I don`t know if there is a policy against swimming in



I don`t know if there is a policy against swimming in
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March 20
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No matter how long the winter,
spring is sure to follow.
Editor’s Note
elcome to Spring and Daylight Savings Time! The azaleas and dogwoods are in full bloom
and bulbs planted earlier for their spring arrival have started to flower. For those of you
who are allergy prone, all of the pollen that comes with spring can be overwhelming. This
issue is packed with information to help you through the season with information on spring
allergies, organization tips for your annual “Spring Cleaning” and much more!
If you are anything like me, when you think of spring you think “spring cleaning”. As a descendent
of many we call “pack-rats,” I stand accused. Spring is the perfect time to de-clutter and de-stress
your life. I use this as an excuse to purge stacks of papers from previous years and then give ShredIt a call. De-cluttering my life means tackling the guest room closet that my family has dubbed “The
Bermuda Triangle”. If you are in that “pack rat” group
you know what I mean!
Spring is the perfect
I stand in front of the filing cabinet I spent so much
time organizing a year ago and, for the life of me,
cannot find that document I just know I filed in its
de-stress your life
proper place. So, do I go through all this Stuff to again
see the back of my walk-in closet? Or do I just have my
husband and son build more shelves so I can store more Stuff? THAT is the question.
time to de-clutter and
April is for our kids in the Killearn Lakes neighborhood! Mark your calendars for the following events
this month. The Annual Easter Egg Hunt will be held at Tekesta Park on April 7th from 11:00am to
12:00pm. Don’t be late! The eggs are picked up fast! Epiphany Lutheran Church will hold the Annual
Easter Sunrise Service at Tekesta Park on Sunday, April 8th. Church members prepare and serve
breakfast after the service. Finally, the Annual Kids’ Fishing Contest will take place at
Lake Monkey Business from 8:00am until 12:00pm on April 28th.
Don’t forget to visit our website at www.killearnlakeshoa.org to view the Fishing
Contest Rules under “Events”. This year we will also have our first “Lake CleanUp” following the fishing contest. We hope the lake clean-up will become an
annual event.
We appreciate all of you attending and supporting our events.
We invite you to volunteer to help keep all these functions
alive! If you are interested in volunteering or sponsoring
any of our annual events, please contact our office at
(850) 668-3231.
Nancy C. Johnson
Operations Director, Bookkeeper & Editor
Be sure to register as a member at www.killearnlakeshoa.org
Bryan's Brief
April 2012
I think you’ll agree we’ve had one of the mildest winters
on record. The dogwoods and azaleas are blooming and I’m
still raking leaves – In an attempt to keep you informed on
County issues, I have some updates for you.
Northeast Park
As you may remember, Celebration Baptist Church has
100 acres of land, located at the intersection of Proctor Rd
and Thomasville Rd that can be used as a Northeast
Recreation Park. The Commission directed staff to conduct
two appraisals and they both came back at $1 million.
Celebration has provided two options regarding the purchase,
with prices ranging from $750,000, if closing occurs by March
21, 2012 or $786,000, if paid over a three year period,
inclusive of closing costs. If we are able to purchase the
property, there are no funds for development of the
Community Park. With the only District IV County recreation
facility located in Miccosukee, this is a much needed amenity.
Studies and analysis are being done at this time and the
results will be brought back to the Commission sometime in
April. I’ll keep you posted.
Sales Tax Extension
The existing one-cent infrastructure sales tax that is
funding the Cascades Trail Project discussed above and many
of the Capital Circle improvements was approved by
referendum in 2004 and will expire on December 31, 2019.
To prepare for the expiration of the levied tax, the County
Commission has established the Leon County Sales Tax
Committee, made up of citizen appointees. The 18-member
Committee is charged with collecting public input and making
recommendations on issues related to the proposed extension
of the one-cent infrastructure sales tax. This group is holding
public meetings to take input and will help us sort through
almost $1 billion of infrastructure components, one of which
is Bannerman Rd.
Orchard Pond Toll Road
This is a public/private partnership project proposed by
the property owner Jeff Phipps, that has the potential to
significantly improve the east/west connectivity between US319 and US-27 north of Lake Jackson and south of County
Road 12, a distance of over ten miles, providing direct relief
to I-10 between Capital Circle Northwest and US-319 north of
I-10 and will provide a much needed economic benefit to this
area. I understand surveys have been taken by contracted
individuals to obtain citizen input into the development of
asp?item_no= '10'&meeting_date=11/8/2011.
Lakes View / Issue 52 / April 2012
County Commission
Chair Appointments
Each year the new Chair of the
County Commissioners to the
appointment authority. I’m honored
to have been asked to serve on the
Criminal Justice, Mental Health and
Substance Abuse Reinvestment
Advisory Council, the Downtown Improvement Authority and
the Tourist Development Council. In addition, I’m also serving
as a member of the Capital Region Transportation Planning
Authority; the Community Redevelopment Authority;
Miccosukee Canopy Road Greenways Citizen’s Advisory
Committee and serve as the Commission’s liaison to the
Educational Facilities Authority. I’m honored to serve as the
First Vice President of the Florida Association of Counties and
was recently appointed to the National Association of
Counties Board. These appointments provide the opportunity
to actively work on issues that affect our counties on a state
and national level. I hope you’ll consider offering your
services to serve on one or more of our County advisory
committees. We welcome all the help we can get in
addressing the very important issues that these committees
study and especially their recommendations provided to the
Commission. For more information on the committee
appointment process and the committees available, go to
As always, thank you for your continued support. I
appreciate all of your calls, e-mails and letters advising me of
service or operational issues in District IV. It's because of you
and your continued contact with me that I am able to identify
opportunities for improvement and make District IV the
wonderful place it is to live. As many of you already know, I
filed to run for the District IV seat again and would appreciate
your support. My face book account is “Bryan Desloge for
Leon County Commission”. I would be honored if you would
“like me”. Please call me if you have any questions, concerns
or suggestions - 606-5364 or [email protected]
Bryan Desloge
Leon County
Board of County Commissioners
Be sure to register as a member at www.killearnlakeshoa.org
Organize Your Life
the Real Simple Way
Shop Your Closet
Grab a bunch of clothes from your crowded
closet and try them on in front of a full-length mirror.
Put the ones that you would actually buy again back
in and donate the rest.
Post-Date Your Products
The first time you crack open a product in your
fridge or pantry, write the month and year on a small
sticker and place it on the bottom of the jar or bottle.
Next time you reach for it, you’ll know just how fresh
it really is.
Stash Cleaning Supplies in One Spot
Don’t waste even more time on your Saturday
searching for the rags and disinfectant. If you don't
have a whole closet to devote to cleaning supplies, part
of a pantry, a nook under the staircase, or a corner of
a room will work, too.
Corral Cords and Eliminate Clutter
Lose the wiry jumble around the outlet by cutting
off the toe end of a stretchy trouser sock and slipping
the cords through it.
Recycle Your Kids’ Artwork
Since there’s no room to possibly frame and
display every finger painting ever made, get creative
with all those finger paintings. Wrap gifts for aunts and
grandparents with your kids’ masterpieces.
Buy Birthday Cards in Bulk
Forgot a birthday? Keep a stash for those occasions
that just sneak up on you. Designate one day of
each year to buy birthday cards for friends
and family so you’ll never have to do a
last-minute drugstore run. Keep a stash of
stamps, too.
Lakes View / Issue 52 / April 2012
Stock up on Mini Toiletries
Be ready for overnight guests. Collect small
containers when you’re staying at hotels or when
they’re on sale at your local pharmacy. The bonus to
their mini size is the little space they’ll take up.
Turn Kitchen Tools Into Bathroom
Certain products just don’t cut it in the bathroom.
When your tub lacks wide ledges to leave bath
products, hang a multilevel fruit basket for some
added space.
Recycle Containers for Storage
Shelve Items by Subject Matter
Take crates that once teemed with clementines or
old flea-market finds originally used for wine bottles
and convert them into storage for towels in the
bathroom or T-shirts in the bedroom.
Detangle Your Jewelry
If your dresser top is a breeding ground for
jumbled jewelry, try this: Hang inexpensive pin
boards, add sewing pins, and dangle necklaces and
earrings from the pins so they stay visible and tanglefree.
Not only will it be easier to find the items—pots
on one level, books on another―but it will also create
a systematic look to your kitchen.
Streamline Your Mail
You don’t need an elaborate entryway to
keep your inbox under control. Designate
something as an in-box. It can be a basket, a
storage box, a drawer―anything big enough
to hold a week's worth of mail and no more.
Locate it in a place that's convenient and not
so out of the way that it's out of sight and
Pretend Like You’re Moving
Keep Kitchen Necessities Within
You don't have to get rid of things you
love or need―you just have to determine
what those things are. Envision your home as
a prospective buyer might: Uncluttered spaces
make the best first impression. Buy containers
and baskets only after you've decided what to
keep. This way you'll have a much better
sense of the kind of storage you need.
Make a place in the zone around the
stove and the sink for essentials: oil, vinegar,
ingredients and tools near where
you will be using them: Keep the
basket of garlic near the cutting
board, sugar and flour near the stand
mixer, and your best-loved pan on the
front burner.
Be sure to register as a member at www.killearnlakeshoa.org
Lakes View / Issue 52 / April 2012
New Sidewalks in Killearn Lakes
Leon County Press Release
Leon County held a ribbon-cutting ceremony in Killearn
Lakes on February 24th to mark the completion of sidewalks
and safety improvements to the area. Nearly five miles of
sidewalk construction and bike lanes were completed along
treatment system provided a significant cost savings to Leon
County in the construction process. Additionally, the sidewalk
was constructed around trees, which significantly reduced the
number of trees that needed to be removed. Wetlands were
This project is a great example of the County working
hand-in-hand with the community to create something
that is practical and enjoyable
Deer Lake West and Kinhega Drive to provide safer
transportation options for walkers and bikers, in addition to
connecting neighborhoods to Deerlake Middle and Killearn
Lakes Elementary schools.
“This project was essential
to supporting the priority of
safety for children and families
of Killearn Lakes,” said County
Commissioner Bryan Desloge,
who represents District 4.
“This was one of four projects
that involved maintaining a
family-friendly environment
rich with this community’s
natural landscape that includes
the beautiful canopied roads
we’ve come to love here in
Leon County.”
The sidewalk and safety
improvements took 17 months
to complete and came in
approximately $265,000 under budget. The full project
included additional crosswalks with signs, bike lanes,
restriped driving lanes and more school-zone markers. Roads
were also narrowed to reduce vehicle speed and enhance
pedestrian safety. A unique under-the-sidewalk stormwater
also preserved in keeping with the overall character of the
“This sidewalk will serve as a vital connector for kids to
their schools, walkers and bikers to the great outdoors here
neighbors to each other,” said
County Administrator Vincent
S. Long.
considered well in advance
allowing construction teams to
lay the sidewalk during
summer months when student
populations would not be
affected as much.
“This project is a great
example of the County
working hand-in-hand with
the community to create
Photo by Anna Trudeau
something that is practical and
enjoyable,” said Commission
Chairman Akin Akinyemi. “The positive outcome is a more
livable community – one that provides safe and convenient
transportation choices and recreational options to all citizens,
especially our young ones, like the ones that use this area.”
Be sure to register as a member at www.killearnlakeshoa.org
www.nasonex.com & www.singulair.com
When you come into contact with an allergen, or a
trigger, your body produces higher levels of certain
types of substances. You may have heard of one type called
histamine. Another type is called leukotrienes (loo-ko-TRYeens). Leukotrienes play an important role in causing allergy
These types of substances signal your body to respond
to allergens with symptoms such as:
❀ Congestion
❀ Runny nose
❀ Sneezing
❀ Itchy nose
The medical term for these symptoms is allergic rhinitis. You
probably know it better as hay fever or, simply, indoor and
outdoor allergies.
Outdoor allergens
Pollens and mold spores are outdoor allergens that float
in the air and commonly trigger nasal allergy symptoms.
During peak seasons, you may experience increased
symptoms—congestion, sneezing, itchy nose or runny nose—
depending on where you live and the specific allergens that
are triggers for you. Weather factors such as sun, rain, and
wind can also affect the amount and types of allergens in the
air and their production.
Pollen is a microscopic, powdery substance used by
plants for fertilization and reproduction. Pollens are carried
between plants by wind, water, animals, bees and other
Lakes View / Issue 52 / April 2012
The medical term for these
symptoms is allergic rhinitis
insects. Nasal allergy symptoms are more often triggered by
plants with small pollens that are spread by wind currents
such as trees, grasses, and weeds. Generally, the pollens from
brightly flowered plants with larger pollen grains don't trigger
nasal allergies. If your nasal allergy symptoms are worse in
some seasons than others, it may mean you're allergic to
Ragweed can produce 1 billion grains of pollen per
season and is able to travel hundreds of miles on the wind.
It is often responsible for late summer and early fall
symptoms. Consider using this time of year to enjoy indoor
activities or vacation in an area with fewer ragweed plants.
Indoor allergens
Indoor, or perennial, nasal allergies are triggered by
another group of allergens, including dust mites, animal
dander and urine, cockroach droppings, and indoor molds.
If you have indoor nasal allergies, you may have
symptoms year round, and you may notice they get worse in
certain situations; this can offer clues to the specific allergen
or allergens you react to. If you experience symptoms like
congestion, sneezing, itchy nose or runny nose, take notice
of when and where they start and are at their worst.
Animals with fur or feathers can cause nasal allergy
symptoms. Although many people think it's the hair or
feathers that's causing the reactions, it is actually saliva,
proteins in animals' dander (dead skin), and urine that cause
nasal allergy problems. Symptoms of pet allergies can occur
immediately or about 8 to 12 hours after exposure. The best
way to avoid animal allergens is to avoid contact with furry
or feathered animals or their bedding.
Dust Mites
Dust mites are microscopic creatures that live in dust and
consume discarded flakes of human skin. Dust mite
droppings are a common trigger of nasal allergy symptoms,
and are found throughout homes, especially in parts of the
home with high humidity or a concentration of human skin
flakes, such as mattresses or pillows. Regular vacuuming with
a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter can help reduce your
contact with dust mites, as can covering mattresses and
Indoor Molds
Indoor molds thrive in dark, damp places such as
basements and bathrooms. When these molds release
airborne spores, they can trigger nasal allergy symptoms.
Regular cleaning with a weak bleach solution can help
eliminate mold and minimize future growth. If you see mold
on a carpet or other item in the house, remove it promptly.
Be sure to register as a member at www.killearnlakeshoa.org
Easter Basket Cookies
1 roll (16.5 oz) Pillsbury® refrigerated sugar cookies
1/4 cup all-purpose flour
1 bottle (2.25 oz) pink and blue colored sugar
1 container (12 oz) fluffy white frosting
2 cups flaked coconut
Food colors
Assorted jelly beans
Pipe cleaners
1/4-inch pastel ribbon
Roll dough into 24 (1 1/4-inch) balls; roll in colored sugar.
Place balls in muffin cups.
Bake 12 to 15 minutes or until set and edges are light
golden brown. Cool in pan 10 minutes; remove to
cooling rack.
Add coconut to a 1-gallon resealable food-storage plastic
bag. Add 3 to 4 drops food color and shake until well
blended. It may be necessary to add 1 to 2 teaspoons
water to help disperse the color evenly or additional food
color until desired color is reached.
Frost top of each cookie. Decorate with colored coconut
and jelly beans. Tie a small ribbon bow on 5-inch piece
of pipe cleaner; insert into each basket for handle.
Heat oven to 350° F. Grease or spray 24 miniature muffin
cups. In medium bowl, stir or knead cookie dough and
flour until well blended.
Lakes View / Issue 52 / April 2012
No Swimming in the Lakes
I don't know if there is a policy against swimming in
LBH, but yesterday afternoon several teenage boys
were diving off the rock wall at the country
club 12th green. Bruce Sellers ran them off
and advised them that they shouldn't
swim in LBH, because of snakes, gators,
parasites, etc. It apparently didn't
register with them as this afternoon
they are diving off their boats and
loudly swimming/ playing around. It's
certainly not a good idea for them to
be doing so, and I wonder what the
issue of liability would be if something
happened to one of them?
The above question prompted the below
Reminder from your board:
Now that our weather is getting warmer our
board of directors thought we should post a little reminder
that there is NO SWIMMING in the lakes:
The Covenants & Restrictions under ARTICLE XXXSection 7 states the following:
“No swimming shall be permitted from any lake
or area deeded to the Killearn Lakes
Homeowners Association, Inc.
owner of a lot or lots abutting upon
any lake who swims or permits
others to swim from such lot or lots
shall do so at their own risk.
Neither Killearn Properties, Inc.,
nor Killearn Lakes Homeowners
Association, Inc., assumes any
responsibility for the purity of
the water in the lakes or any
damage resulting from their use.”
Dock owners also take heed.
Have you posted a sign indicating by
whom and when your dock may be used?
Some owners have posted signs at their
docks with specific rules and contact information.
In order to protect your liability you may want to consider
taking this extra precaution.
Be sure to register as a member at www.killearnlakeshoa.org
Lakes View / Issue 52 / April 2012
Healthy Water . . .
Healthy Teeth
By Dr. Michael Hartley
Living in Killearn Lakes has many advantages. We
have beautiful lakes and parks and the area is well
maintained. It’s a great neighborhood! Our water
provided is clean and overall good quality. It does not
however provide our children with the recommended
quantity of fluoride.
The Editor would like to thank Joan Raley for advertising
with us so loyally in the “Lakes View” Magazine.
Another loyal advertiser will be highlighted in our next issue.
The World Health Organization
cited fluoridated drinking
water as one of 20 great health
advantages of the last century
Community water fluoridation has been policy in the
United States since 1951.
The World Health Organization cited fluoridated
drinking water as one of 20 great health advantages of
the last century. Their studies show a reduction in cavities
by 20-40% due to fluoride, and until recently tooth decay
rates have been falling. The most recent study by
pediatric dentists shows tooth decay rates on the rise
again most probably due to poor diet choices. This
reminds us of the importance of fluoride and a good,
healthy, low sugar diet.
The current recommendation is that our water should
have 0.5-1.0ppm of fluoride depending on climate.
Recent cooperative water quality reports show our water
having 0.2ppm. That is half the recommendation and
bottled water typically has none. Since we live in a warm
weather climate and drink lots of water we should have
about 0.7ppm. The ingestion of fluoride is important for
developing teeth until about the age of six (then the teeth
are already developed). After age six, fluoridated drinking
water continues to reduce decay because it coats the
teeth while drinking or rinsing.
As a dentist in the community, I’ve practiced in areas
of the state without water fluoridation and have seen the
difference! My suggestion is not to change our water, but
if you have a child under six, ask your physician or
dentist about prescription fluoride drops. As an adult,
consider over the counter mouthwash with fluoride and
make sure your toothpaste contains it as well.
I get lots of really good questions, and if you have a
dental health question please contact Dr. Michael Hartley
at [email protected]
Be sure to register as a member at www.killearnlakeshoa.org
e Mighty Oak
By Liz Sullivan, LPN, CSA
that has surrounded them. Just as the branches of the oaks
Springtime is my favorite time of the year. I am in awe
reach out and provide refuge for others, our seniors have
when I see the first little buds appearing on the barren tree
carried us at one time, keeping us safe.
branches. It is a reminder of the circle of life. It is the
As we admire all the beauty that surrounds us, I
reminder that although the tree was bare and seemingly
encourage you to pay special
lifeless, it comes back to life in the
spring, ready to shade us for the hot Tap into their wisdom and attention to the oaks remembering
their humble beginning and ageless
summer ahead. How perfect.
Oak trees have particularly allow patience for them to wisdom. Then, the next time you visit
a senior ask them to share some of
fascinated me. Think for a moment… recall and then just listen
that wisdom with you. Ask them the
these enormous, mighty pillars of
best way to weather a storm, calm a frightened child or grow
strength were once a tiny acorn. The large and majestic oaks
the perfect tomato plants. Tap into their wisdom and allow
we see in our beautiful neighborhood may be hundreds of
patience for them to recall and then just listen…just listen.
years old. Imagine what these mighty oaks have seen over
At Comfort Keepers, we pride ourselves on Interactive
the years.
Caregiving and the art of listening.
I use the illustration of the oak tree to remind us that we
all begin as little “acorns”. Our seniors are the cherished
2709-3 Killarney Way
“oaks” of our lives. They have weathered many storms and
Tallahassee, Fl 32309
just as the wood itself, their skin may show the perfect “grain
(850) 402-0051
in the wood” that we call wrinkles. Our seniors have seen
[email protected]
days filled with sunshine and nourishment from the richness
Lakes View / Issue 52 / April 2012
rough the
Eyes of a ief
By Deputy Tim Randolph
Sheriff’s Office: 850-922-3300
They say your home is your castle and it is
normally the most expensive investment you will
make during your lifetime. Protecting it and its
contents should be a top priority for you and your
family. But, in many cases it is not a priority and the
chances of you becoming the victim of a crime may
increase. However, most residential burglaries are
crimes of opportunity and in many cases can be
prevented. Criminals are normally looking for the
easiest target that will allow them to get whatever
they can without a lot of
When it
When it comes to
your home against
comes to
residential burglaries, view
protecting your home as if you were
a criminal looking to break
your home in. Start at the perimeter of
the property such as the
street or property line and
see how visible your home
burglaries, is from the street or from
adjacent houses. Visibility
view your
is a key deterrent against
burglaries since the last
home as if thing a criminal wants is
for his actions to be
you are the noticed by neighbors or
deputies patrolling the
area. Ensure that all trees
and shrubs adjacent to the
home are not blocking the view of windows and
doors. Make sure that all exterior lightning is
functioning properly and is not obstructed. Make
sure there are no items such as garden tools, large
rocks or bricks, or other items left out that could be
used as burglary tools to force entry into the home.
By using these tips, you can remove or reduce
the opportunity for someone to make your home a
target of burglary.
Be sure to register as a member at www.killearnlakeshoa.org
History of
Killearn Lakes
Part 2
he town of Tallahassee was surveyed and laid out in
1824, and promotion and sale of the surrounding lands
began in the following year. By the end of the decade the
rich soils of Leon County attracted many cotton planters.
Land speculation resulted in large and small parcels changing
hands in rapid succession. For example, Prince Archille Murat
and William Nuttall once owned, for a short time, one eighth
of a section (west ½ of
northeast ¼ sect.9, township 2
The town of Tallahassee was
North, range 1 East) now partly
covered by Lake Dianna.
surveyed and laid out in 1824
Perhaps it was near this spot
that Murat fought a duel with
Judge David B. Macomb. Macomb fired first, clipping off half
of Murat’s right little finger. Murat then shot a hole in
Macomb’s shirt, which he claimed later “scared out the lice”,
but no other damage resulted.
One of the first locally prominent homesteaders on Lake
Iamonia was Dr. Isaac W. Mitchell, who established a home
on the broad hilltop overlooking Mitchell Point. Mitchell
many have been a medical doctor, although he apparently
did not follow that profession. His extensive plantation
landholdings were located mainly in Jefferson County and
southern Georgia, but he was active in the early land
speculations in Leon County. In 1829 he was elected to the
Territorial Legislative Council, and remained active in political
affairs thereafter. In 1833 he was appointed by the Governor
to the board of appraisers of the Union Bank, (whose
financial manipulations were later to end in chaos.) But in a
few short years his household was hit by disease. His
beloved wife Ann died on April 16, 1837, and was buried in
the small cemetery near the homesite. Soon thereafter
Mitchell moved to Thomas County Georgia, which became
his permanent home.
Early in the 1830’s the property now in the Killearn Lakes
development became gradually incorporated into the
extensive holdings of the three Bradford brothers. Other
planters worked portions of this land at various times,
including Frederick R. Cotton, biggest and most prosperous
of all Florida planters. Captain William Lester, ex-Indian
fighter and vigilante leader; and Robert Williams, Surveyor-
Lakes View / Issue 52 / April 2012
general for the Territory, all of whom continued to work
adjacent properties. But eventually all present Killearn Lakes
property was included in Dr. Edward Bradford’s Pine Hill
plantation, Thomas A. Bradford’s Walnut Hill, or Richard H.
Bradford’s Water Oak.
All of the planters mentioned above seem to have been
among the more progressive agriculturalists and more
sincerely paternalistic (in the best sense) slave masters. Solon
Robinson, a noted agricultural journalist of the day, vested
some of them in March 1851, and found Robert Williams to
be a leader in the use of fertilizers, improved equipment, sidehill ditching for erosion control, and other innovations. His
neighbors laughed at him, Robinson reported, but were quick
to follow him in anything successful. Perhaps this is one
reason why abolitionist agitators, active here as elsewhere in
the South, were not very successful on these plantations. The
Bradford brothers took turns hosting an annual holiday
celebration, for the slave populations of the three plantations
every 4th of July. This included a massive barbecue and,
when held at Water Oak, fishing parties on Lake Iamonia. No
whites were allowed to partake of or interfere with these
The Civil War put an end to large scale cotton production,
and turned agricultural attention to the production of
foodstuffs for both the military and home fronts. The
Bradford plantations followed this pattern. Bradford sons and
sons-in-law followed their conscience and went to war,
among them Richard H. Jr. of Water Oak, Captain of a
company of the 1st Florida Regiment. He left with his
regiment for Pensacola in the fall of 1861. On the night of
October 9, 1861, while leading an attack column in the assault
on Federal positions on Santa Rosa Island, he was shot and
killed by a sentinel of the 6th New York Volunteers. His body
was returned for a hero’s funeral, and was buried in the
cemetery at Pine Hill plantation. He could well have been
the first Floridian killed in Confederate action. Bradford
County, Florida was later named in his honor.
The economic dislocation of war, emancipation, and
reconstruction resulted in the diversification of agriculture and
farm tenancy, with continued emphasis on corn and other
cereal grains.
Attempts were also made to develop
production of fruits, vegetables, and tobacco for northern
markets. But Tallahassee had no direct rail connections to
the North, and no nearby seaport, shipments being made by
rail to Jacksonville or Fernandina for transshipment by sea.
Sporadic interest in rail connection between Tallahassee and
Thomasville and thence to the North developed. One
proposed route via Bradfordville would have passed across
the southeast corner of the Killearn Lakes property. But local
interest was fragmented by other projects, and a meeting held
at Bradfordville in May 1883, well attended by representatives
of Georgia interests, failed to attract a single delegate from
Florida. The rail connection with Thomasville never did
Part III History of Killearn Lakes will continue in the
June issue.
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Long Live Flowers!
By Kristi & Courtney of At Last Florals
“Salutations!” from Kristi & Courtney of At Last Florals.
vase and restrict water flow. Cutting them under
Spring is in the air, birds are chirping, bees are buzzing and
water helps prevent air bubbles in the stem.
women everywhere are throwing bridal brunches
❀ Always keep your flowers in a cool area
and baby showers. If you are generously hosting
out of the direct sunlight, or any other
a gathering, chances are you’re going to purchase
source of heat. If your arrangements will
fresh flowers to adorn your event.
be out doors for an event, you can
Whether you’re buying the flowers a few
revitalize them in the fridge overnight.
days in advance, or looking to sustain their
❀ Flower food does wonders. Though there
beauty for your own enjoyment after the party,
are many myths and rumors concerning
this information will help you get the most out
home remedies for this sort of thing,
of your blooms.
flower food is the only tried and true
❀ Keeping the water clean is essential.
method. Visit your local flower shop to get
No foliage should be submerged as it
some for yourself.
and baby
will die and begin to decompose,
Aside from optimal care, you can also
compromising the quality of the water.
choose longer lasting flowers. Any sort of orchid,
lily, daisy, carnation or mum will offer longevity.
❀ Change the water often (about every
So happy celebrating to all of you! And if you’re looking
three days). Be sure to always use cool water;
for a professional florist to bring beauty to your event, please
warm water will encourage blooms to open faster.
do contact us.
❀ Trim your stems (about every 3 days). Use a sharp
knife and cut your stems under water at an angle.
Kristi Sanders
Cut only the bottom inch or two to give the flower
a clean and clear stem. The angle ensures that the
stem won’t become flat against the bottom of the
Lakes View / Issue 52 / April 2012
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Spring Cleaning Tips from
By Charita Bullard, President Molly Maid of Leon County
Spring is here – but don’t panic about your spring
cleaning projects! Molly Maid has been cleaning homes for
over 25 years and we’re experts at the annual deep cleaning
routine. Besides, dusting and de-cluttering may also be a
matter of health
Spring cleaning can seem like an enormous task,
however, the professionals at Molly Maid offer the following
basics to help you clean up for spring:
Although you may think vacuuming is as easy as running
it over an area, there’s a trick to maximizing the machine’s
Getting under furniture is a big thing for most people.
On a semi-regular basis, you’re going to want to move
furniture from its location and get underneath the larger
pieces. Don’t forget to vacuum underneath area rugs, too..
Dirt actually collects there, so you
have to get under them as well on
top of them.
Tools on a vacuum, such as
extension hoses, also work well to
remove hair and dust from
When the sun begins to shine into your
home, you will notice dirt that was not so
visible during the winter months
Dusting is a must
The right tools can help you complete this job:
✯ Use a wool duster of microfiber-type cloth for most
of your dusting
✯ If you’re an indoor smoker, you may have a little
more buildup of dust and yellowing due to the
tobacco. So you may have to resort to using a damp
cloth or even “magic eraser” to remove caked-on
dust, dirt and grime.
While you might remember to dust the furniture and
frames on the wall, you won’t want to forget to swipe your
duster across these often-missed areas on a regular basis (at
least monthly):
✯ Fan blades
✯ Baseboards
✯ Molding, wainscoting, door frames
✯ Windowsills
✯ Blinds and shades
✯ Walls
When dusting, you want to move from top to bottom, left
to right in a room.
20 Lakes View / Issue 52 / April 2012
Floor Care
If you have wood, natural stone or linoleum floors, Molly
Maid home service professionals will likely use the same
methods to clean them.
We use a product specifically created for floors in 95%
percent of homes. Home owners should seek information
from the installer to use on manufactured floors as some floor
cleaner products may actually damage or decrease the life
span of these floors.
Every person has to pick the right cleaner they feel suits
their home. The same goes for picking out the perfect mop;
however, Molly Maid home service professionals use a flat
mop most often. Before you even get to the “wet” stage, you
should use something to pick up the dust.
Then, you can use a reusable cloth or a microfiber cloth
that adheres to the end of an extendable wand. This tool can
also be used to dust down walls. Disposable microfiber cloth
systems can be used, as well. In some cases a vacuum will
work to pick up lint balls off floors, too.
For those tough spots, like caked-on dirt or dried jelly,
you might need to get down on your hands and knees for
some one-on-one stain-fighting time. Simply spray on a little
cleanser and use a hand-held scrub sponge — the kind you
might use on tough kitchen dishes — to remove sticky messes.
Remember to allow your floors to completely dry
before replacing the area rugs and mats, otherwise you’ll
end up with yellowed stains on your floors from the
rubber backing.
When mopping, use a small amount of cleanser
diluted with about a third of a bucket of cold water (you
don’t want to heat up the floor’s finish with hot water).
Change the water and cleanser mix often; you don’t want
to mop a floor with dirty water.
Go with the grain of the floor to minimize streaking
and always vacuum or mop your way out of an area.
Window (Glass) Cleaning
When the sun begins to shine into your home, you
will notice dirt that was not so visible during the winter
months. The old stand-by of vinegar and water with a
lint free cloth will work well to clean glass. There are
also some commercial products that work well. You may
want to utilize a squeegee and use dish soap in the place
as a commercial cleaning product . It is important to
work quickly and to completely dry the glass checking
for spots. A trick in bathrooms is to turn off the light for
a few minutes and then turn them back on. Any streaks
will be more apparent upon the second inspection.
Happy Spring Cleaning!!! Tally Award for Best
Cleaning Service 2012!
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Lake Friendly Yard of the Season
By Joe Barnett
We are now in our second year of the “Lake Friendly Yard
of the Season” program, designed to protect, maintain and
enhance the natural environment of Killearn Lakes. While
taking my Lakewatch samples, I always notice one yard
which makes me feel good. It has a canoe and a row boat.
There is a fire pit, a swing, and two Adirondack chairs among
the heavily wooded shoreline. It is beautifully natural, like
living in a state park, as our covenants were designed to
I bicycled up to the home of Ken and Dyanne Ifland and
asked them about their yard. Dyanne said they used to live
on Copperfield Circle until about 5 years ago. They loved it
there. She even started the popular 4th of July bicycle and
fire truck parade while there. But they needed a larger home
and wanted to stay in Killearn Lakes. Ken was told about this
lot on Petty Gulf. He saw all the hardwood trees along the
shore and immediately purchased it.
They put large windows on the lake side of their home
just to enjoy the beautiful view. When the leaves are out they
can’t even tell there are other homes on the lake. They
thinned just enough to see the lake. Their son grew up loving
to fish. Ken sometimes will take his boat into the middle of
22 Lakes View / Issue 52 / April 2012
They have protected our lakes from
pollution with their lake friendly yard
the lake at night to watch the moon reflect
across the lake or to look at the many stars
easily seen from the lake.
Dyanne mentioned the many birds they
can see like Carolina Chickadee’s, red
headed wood peckers, the giant pileated
woodpeckers, egrets and herons. They have
planted some of the native trees the county
gives out free each winter and especially
love the oak which has bright red leaves in
the fall. They planted a row of evergreen
cedar trees along the sides of their lot.
One big oak has a limb that stretches
right in front of their back deck. They said
birds fill the branch which sits at eye level.
It’s like living in a tree house. They don’t
understand why some homeowners would
want to clear-cut their lot. I asked if they
have to do much to take care of their
“forest”. They laughed and said they have to
do nothing. They let it be natural. No
fertilizer and nothing to mow!
I asked why they moved to Tallahassee. Ken was
transferred here as an air traffic control manager for our
airport. They immediately fell in love with Tallahassee.
Dyanne was an airline flight attendant for 12 years and Ken
lived all over the country and in Germany. They said there is
no place like Tallahassee. It is a utopia in the middle of
nowhere. Our neighborhood offers great schools, churches
and with events like the Kids’ Fishing Contest and the Fall
Festival, it is just a great community!
Ken does many triathlon events and two ironman events.
He also took the beautiful sunset photo that appeared on a
past magazine cover. Dyanne has her dance studio “Killearn
Kids Dance Troupe” that entertains us at the Fall Festival
every year. Dyanne and Ken was a fun couple to meet and
are active in our Killearn Lakes community. Best of all, they
have protected our lakes from pollution with their lake
friendly yard. As winner, the Iflands will be presented a
special yard sign, $100 gift certificate from a local nursery and
a photo and recognition in the June issue of the “Lakes View”
Magazine. I will make this presentation at Tuesday’s May 8th
Quarterly Open Members Meeting at 7pm. Congratulations
Ifland family!
Be sure to register as a member at www.killearnlakeshoa.org 23
Cyndy’s Ruminations
By Cyndy Reichert
“Half-Past Dawn”
By Richard Doetsch
Jack Keeler, District Attorney of New York and a former
Cotis priest, whom Jack has never met, comes to his aid, as
cop, is 39 years old, blissfully married to Mia Keeler, who is
well. The ancient Asian priest comes from an intensely
an FBI agent, and has two “Irish Twin” daughters, 5 and 6.
spiritual culture that resides deep in a jungle where their
He awakens on a Friday morning at 6 a.m., not knowing that
beliefs are founded in harmony with nature, with the earth,
he is about to experience the
and with the afterlife. Outside
“nightmare” of his life.
of the walls of this isolated
Within the next hour he
society, the Cotis people are
Between life and death,
grabs a Coke from the fridge
thought to be made out of myth
between the deepest dark of
(his fix) and heads upstairs to
and legend, repelling the
brush his teeth. Leaning over
night and the first rays of
the sink he finally looks up in
encroachment with magical
confusion and is surprised to dawn, in that moment where we skills that include defying
see a scabbed-over wound
death. Jack is not religious, but
begin to drift from sleep to
above his right eye, and cuts
he will take any help that he
and scratches on his face. His wakefulness, is where anything can get.
confusion and shock continue
is possible. . .
to escalate as he finds an
provides unpredictable plot
intricate tattoo on his left
twists, psychological puzzles
forearm (words written in a
and startling discoveries as Jack
foreign script) and, what
begins to recover bits and
suspiciously looks to be, a
pieces of his memory. He
bullet wound on his shoulder
takes on the fragility of the
that has been haphazardly
human mind and memory - our
stitched up. He has absolutely
most important asset - and yet
no memory of how, when, or
when we start to doubt it., the
why any of this happened.
thin line of reality begins to be
Racing down to the kitchen
questioned. The story deals
to call Mia, he finds the
with guilt and regrets, the gift
newspaper and zeros in on the
of a precious blue stone
night-time photo of a bridge,
necklace, a jeweled dagger and
the guard rail missing, and
two diaries; one which foretells
black tire marks on the road
the future. The ending…I had
disappearing over the edge. He
to read twice as it was
then sees the headlines…”New
absolutely, wildly remarkable
York City District Attorney Jack
how all the plots and twists
Keeler Dead.” It is then that
came together. With a host of
Jack acknowledges that there is
characters; including a selfsomething very wrong in the
made terrorist, FBI agents,
cops, doctors and attorneys,
Now it’s up to Jack to reDoetsch’s thriller will keep you
claim the bits and pieces of his
wondering and doubting reality
shattered mind, find his missing
till the very end, which won’t
wife who is also suspected to
take too long as you’ll be
be dead, protect his daughters, and do it all before dawn of
unable to put the book down! Jack Keeler has seen his fate,
the next day.
and has only until dawn to change it.
Jack enlists the aid of Frank, a retired cop; Joy, his
“Between life and death, between the deepest dark of
secretary; Charlie, a cop in the Tombs; a professor in the
night and the first rays of dawn, in that moment where we
Asian studies department at Columbia and his estranged
begin to drift from sleep to wakefulness, is where anything is
father, whom he always felt was disappointed in him. An old
24 Lakes View / Issue 52 / April 2012
2012 Flball Schedules
Murray State
Savannah State
Wake Forest
NC State
Boston College
Duke (HC)
Virginia Tech
Tennessee State
Delaware State
Atlanta Classic Southern University
Savannah State (HC)
South Carolina State
North Carolina A&T
North Carolina Central
BCU - Fla. Classic
Bowling Green
Texas A&M
South Carolina
UL-Lafayette (HC)
Jacksonville State
Florida State
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Killearn Commons
Killearn Commons will be opening its Pool Complex
on March 17th, St. Patrick’s with a St. Patrick’s Day
theme to include green dyed water, green balloons
and green streamers. In addition the grill will be
started up so homeowners can bring something to
coke, eat and drink and hang out with other Killearn
Commons neighbors. The annual pool complex
clean up day will held on March 10th. The Pool
Complex Building is currently getting a fresh coat of
26 Lakes View / Issue 52 / April 2012
Field Manager’s Reminder
No Dumping Please...
By Gregory Durant, Field Manager
Sometimes the quickest way to empty that lawn mower
bag of all the grass clippings is to dump it back in the green
space area or an easement or even a vacant lot. That vacant
lot is some owner’s property – not yours! And as far as
dumping in the green spaces and easements the covenants
are quite specific.
Your Covenants under Article IX- Section 6 states the
“No dumping, burning, or disposal in any manner
of trash, litter, garbage, sewage, woodlands, or any
unsightly or offensive material shall be permitted in or
upon such Green Area, except as is temporary and
incidental to the bona fide improvement of the area in
a manner consistent with its classification as Green
Area. Fires of any and all kinds shall be prohibited
except in designated and controlled areas as specified
by the Association.”
Killearn Lakes & Killearn Commons
Architectural Control Committee Request
Be sure to register as a member at www.killearnlakeshoa.org 27
ank You
Killearn Lakes Homeowners Association would like to
thank Gumby’s Pizza for so generously providing their
delicious pizzas at the General Quarterly Meeting in February.
We appreciate their involvement and dedication to our
community. As a reminder the next Quarterly Open Members
meeting will be held on May 8th.
28 Lakes View / Issue 52 / April 2012
een Corner
Note: These ads are complimentary and available to student
teens of our community involved in weekend and after school
entrepreneurial projects. Ads must be renewed for each issue.
Please call the office at 668-3231, if you want to edit or
continue your ad. Thank you.
BABYSITTER – Need a break? Want to go shopping ALONE
on the weekend? Want to enjoy a night out with your husband?
I am a mature, responsible student (15 years) who loves kids.
I'm a Chiles High School Student and live in the
Summberbrooke Neighborhood. I am very enthusiastic,
punctual and reliable. I love bringing games, books, videos and
ideas to your house! Sport is my specialty so I’ll kick a ball or
play a game of soccer. I am a certified babysitter. I have
previous babysitting experience and available references. Give
me a call… (850) 894-8378.
BABYSITTER – Mature and responsible high school freshman.
Available to babysit weeknights and weekends. Own
transportation provided. Please call Jessica at (850) 877-0080.
PETSITTER – Reliable and experienced 17 year old petsitter.
I have my own transportation. Please call Christine at 545-4612.
BABYSITTERS – Experienced 12-year-old Sitter and Mothers
Helper. Prefer watching ages 4-9yrs. I love kids and I am very
responsible. Bonus: household jobs such as folding laundry,
dishes or tidy up your home. $3-5/hour. Available weekdays
from 4-8 p.m. Sat. 10:30-4:30 p.m. and Sun. 1-8 p.m. Summer
hours are more flexible. Can provide my own transportation.
Call Emily at (850) 894-0421.
BABYSITTER & PETSITTER – Looking for a summer Nanny?
Im here for you! TMH babysitter's course/CPR certified, 16 years
old and am able to provide transportation. Call Brittany at (850)
688-4287, or email [email protected]
needs a reliable, hardworking, and responsible baby or
petsitter! My name is Rachel Stadtfeld and I would love to come
and watch your precious kiddos or pets! Call me anytime, even
on short notice, for any occasion you may need to go out for!
I am 17 years old and have much experience with children
(past nanny) and pets (have 3)! I attend school at Chiles High
and live in Golden Eagle. I am a licensed driver and a great
student. For a fun and safe time for your children (of all ages)
and pets (of all types) please don't hesitate to call me at 727742-3856. :)
BABYSITTER & PETSITTER – Responsible, mature and
enthusiastic 15 & 16 year old Chiles High School students, TMH
certified available for babysitting and/or pet sitting. Please call
Gabby & Claudia (850) 893 2342.
Teen girl, pet owner,experienced in pet
sitting and loves animals! Available
during the day and evening. Call
Bethany at 893-9313. BABYSITTERS – Killearn Lakes Mother and twelve year-old
daughter duo available for babysitting evenings and weekends.
Available to care for your children birth and up. We will
provide our own transportation. Contact Tracy at 508-5468.
ANIMAL SITTER – At LYDIA Inc., I do animal sitting, dog
walking, dog washing, dog playing, and all at great prices. I’m
a responsible, caring, mature, 14- year-old Killearn Commons
resident. You can call me and make a reservation, or call when
you unexpectedly need me. Call LYDIA at 509-8071.
PIANO LESSONS – Aya Octan, 12 years old 894-1151.
Experienced 11 year old babysitter and mothers
helper! Loves kids and very responsible.
Available Saturdays and Sundays anytime!
Ages 3- 8 only. Will provide own transportation.
Please call Maisy Ivory at 850-385-7717
7110 Beech Ridge Trail
Tallahassee, FL 32312
Tallahassee, FL

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