De Blauwe Tulp – Winter – Juni – Augustus 2015


De Blauwe Tulp – Winter – Juni – Augustus 2015
Volume 6 , Issue 4
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Phone: 8198 0300
Winter edition June – August 2015
Special features :
“Farewell to
our CEO”
Southern office
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About A.C.A.T.
Healthy Eating
Northern office
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Meet our new
Chaplain ‘In
the Spotlight’
New Jokes
Trivial Pursuit
CEO Update
Community Update
A.C.A.T Update
Quality Update
Wist U dat?
Highlights last season
Retirement Jokes
In the Spotlight
CEO Update
After 11 1/2 years as the CEO
of NAASA, Linda Trevaskis has
announced her retirement. She will be
greatly missed, but her outstanding
achievements, her inspiration
leadership, her strength of character,
and her loving warmth and compassion
will always be admired and
remembered by us all.
Susan/Business Manager
Marius/Community Mgr.
Linda’s farewell afternoon tea with
residents, staff and families was held
on her final day - Tuesday afternoon
30th of June.
Susan McNally/Business Manager
currently ‘Acting CEO’, worked side by
side with Linda for many years. In her
farewell speech Susan quoted: “
appropriate the meaning of Linda’s
name American Linda is
‘beautiful’. Originally a medieval short
form of Germanic names containing
the element linde meaning ‘soft,
tender’. It also coincides with the
Spanish word linda meaning
Many of us would agree Linda
portrayed these ‘characteristic
qualities’ in her work environment. As
mentioned before, many shall miss
“beautiful, soft and tender” hearted
Vicki/Linda’s PA
Frans de Ryk /Board member
Linda’s gifts—Large black gold pot & a gold watch
We wish Linda the very best for the
Lisa Mason
BT Editor
Resident Leelo presented Crystal gift from residents
Linda saying farewell to residents
Marion: “scones anyone?”
Community Update
De Blauwe Tulp
Page 3
From the Manager Community Services
Goede dag allemaal,
It’s a Wrap!!
Dutch Aged Care – NAASA has decided
to use its vehicle fleet to become
mobile billboards and advertise our
service wherever our vehicles go. They
call this process wrapping and I am
sure you will agree our vehicles will
draw a lot of attention splashed in Photos of new advertisement on
orange with the Dutch Lion symbol NAASA’s vehicles
married with our Blue tulip logo.
Uit en
Aged Care
Any enquiries
please Contact
Lois Howard
Mobile: 0458 566 826
& Victor
Uit en
Any enquiries
please Contact
Jeffrey Korswagen
Mobile: 0434 797 783
Our special groups program has been a real hit with our community clients
over the past few months with many letters from our clients telling us how
much they appreciated doing things that they hadn’t done for a long time.
Some took trips to the Zoo others to the Museum, others to Port Adelaide,
one to the Birdwood Motor Museum, several outings to the cinema and some
just to play billiards with a few mates.
We have employed Meral Nieman to visit and inform our clients of the
upcoming changes to Home and Community Care which will be changing to
the Commonwealth Home Support Program. Meral will explain the change
and what it may mean for you and how Dutch Aged Care can best support
you under the new program.
Met vriendelijke groeten en tot ziens.
Marius Van Helden
Community Manager
Volume 6, Issue 4
A.C.A.T. Update
Page 4
 An accommodation payment: this is for
your accommodation in the home. Some
If you need some help at home or are
people will have their accommodation
considering moving into an aged care home,
costs met in full or in part by the
you may first need a free assessment with a
Australian Government, while others will
member of an Aged Care Assessment Team
need to pay the accommodation price
(ACAT). An ACAT will talk to you about your
agreed with the aged care home. The
current situation and work out if you are
Department of Human Services will advise
eligible to receive government-subsidised
which applies to you based on an
aged care services.
assessment of your income and assets.
 Fees for extra or additional optional
Concerns about ACAT assessments
services: additional fees may apply if you
The role of Aged Care Assessment Teams
choose a higher standard of
(ACAT) is to undertake an assessment of your
accommodation or additional services.
needs and help you connect to a service. In
These vary from home to home. Your aged
some cases, you may have concerns about
care provider can give you details of these
the assessment outcome or the service you
services and the fees that apply.
received during the assessment process. You
have the right to raise these concerns.
You cannot be asked to pay an accomRaising your concerns can help improve
modation payment if you are receiving
services, not just for you, but for others as
respite care.
ACAT assessments
Income and assets assessment for
aged care home costs
If you have made the decision or are thinking
about moving into an Australian Governmentsubsidised aged care home, there are four
main types of costs that you may be asked to
 A basic daily fee: this covers living costs
such as meals, power and laundry. For
some people this is the only fee they are
required to pay.
 A means-tested care fee: this is an
additional contribution towards the cost of
care that some people may be asked to
pay. The Department of Human Services
will work out if you are required to pay
this fee based on an assessment of your
income and assets, and will advise you of
the amount.
Q: Do I need an income and assets
Everyone moving into an aged care
home for the first time from 1 July
2014 will need to have their income
and assets assessed by the Department
of Human Services (or Department of
Veterans' Affairs). This assessment will
be used to determine the costs you
could be asked to pay.
Accommodation payments
The Australian Government pays for the bulk
of aged care in Australia, but as with all
aged care services, you may be asked by your
service provider to contribute to the cost of
your care. Depending on your income and
assets you may be asked to pay an
accommodation payment. This is for your
accommodation in the home.
For more information go to:
De Blauwe Tulp
Quality Update
Page 5
From the Quality Team
Hello everyone,
The quality team have been busy implementing the new Documentation
Management System. In previous years documents have been filed using an
unstructured and complicated system. This had caused frustration for those
trying to find documents and it resulted in numerous versions of documents
in the system and confusion for staff. The new system is a lot simpler and allows users to
quickly identify what document they are looking for and they can also be confident that it
is the correct version. Positive feedback has already been received from staff members
who have started using the new system.
Significant improvements have been made in how we capture and report feedback to
ensure that minor complaints are identified and analysed for risk content prior to logging.
New databases have been implemented to better classify feedback types and provide more
accurate and meaningful reports for tabling at departmental and management forums.
The yearly volunteer and staff satisfaction surveys have been posted out and completed
surveys have started to be returned. We encourage all our staff and volunteers to be
openly honest in their responses. We welcome all feedback and once the results have been
collected we will be working towards making improvements based on the feedback we
have received.
Finally a BIG thank you to residents, staff, volunteers and family
representatives who continue to pass on feedback to the quality
team including praise/ complaints forms and ideas for improvement.
This information allows us to continue to improve on the already
great work being done by the NAASA team. Some recent examples
include NAASA hosting a “Biggest Morning Tea’ for the Cancer
Foundation and the Food Services team changing the coffee back to
Nescafe Blend 43 after a trial of International Roast was conducted
and found to be not successful.
Martyn Rowe / Marilena Tripodi
Quality Team
Volume 6, Issue 4
Wist U dat?
Page 6
Special diets meet the needs of an individual. It is important to review any special diet with an Accredited
Practicing Dietitian yearly as your needs can change.
The information below in the “Healthy Food Pyramid” was developed by the Dietitians Association of
Australia, Dietitians in Rehabilitation and Aged Care Interest Group.
Did you know that…
Some complementary/herbal therapies may interact with medication. Inform your doctor if you are
taking these.
Eggs are very nourishing as they are a complete protein source. They are easily digested. They can be
eaten on regular basis.
Cheese does not cause constipation. Lack of fibre, fluid and activity do!
Long life milk is much more convenient than fresh, but just as nutritious.
Canned, frozen or refrigerated meals (such as soups, stews, baked beans) are easy and nutritious.
Small meals more frequently will help you stay fuller for longer.
Intensify foods with spices, sauces and flavours.
Fats – Include good fats – Olive oils, coconut oil, avocados, salmon & nuts.
Remember the social aspect with eating – enjoy meals together.
Extras - “sometimes” food
Extras include cream, chocolate, lollies,
ice cream, cakes, sweet biscuits, beer,
wines and spirits.
Meat and alternatives…1-2 servings
Try to include Red meat at least 3 times
each week. It contains many essential
nutrients such as iron and zinc. (Meat
alternatives - beans and lentils)
Milk and milk products…3+ servings
Dairy products are an important source of
calcium which helps to maintain strong
bones and can reduce the risk of breaks
Breads and cereals… 5+ servings
Breads, cereals and lequmes provide your
body with energy, B vitamins as well as
other vitamins and minerals. Choose
wholegrain varieties for adequate fibre.
Fruit (2) and vegetables (5)… 7 Servings
Eating different coloured fruit and
vegetables helps to provide the full range
of minerals, vitamins (especially vitamin
C) and antioxidants
Fluids… 6-8 servings
Fluids are an essential element to the
overall health of your body, especially
with digestion and regular bowel action.
Visit the DAA website for further information at or call 1800 812 942
De Blauwe Tulp
Highlights last season
Page 7
Social & Recreational Team
Hello everyone,
We hope all of you are
feeling well and that
winter does not give
you too much trouble.
Our Social and Recreational Team is full of
fresh new ideas to keep you occupied during
those cold short days.
To begin with, we were thrilled to participate
in the fund raiser for Cancer Research and
hosted “The Australian Biggest Morning Tea”
A knitting and crochet group gather every
Wednesday 17th of June at Rembrandt
Monday afternoon, which provides a great
Court’s Café. Thank you to all our guests
opportunity to catch up with other residents
whom contributed to this fundraiser.
and make friends. While enjoying a ‘cuppa’,
the most beautiful projects are in the making
and creations by the group themselves.
Don’t worry if you do not wish to knit nor
crochet as you are more then welcome to join
in with the group for just a ‘cuppa’ and a
Social & Recreational Team
Volume 6, Issue 4
Page 8
Page 8
Highlights last season
Uit en Thuis South
Community Services Small Group Outings
A picture is worth a thousand words.
Below are a few pictures of our small group outings illustrating just how much fun they really
We are so pleased to be able to offer you these new services that reconnect you with things
that bring memories flooding back. Going on these outings is a truly therapeutic experience .
Sylvia Laaber
Community Coordinator
Men’s group: Outing to
Railway Museum
Small group outings to
the Adelaide Zoo
Men’s group: Billiard
with friends
De Blauwe Tulp
Highlights last season
Uit en Thuis South (Cont.)
Page 9
Page 9
Volume 6, Issue 4
Highlights last season
Page 10
Uit en Thuis North
In deze Herfst editie van De Blauwe
Tulp blikken we terug op ons Uit en
Thuis programma dat het Noorden
elke vrijdag aanbiedt in de Dutch
Club in Greenfields.
Erg leuk waren de optredens van John Kampus
en Theo met zijn Banjo. Tijdens hun optreden
werd er gedanst en uit volle borst meegezongen. De medleys van ‘Good Time Entertainment’ werkten ook zeer aanstekelijk.
De presentaties over de botanische tuinen in
Adelaide en autorijden door ouderen
gepresenteerd door een RAA medewerkster wist
de interesse van de aanwezigen goed vast te
houden en zullen in de toekomst zeker vaker
aangeboden gaan worden.
Daarnaast hebben we natuurlijk onze vaste
onderdelen op ons programma staan zoals:
sjoelen, board games en bingo. De winnaars
werden weer beloond met een prijsje en
Hoogtepunten van de afgelopen periode waren de voorlopig blijven ze op het programma want
outing naar Hahndorf. De optredens van John iedereen doet nog steeds heel graag mee aan
Kampus, Theo met zijn Banjo. Maar ook de deze Oudhollandse spelen.
presentaties over de Botanische tuinen en
autorijden door ouderen door de RAA werden erg Ook wil ik graag even aandacht besteden aan ons
goed ontvangen.
‘Small Outings’ program. In dit programma gaat
een van onze support workers of volunteers met
een klein groepje van maximaal drie, een dagje
erop uit. Activiteiten varieren van een ritje langs
de kust, een bezoek aan een museum maar ook
een bezoekje aan de Adelaide Zoo, etc. kunnen
op het programma staan. Op deze manier bieden
we onze service gebruikers een leuke dag aan
maar ook de keuze om activeiten te doen die ze
al wat langer niet hebben gedaan. Het
programma is een groot succes want we
ontvangen veel positieve feedback.
De uitstapje naar Hahndorf was erg gezellig. Het
weer zat ons niet mee, het kwam echt met Ons programma is niet mogelijk zonder de hulp
bakken uit de hemel. Het leek wel een van het Uit en Thuis team. Graag dank ik onze
Nederlandse zomer! Maar dat mocht de pret niet vrijwilligers, support workers, en natuurlijk het
drukken. Iedereen kwam droog de bus in en ook keukenpersoneel van The Dutch Club die elke
met het uitstappen hadden we geluk. Dit met week met heel veel plezier hard werken om onze
name door een hele batterij aan parapluus die klanten een gezellige dag te bezorgen.
door de staff en volunteers waren meegenomen.
Het eten in buffet stijl werd erg goed ontvangen Bent u ook geïnteresseerd in Uit en Thuis, in een
en er was voor ieder wat wils. En zoals gewoonlijk kleine groeps outing, of kent u iemand in uw
werd er gezellig bijgekletst.
omgeving die graag mee wilt doen? Dan horen wij
graag van u!
U kunt ons bereiken in the Northern Office via
8198 0300 tijdens kantoor uren.
Ik kijk er naar uit om U (weer) te zien bij de
volgende bijeenkomst van Uit en Thuis!
Etienne van Vugt
Community Coordinator
De Blauwe Tulp
Highlights last season
Page 11
Uit en Thuis Victor Harbour
Uit ens Thuis Goolwa en Victor
Harbour hadden twee uitjes binnen
een week afgelopen April. Op 24 April
hebben we Koningsdag gevierd met
andere Uit & Thuis groepen in Rembrandt Court.
Zoals altijd erg gezellig met echte oud Hollandse
spelen als sjoelen en koekhappen. Sylvia had
zelfs een minigolfbaan geregeld en een groot 4
op een rij spel. De lunch was weer prima als
vanouds. Al met al een geweldige dag.
Op donderdag 30 April stond Monarto Zoo op het
programma. Een groep van 21 personen hadden
er zin in en na wat omwegen omdat ondergetekende wel even de weg zou wijzen waren we
rond half 12 bij de Zoo. Eerst een bakkie koffie
en toen met z'n allen in de Monarto Zoo bus. Die
bracht ons langs de verblijven van
giraffen, zeebra's ,wilde paarden, panters en de
leeuwen. Toen kregen we toch wel honger en
hebben we lekker gegeten in het restaurant.
Daarna gingen sommige nog even langs de
meerkatten en chimpansees.
Alan Anderson, Hans Dansen, Corry Wallz, Cora van
der Heiden and volunteer Annie Anderson.
Volunteer and van driver Leni Van, Ann van der
Gragt and Wim Holland.
Nog even een bakkie koffie en toen was het weer
tijd om richting huis te gaan. Weer een geweldig
uitje van het Uit en Thuis team Goolwa en Victor
Jeffrey Korswagen
Uit en Thuis Coordinator
Most of the Group after a fantastic day at Monarto
Trivial Pursuit Questions Answers on page 14
Q1: Wat is de grootste zee ter wereld?
Q2: Hoe heette het amusementsprogramma van de AVRO dat
jarenlang op de vaste dinsdagavond werd uitgezonden?
Q3: Wat was de de bijnaam van Willem van Oranje (ook bekend als
Willem De Zwijger)?
Q4: Van wie is de wet die stelt dat als er iets fout kan gaan, dit ook
altijd zal gebeuren?
Q5: Welke straatnaam komt in Nederland het meest voor?
Q6: Wat is een Friese Doorloper?
Leni Van and Ann van der Gragt
as Meercats
Volume 6, Issue 4
Retirement Jokes
Page 12
This one above is dedicated to all
our IT savvy Seniors!
www.clean humor images
“So, no matter how bad things may
look, you just have to say to yourself, ‘Hey, it’s not the end of the
De Blauwe Tulp
In the Spotlight
Hello, my name is Thea Tersic,
the new Resident Chaplain in
Rembrandt Court.
I was born in 1947 in Holland,
the sixth child of a large family
of nine. I migrated to Australia
in 1956 and settled in Adelaide
on the 8 of December.
I enlisted into the Australian Air Force as a
young adult in 1966. I married an Air force
serviceman and raised three children (all born
in various States.) After 20 years my husband
retired from the Air Force and in 1984 settled
in South Australia with the family.
Wally (my husband) and I became Christians
during the Air Force years and attended
church regularly which I believe helped save
our marriage. Our three children blessed us
with four grand children and the oldest
grandchild gave us our first great-grandchild.
In 2007 my husband became ill with cancer,
he passed away shortly after his diagnosis.
Two years later I trained and became a
Chaplain. I volunteered in a nursing home
where I previously worked as a Disability/
Aged Care and Diversional Therapist.
I Volunteered for six months one day a week
at Rembrandt Court with the intention to
improve my Dutch communication skills. I was
delighted to accept Linda’s offer to come and
work for Rembrandt as the ‘Resident
I work in Rembrandt Court every Tuesday
from 9.30 a.m. till 5.30 p.m. visiting as many
residents as possible but am also available to
staff and residents families if required.
I tell everyone that I have the best job in the
whole world! Talking, drinking tea/coffee,
meeting and talking with people all day, is my
Call Rembrandt Court if you would like to talk
with me and I will make myself available for
you with a suitable time.
Thea Tersic
Resident Chaplain
NB: Marjon Burgess (pic on left) —Volunteer Liaison has left Rembrandt for
personal reasons. Annelies van der Weerd (Pic on right) Recreation & Social
Team Leader is temporarily filling in her shoes as the ‘Volunteer Liaison.’
Pic: Marius van der Helden/ Community
Manager giving a speech at Rembrandt
Court on National Volunteer week.
Page 13
Pic: National Volunteer week
celebration—Wilma Klomp receiving her
certificate read out by Marjon Burgess—
Volunteer Liaison Officer
Volume 6, Issue 4
Trivial Pursuit Answers to questions from page 11
A1: De Middellandse Zee
A2: De Bonte Dinsdag Avondtrein
A3: "De Vader des Vaderlands"
A4: Murphy
A5: Kerkstraat
A6: Een soort schaats
Page 14
De publieke televisiezender voor
Nederlanders en Vlamingen in het
On Free to Air Satellite
TV Direct from Europe with no
access fees!
$470 completely delivered &
installed in your house.
All supplied equipment becomes
yours to keep forever
Enjoy 24 hours of News, Music,
Game Shows, Movies, Drama &
To arrange for your installation please contact
Tony Drexel on mobile 0414 885 982
Standard Single Level Installation
Adelaide Metro Area
Come to our Dutch Shop for
all your favourite
‘Dutch goodies’
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