the time
to “build your snowman,” your day will
be more fun. Volunteer, give, donate,
help, read to a child, help with a vision
screening, visit someone in a rest home,
you know the routine. All of a sudden,
you are “building your snowman” for
someone less fortunate. Right up our
Lions alley.
So many fun things coming up in
the next few months. Our district
convention will be fun, roasting our
Governor John will be hilarious.
Please join us in celebrating a great
Lions year (and anticipating a great year
with ME, your incoming Governor).
Of course spending a week in Maui
and two weeks in Honolulu for our
International Convention will be my
“building a snowman”.....wish I could
take all of you with me. I can already
hear those steel drums and
Ukeleles, see the Hula dancers,
taste the pig roast, smell the
sweet flowers.
I’m so thankful for my Lion
friends, who have encouraged
me, nudged me along and
assured me that “I can do this.” no
matter how much I whined (so busy,
sick mom, bad cold), you all had a pat
on the back for me.
I sit at the Council of Governor’s
meetings in Columbus with so much
pride, in the center of more Lions
knowledge than I could ever absorb,
and happy I can be part of helping the
world. What a fabulous Lions world we
live in, every day a new challenge, every
day a new opportunity to help.
Have a fabulous month, my District
Lions, I will be attending lots of
District Conventions (is that like
spying on other Districts?? ), doing
lots of visitations, keeping our Lions
world in front of everyone I come
into contact with. Thanks for all of
your volunteer hours and making a
difference in this world. Love you all.
Everything’s Coming
Up Roses
St. Patrick driving the snakes
out of Ireland.
Orrville Lions Hobie and Kathi Bond
check out Lions Clubs International’s float
in the Tournament of Roses parade in
Pasadena, California on July 1.
In the ZONEs
Committee Corner: Membership 101-Part 2
PCC Steve Thornton
Last month we talked about
membership from the standpoint of
what makes a good club and why
would someone want to join your club.
I asked you questions to make you
think about your local club and how it
operates, among other things.
This month, let’s talk about actually
getting new members and keeping
them. How do you get new members?
The obvious answer is to just ask
someone. That works as well as any
other method, but you have to actually
ask them! The number one reason
people don’t join Lions…they were
never asked. So, who do you ask?
Anyone! Your doctor, dentist, pastor,
school superintendent, police chief (my
personal favorite), fire chief, banker,
newspaper reporter (great for club
publicity) and anyone else you know.
Don’t forget your family, spouses,
children, siblings, etc.
Your club can do membership drives or
activities. Use the Ohio Plan, it works
too. Some clubs have had euchre nights
and invited the public to play. Part of
the night was a brief presentation on
Lions. They got new members on the
spot. How about a bowling night and
invite people in? It’s fun and you will
get to talk about the club. Set up a
booth at a local event, such as a street
carnival or fair. Pass out information
and get a list of names to contact later.
These are just a few of the possibilities
you can use to attract new members.
Upcoming Zone Meetings
Equally important is keeping members
once you get them. We lose many
members because they don’t feel
involved or the meetings are boring.
Get them involved right away. Assign
them to a committee, give them a job
to do. Make sure their sponsor keeps in
touch with them. Make them part of
the board of directors.
Zone 5 Meeting
Zone 1 Meeting
Wednesday, March 4
6:15 p.m.
Das Dutch Kitchen, Dalton
Zone 2 Meeting
Tuesday, March 3
6:30 p.m.
Troutman’s Vineyard, Wooster
Zone 3 Meeting
Zone 4 Meeting
Wednesday, March 4
Time and Location TBA
Zone 6 Meeting
Wednesday, March 18
Time and Location TBA
Zone 7 Meeting
Monday, March 9
6:30 p.m.
Tuscarawas VFW
This is not an all- inclusive list of ideas
to get and keep members. Hopefully, it
will get you thinking and recruiting for
your club. If you have questions, give
me a call or email.
is seeking all Lions who want to develop their leadership skills:
The 2015 Regional Lions Leadership Institute
October 30th, 31st and November 1st
Deer Creek State Park - Mount Sterling, Ohio
A time and place to help our Lions with skills - for example:
* personal missions
* speech development
* time management
* team development
Three days of instruction, fellowship and motivation
at the picturesque Deer Creek State Park.
LEVELS I, II AND III are being offered at the same price.
(More details will be forthcoming.)
Ill-fated blind date:
St. Patrick and Medusa
See YOU in the
Funny Paper!
Orrville Lions Observe Right to Read Week
Submit announcements of
upcoming events and news
and photos after projects...
[email protected]
Snail Mail
121 Fairway Street
Weirton, WV 26062
Deadline: 15th of each month
Publicize Your Events on
the District 13G Web Site:
IPDG Greg Halley has set up a
new page on the District Web
site for listing club activities and
fundraisers (see URL below).
Please submit items to be
posted to Webmaster Greg at:
[email protected].
Orrville Lions Club members read to students during Right to Read Week, which
coincided with Lions International Worldwide Week of Service). The club will earn a
Centennial Banner Patch for participating in the Global Service Action campaign.
Be sure to include the following
Name of event:
Date of Event:
Location of Event:
Cost of Event:
Beneficiary of Event: (specific
charity, Lions Eye Project, etc.)
How/Where/When/Who to
obtain tickets:
Point of contact for questions:
Sponsoring Lions Club:
Copy of brochure for linking
to from announcement on
Dine, Donate and Shop with Wooster Noon
On Wednesday, March 4, Applebee’s
at 3989 Burbank Road in Wooster
will host a “Dining to Donate” event
to benefit the Wooster Noon Lions.
From 11 a.m.-9 p.m., simply present
an event flyer and the club will receive
a portion of the total sales. Flyers are
available at
The event applies to both dine-in and
carside-to-go orders, and the flyer must
be presented at the time of checkout.
Wooster Noon Lions 36th Annual
Flea Market will be held Saturday,
May 2 at the Wayne County
Fairgrounds. Sale hours are 8 a.m.-3
p.m., rain or shine.
Rental of inside and outside spaces is
available with discounts for registration
before April 20. To reserve space,
contact Mike McClintock by phone at
330.804.7776 or via email at
[email protected].
Saturday, May 9, 2015 • 8:30 a.m. - 12 noon
Living Water Church • 200 North Kurzen Road, Dalton
PDG Association
The Ohio Lions PDG
Association is conducting a
50/50 Raffle with proceeds
benefitting the Ohio Lions
Foundation, the Ohio Lions
Research Foundation and
Lions Pilot Dogs. Tickets are
$1.00 each or 6 tickets for
$5.00 and can only be sold
to Lions (no sales to the
general public). Drawing will
be held May 17 at the State
Convention. Winner need
not to be present. Contact
any PDG for tickets.
State Convention
Forms Available
Registration and delegate
certification forms for the
MD13 State Convention (May
15-17 at the Embassy Suites
in Dublin) will be included
with the April issue.
If you can’t wait to sign up,
download the forms now at
Get to Know Our New Neighbors Up North
As part of the MD13 redistricting scheduled to take place in 2016, six of the nine
counties in the current 13G will join with Cuyahoga, Summit and Medina Counties
in what is now 13C to form the new District OH-3. Want to learn more and meet
some of our new leaders? Check out the District 13C Convention on April 25-26
at the DoubleTree (formerly Holiday Inn) in Westlake. For details and registration
forms, visit
Don’t Suffer
from “Electile
Remember that new club
officers for the 2015-2016
year are to be reported to
LCI and the District in April.
Now is the time for your
Nominating Committee to
thoughtfully consider a new
slate of officers...and don’t
forget to offer newer Lions
the opportunity to advance.
DON’T FORGET...District Convention Reminders
Each club in good standing is entitled
to one delegate for each 10 members
(or major fraction thereof ). PDGs
are “at-large” delegates in addition to
this number. Be sure your club is fully
represented at the business meeting.
“We must be at the wrong end.”
Governor John asks all clubs to make
an effort to contribute to all Parade
of Checks causes. These include:
Ohio Lions Eye Research Foundation
Bryan Endowment for Diabetes Research
Sight and Hearing Committee
Camp Echoing Hills
International Relations
Ohio Lions All-State Band
Lions Clubs International Foundation
Ohio Lions Foundation
Akron Children’s Hospital